Best Gel Nail Kits For Home [Buyer’s Guide – Reviewed 2021]

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If you are looking for the Best Gel Nail Kits For Home Use this article will help you compare and decide what Kit is ideal for you.

Choosing a Gel Nail Kit is a difficult task; especially when you consider the number of options to choose from. There’s a lot of different brands, and a lot of the kits tend to come with different equipment and supplies.

Here, you can further research and take a look at the different options available to ensure you choose the one which suits your nail types and design demands.

Here’s the short version of this post: After researching, purchasing, trialing and testing a number of Gel Nail Kits I think the Gelish Harmony Salon Grade Kit  is the premium choice for most people, including beginners. Another solid option is the Red Carpet Manicure Gel Nail Kit, which is fantastic if you often travel or need to take it with you on the go.

Perks of a Gel Nail Kit

There are few things better in life than when you leave a salon with beautiful, sparkling nails.

However, as you know its incredibly expensive; with manicures averaging over $50 each and every time.

You’ll be spending $1200 a year If you go to a salon, twice a month. There is no other way to put it than: maintaining gel nails is costly.

But once you’ve had gel nails its hard to go back to the standard nail polish that routinely chips.

That’s why, I’ve done the groundwork for and pulled together a lot of resources to find the kits that let you create your own perfect nail designs in your very own home and save you a lot of money in the process.

Besides, applying gel nails at home is easy and we’ve looked extra to even find those that include LED lamps and all the extra essential tools to give you a salon style manicure for a fraction of the price.

So without further ado – these are the best nail kits that will mean attending a salon becomes a thing of the expensive past.

The Best At Home Gel Nail Kit

It must first be stated that choosing a Gel Nail Kit is a very personal decision. Being honest, there is not one best at home gel nail kit that is always suitable for everyone.

What may suit one person might not suit another person.

There are some factors to be considered before purchasing a Gel Nail Kit. These factors include:

  • The design intended,
  • The purpose of use,
  • How many times you expect to use the Nail Kit this year,
  • And your budget.

That’s why I’ve research widely across the market and documented my experiences.  I’ve also built on the experiences and expertise of my Nail Technician co-workers in our Salon and thousands of clients and customers.

This list includes only the best products currently available.  This list will therefore help you to choose the Nail Kit which will suit you best. I recommend you to read our Nail Kit Buying guide below before making a purchase.

Below is the table which shows our favorites. Our specialist reviewers have chosen each one.

1. Gelish Harmony Salon Grade Gel Nail Kit (Best LED Lamp & Editors Choice)

Best Gel Nail Kit 2018

Gelish has become one of the biggest names in the industry, and their kits are great evidence and reason for this. They have released a number of fantastic nail kits, but after careful research, we have chosen the Gelish Harmony Salon Grade Professional Gel LED Soak Off Nail Polish Package Kit .

This is for  good reason, this is the mid-tier Harmony kit; meaning you get the salon grade equipment without the higher price fees of their more premium kit (Gelish Harmony 18G Pro LED Nail Polish Curing Lamp and Fantastic Four Kit).

Compared to other gel polishes available on the market, the polishes in this kit have been recognized for their superior quality and durability. This kit also includes all the equipment to expertly apply the Gelish Gel Polish included.

Using the LED lamp, you can cure your nails in just 30 seconds compared to the 2 minutes that it takes for traditional UV lamps. This is where the kit and the LED Lamp really comes into its own – it provides you with speed and hassle-free application that many other kits are unable to provide.

In our experience, this is one of the best LED lamps you can purchase at this price.

It is salon-grade, both in how it looks and in its performance. The LED bulbs are long lasting, there are a number of timers and the padded hand rest is extremely comfortable.

You can fit your whole hand in the lamp (thumb included). This is not possible for most lamps included in other kits. But its not chunky in appearance, making it incredibly suitable for home use.

The Gelish kit includes a full set of what they call the “Fantastic Four”: The Gelish Top it Off top coat, Foundations base coat, Nourish cuticle oil, and pH Bond nail prep solution.

Not surprisingly, Gelish lasts beyond the average, with many positive reviews and users reporting that even after 3 weeks your nails will still not suffer from chipping or peeling. And you may think that due to this durability, its a pain to remove… in fact, its incredibly simple. It soaks off in just 10 minutes using the remover included in the set!

