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How Much Do Gel Nails Cost? [What You Can Expect To Pay]

If you’re thinking about having Gel Nails, then you may be wondering how much they cost. Gels offer a lot of benefits of other manicures like Acrylics but are they even affordable? I decided to conduct some thorough research. Here is what I have been able to find:

So, how much do Gel Nails Cost? Gel Nails generally cost anywhere from $30-$120. The total cost will depend on the area you live, Salon you attend, Nail Technician skills, the quality of Gel Products used, and the Colors and Design you select. Considering all of these factors the price can range, and you can make it more affordable to suit your own budget.

Getting a Gel Manicure can be the ideal treat and tonic after a long week at work. A little self-indulgence and confidence booster that will last up to four full weeks.

So, before you head to your favorite nail salon, be sure to read on as we feature a comprehensive guide on everything you’ll need to know before you get that perfect gel manicure.

How Much Do Gel Nails Cost?

When it comes to the cost, gel manicures typically cost from anywhere between $35 and $120.

However, the final price simply depends on the area in which you live, the Salon you attend as well as the type of look that you desire.

If you’re going for the classic single-color gel mani, these start at a low cost of only $35.

While it is a tad bit more than your regular manicure, it easily lasts for a longer period of time; however, if you’re interested in going crazy with various different styles of nail art, you can easily spend over $100.

If you didn’t already know the difference between gel and acrylic, don’t worry because we’ve got you covered.

Acrylics are usually used to create a longer and more versatile top layer to your natural nails.

You’re applying an Acrylic Extension or Tip and adhering it onto your Natural Nail.

However, gel manicures utilize a soft/hard gel which gives you a gel overlay.

These manicures are gentle to the natural nail and the polish stays intact on the nail for at least a couple of weeks.

They also do not crack, peel or chip weighting to their benefit.

Factors To Consider

Now that you know roughly what Gel Nails cost, you may be wondering how you should approach a manicure to keep costs to a minimum. Here are some factors to consider.

Nail Technician Experience/Salon Reputation

One of the first things you need to consider is the experience/knowledge of the Nail Technicians and the reputation of the Salon.

While some may be cheaper than others, at what cost if your natural nails ultimately suffer.

Its always a good idea to check the Salon on Google before you go. Here you can get a general overview of prices and see some reviews of previous customers and clientele.

Steer clear of those with little to no reviews and obviously those that are negatively perceived.

Usually, the better Salons will charge more – that’s just the nature of business and cannot, unfortunately, be avoided.

However, there are a lot of salons that are competitively priced and it may be hard to choose between them.

When you are actually in the Salon itself, you’ll also want to inquire about cuticle cutting.

Cuticle cutting can result in infections and damage so you’ll want to avoid it.

While most salons have stopped applying this to their practice, you’d be surprised at how many still attempt it on their clients.

It is always best to ask ahead and check to protect your natural nails. Have your cuticles pushed back instead of cutting.

Decide on The Brand – Cheap Isn’t Always Better

Before you get that hard-earned manicure, it’s a good idea to know ahead of time which brand of polish is best and that will protect your natural nails.

If you’re heading to a reputable Salon then you should be okay. They generally stock approved and good-quality products.

The higher the Gel Manicure costs then generally the better products are used and vice versa.

So if you see a Gel Manicure being offered very cheaply it should cause some concern.

There is usually a reason for this and it’s usually with cheaper, inferior products.

Some nail products are considered superior due to their active ingredients, and they can even promote healthier natural nails.

So, it’s always a good idea to do some research ahead of time so that you know what brands to look out for at the Salon and request.

Otherwise, you can just be given the standard and often damaging cheaper nail products.

In the worst cases, Salons may even stock products that include the toxic trio.

These are toluene, formaldehyde, and dibutyl phthalate. These are ingredients you will want to avoid at all costs.

For the most part the better Salons should not stock them, or only offer them on their cheapest Gel Manicures. It is therefore advised to stick to more reputable, Salons and brands.

Time To Breathe?

With Gels, a common misconception is that you need to let your nails breathe and that you should not wear them for long periods of time without a period of ‘rest’.

This is one of the perks of Gels and where they hold a true benefit over Acrylics.