If you’re looking for a complete set  but do not want or require a professional salon-grade lamp, the Gelish Harmony Complete Starter Led Gel Nail Polish Kit is a brilliant alternative that will save you over $50.

You get all the accessories and the fantastic four, but bear in mind the lamp is not to the same salon standard as our featured Gelish kit described above.

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2. ASP Soak Off Complete Gel Nail Polish Starter Kit (Best for Beginners)

Gel Nail Starter Kit

For those of you who are yet to become nail design and art enthusiasts, and are just looking to start your own nails at home.

This is one of the most complete beginner sets available, and would be most suitable for for  those of you who are looking to able to soak off their nails when they are finished with their current design

This kit comes with easy to follow instructions that will enable you to apply gel nails for a minimum of two (2) weeks, without your polish chipping or smudging. This is due to the high quality ASP polishes that come as part of this set.

This is a great beginner gel nail kit, as it has everything you will ever need and it includes a broad range of extra equipment that you can help to perfectly style your nails, including: Top Coat, Base Coat, Bonder, and Passionate Pink gel nail polish, 2-n-1 dehydrator and cleansing wipe, conditioning soak off solution, and a mini LED curing lamp.

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3. AzureBeauty Deluxe Gel Nail Polish Starter Kit

Azure Beauty Nail Starter Kit for Beginners

The third nail kit on our list is the AzureBeauty Deluxe Gel Nail Polish Starter Kit.

It comes with almost all basic nail art tools from manicure preparation to polish remover and nail nutrition and its a very affordable yet premium option.

The Azure Beauty starter kit is a fantastic complete solution. You can use a number of additional accessories to shape and take care of your nails.

The kit is incredibly easy to use, and enables you to create and apply popular nail design styles.

The nail files, tip guides, nail brush, cuticle oil, cuticle tools, and nail polish remover wraps are of great standard.

Whats more, this kit comes with a 24w LED Lamp which can help you apply a number of UV/LED based gel products (such as those included in the kit).  Its a great lamp for beginners, but not as powerful as the one include in the Gelish discussed above. There are different timing settings and you can also see how a countdown on the digital display screen.

Overall, the Azure Beauty kit is our unsung hero in our list. To get a 24w LED lamp included for this price is a steal.

The 32 in 1 kit has been expertly thought out.

With top and base coats, four gel polishes, files, a cuticle knife, pusher and oil, brush and remover wraps this is great kit for the price. The price is mid-tiered as compared to others in our lineup.

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4. Modelones Gel Nail Polish Starter Kit

Nail Kit

Modelones have specialized in manufacturing gel nail polish for many years and as such, are able to offer you the richest nail art design experience. There are few other brands that can rival Modelones in this respect.

Number 3 on our list is the Modelones Gel Nail Polish Starter Kit, which is fantastic for beginners and those with a smaller budget.

We found the nail polishes included to be of superior quality that last at least 2 weeks, as advertised. They also are easily applicable to all kinds of nails and would be an ideal choice for either home manicure or  even salon use.

The kit includes gel polish, a nail dryer, nail manicure tools, a folding nail curing lamp, USB port charger ( to connect to your computer), 6 Color Gels and 1 Base Top Coat Set.

You can easily perform your manicures anywhere. The only downside to the kit, and is reflective in the price, is that this kit does not contain as many pieces as the other nail kits on our list.

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5. SensatioNail Gel Nail Polish Starter Kit 

SensatioNail Gel Nail Kit

When it comes to nails, Sensational has made a name for itself by providing some of the finest nail beauty products available. They are able to offer the perfect blend between product quality and and value for money.

The ‘miracle liquid’ included in the kit transforms any brand of nail varnish straight into a gel polish. With no drying time whatsoever, there is no risk of smudging and the result is superior to other ‘gel-like’ polishes.

When you apply the ‘Transformer Base’ layer from the kit, and then use the LED lamp included, you are able to harden your nails instantly. This is a phenomenal kit for the price.

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6. Red Carpet Manicure Cinderella Gel Nail Kit Set with Travel Bag (Best for Travel & Easy Storage)

Red Carpet Manicure Gel Nail Polish

We understand at Almond Nails that sometimes, you just need more space and a more compact nail kit to get the job done – this is where the Red Carpet Nail Kit earns its place in our sizzling line up.

Its also a fantastic looking kit for the price, and really emits the sleek look and feel that some other kits just are not able to offer. The LED Lamp is gold and the colors included are themed to ensure you manicure is one of the best.

Just like many others on our list, this kit also contains an LED nail lamp and the essentials required to create beautiful looking nails and a professional looking manicure: structure base coat nail gel, seal and shine top coat, nourishing nail and cuticle oil, post application cleanser, gel nail polish remover, shiner block, nail file, and limited edition colors.

All of the kit (except the lamp of course) perfectly fits inside the black and gold travel case that comes with it, so that you can neatly store the kit away or take your essentials wherever you are heading.

As the kit has been designed for travel in mind, the bottles are slightly smaller (so they fit in the bag) and the lamp only really enables you to do four fingers at a time. You would therefore need to do your thumbs separately.

So while this isn’t the home salon choice, and most suitable for everyone, for those with limited space this nail kit is an ideal choice. It would also be a great option if you tend to travel frequently or do your nails with friends.

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7. Azure Beauty Gel Nail Polish Starter Kit

Its a long way down our list but its not to say that this is the 07th best kit; its not. In fact its one of our favorites. Its particularly effective for nail art, so if this is your kind of nail then you’ll want to read what we have to say.

The main perk of the Azure Beauty kit, is that is provides you with all the essential tools to create unique, impressive nail art designs.

The 24 watt arc-shaped nail lamp with dual LED and UV bulbs is not the most powerful out there because it was designed more for nail art. It’s incomparable to the LED lamp of the Gelish, but its powerful enough if you are a beginner or are more into nail designs and art and want to get your gel nails done at home.

An unexpected bonus is that because the lamp has no base, it works really well for doing your toe nails (probably why they include the toe separators in the package!).

The set includes as expected a top coat and base coat and you will also get four gel polishes in some really beautiful colors: pink creme, two glitters and a glitter polish.

You will also be provided with everything that you need in terms of accessories: nail files, nail buffer, nail brush, cuticle oil pen, cuticle pusher, cuticle knife, as well as nail wipes to remove top coats and polish as part of any application.

Where the Azure Beauty kit really stands out and warrants attention is in the additional tools that enable you to create nail extensions.

Here is what you get: clear artificial nail tips, artificial nail clippers to scuplt the nail length of your desire, nail glue, UV builder gel, and builder gel brush.

At this point you can create your dream nail art from the stickers, striping tape, stencils, 12 colors, nail glitter, nail gems and dotting pen.

We were not able to find a kit which rivaled in comparison when we researched the market. Especially for the price and the nail art accessories included.

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8. Perfect Summer Gel Nail Polish Starter Kit 

Gel Nail Beginners Kit For 2018

If you are not in the market for a salon-worthy lamp the Perfect Summer Nail Starter Kit would be a more appropriate alternative.

The UV bulb lamp is only 24W powered; this makes it less powerful to others on the list. What does this mean – it will simply take longer to cure your nails.  But its not all bad, the lamp is pretty in pink and provides three timing settings (30, 60, 90 seconds) and a timer digital display to see how much longer you have left. Its also wide enough to ensure you fit your entire hand underneath.

As part of this set, you also will get four Perfect Summer gel nail polishes, a base coat and 14 other starter kit tools including: Nail File, Nail Buffer, Nail Brush, Cuticle Fork, Dotting Pen, Cuticle Pusher, Nail Separators (x2), Nail Remover Pad, Striping Tape (x2 – color gold and silver), Revitalizing Nail and Cuticles Oil Pen, Nail Stickers (x 2 sheets – unique designs), French stickers (x 2 sheets – unique designs), and a Nail Art Rhinestones Pad  of about 280pcs.

Its a pretty complete set and when you compare the price to the others, it does compare very well. And the quality does not suffer despite its lower price point.

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The Premium Recommendations: 


By now you would have read through our researched, trialed and tested Gel Nail Kits for home use.

If Almond Nails was to pick only one, we would have to go for the Gelish Harmony Gel Nail Kit. Being Salon Grade, (with the best LED Lamp available on the list) and with a sound reputation along nail professionals and nail technicians alike, it commands first place and is our recommendation of choice. The Lamp is far superior and is worthy of investment.