You can wear them consistently and prevent, and sometimes even protect, damage to your natural nails.

Gel Nails should last a minimum of 14 days so you can always factor this into the cost.

While $30-$120 may seem expensive at first, consider that they were created to last and you should get high-quality wear out of them at this time. You get what you pay for and gels are no exception.

Considering that you do not technically require a ‘rest’ from Gels, consider that this will play into their potential cost as you may be getting them more and more regularly when you start to love how good they make your hands look and feel!

How Your Gels Will Be Removed

Where you need to be careful with Gels, however, is with the removal process.

This is particularly true if you do this yourself.

Get this wrong and you can weaken your nail beds and cause long-term damage.

Both your cuticles and nail beds are living, and they do indeed need some love and care since they’re made of living tissue.

Hence, you need to be extra cautious during the removal and application phase of the manicure process.

For this reason, it is advised to go to the Salon for the removal, but of course, there is a cost involved there.

You will need to factor this in before you get a Gel Manicure. You’re also likely to get another Gel Manicure done while you’re there so the cost doesn’t just stop at removal.

Also, be sure to observe the actions of your nail technician to ensure that they remove your Gel gently and not aggressively.

Be sure to step in and intervene if they do, and it is advised that you look for other Salons thereafter.

If you do decide to cut costs and remove them yourself, it is strongly advised that you do not ever rip them off.

All you need is some nail remover (this is my favorite alternative to Acetone available on Amazon), a nail file, cotton balls, and tin foil.

As you aim to keep your nails healthy, you can also easily hydrate your nail beds.

In order to do this, you can easily use a moisturizer and cuticle oil to keep your nails strong and healthy.

Regardless of whether you go for Gel Nails or not, promoting the health of your natural nails is a definite must.

DIY Gel Nails

If you’re a fan of DIY, you can easily purchase an at-home gel kit and get to work. There are several well-known brands within the industry, such as Modelones and Gellish, which make gel manicures at home a breeze.

So, if you’re interested in saving some extra cash, this is the perfect option for you.

Besides being a great cost saver, these kits tend to last roughly the same amount of time (10-14) days or so longer than your salon mani!

Plus, you can use them time and time again. You’ll save quite a lot of money over time.

However, depending on your experience and attention to detail, at first, it’s best to also keep in mind that the quality of your DIY mani will likely not be as good as the salon.

With time and practice, you can quickly learn to do it all on your own for a fraction of the cost!

How Long Do Gel Nail Manicures Last?

If you’ve always been a fan of having your nails in perfect shape, you’re definitely going to love gel manicures for how long they last.

They generally last between 2 and 3 weeks, if applied correctly and your nails were prepared appropriately.

So, if you’ve got a pretty tight schedule and a series of events to attend, gel manicures are the perfect option for you.

Even if you’ve got an active and hectic lifestyle where you use your hands often, Gel is strong and resistant to chipping making it ideal!

How To Extend Life of Your Gel Nails?

There are many factors that directly influence the life, freshness, and shine of your gel nails.

These factors differ from person to person, but lifestyle habits and activities are the most common reason why Gel Nails do not last their expected time.

If you use your hands frequently at work or in your personal life, of course, your nails are going to take a battering and incur damage. While Gel Nails are strong and durable, they can only take so much.

One of the worst culprits for Gel Nails is water. This can affect everyone and appears relatively harmless.

So, if you want your gel nails to last at least 2 to 3 weeks, then you should steer clear of the water as much as possible.

Hot water is particularly damaging because the temperature causes lifting and removes the shine.

It can make them look and feel dull. One of the best things you can do is to wear gloves as much as you can, especially if you need to clean dishes.

In Summary

Gel Nails will roughly cost you anywhere between $30-120. It depends on a lot of factors, but this is what you can typically expect.

While going to the Salon is often recommended, is easier, and can be done more quickly without any effort on your part (other than showing up), do not overlook the fact that you can much more easily afford Gel Nails if you do them regularly at home.

As with any manicure, be sure to pay close attention to the work being done and even more importantly how your gel is being removed.

If you have the budget and are looking for a lasting manicured look, a gel manicure is a perfect option!

Wondering how much other manicures cost and if you need to tip, the following guide may be of help: