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Best Cuticle Oil For Very Dry Cuticles – There’s Only One Winner

If your Cuticles are dry and weak, you will forever struggle to grow and strengthen them. Whilst this is a very unfortunate position to be in, we’re here to help. We’re here to provide you with the Best Cuticle Oil For Very Dry Cuticles that we have used countless times on our own nails/clients’ nails to completely restore their health.

So, what is the best cuticle oil for very dry cuticles? After spending over $400 testing Cuticle Oils on our own weak nails (and building on the experiences and expertise of our Nail Technician Editors and Friends over the past seven years), we think the Bee Naturals Enriched Vitamin Cuticle Oil is the best for most people. Another solid option is the Magique Nail Oil & Guardian Serum

When the right Cuticle Oil is purchased and applied regularly, the highly-effective formulation is widely renowned and regarded for its ability to moisturize your cuticles and help your natural nails to shine.

Unlike creams, oils do a better job of soaking into your nail bed and moisturizing the structures of the nail bed longer than creams and gels are able to.

Cuticle Oil is considered essential by nail technicians and those in the industry.

It is highly effective against nails that are frequently or regularly exposed to cold, sunlight, chlorine, soaps, and hand products.

“When the weather dips, nails need extra hydration, just like your skin,” says Los Angeles-based editorial manicurist, Deborah Lippmann:

“Strong nails begin at the cuticle; applying an oil daily will help them to grow and prevent cracking.”

We’ve been, and many of our clients, have been in the position where our cuticles and natural nails were brittle, dry, and weak.

That’s why we have researched, trialed, and investigated to seek only the best.

Here we outline our personal/salon results and introduce you to our recommended formulations that we use regularly.

Below, we discuss and review the different oils available to ensure that you can purchase the one that will be most effective for you.

Pros of Cuticle Oils for Dry Nails

Applying effective Cuticle Oil regularly will provide you with the following benefits:

  • Helps to improve blood circulation to your nails and therefore improves nail growth.
  • Strengthens nails and therefore protects them from damage (chips, lines etc.)
  • Improves the appearance of nails, keeping them pink and buffering their natural shine.
  • Ensures any applied nail polish is protected and lasts longer before it chips.
  • Restore damage from Acrylic/Fake Nail Glue or other harmful substances.
  • Kill off Bacteria/Remove any Fungus.

Best Cuticle Oil For Very Dry Cuticles

So let’s begin – we’ve listed below our recommendations for dry nails that will help you to quickly and effectively return your nails to their natural strength and shine.

These are only the best and that we have personally used and trialed.

We have tried to include only those with the most natural and safe formulations – free from harsh chemicals and that are cost-effective.

The table below outlines our premium recommendations – a number of cuticle oils that we have used in the past have not been able to be featured.

Each and every oil has been selected by our specialists and reviewed against a number of criteria and parameters.

Bee Naturals Enriched Vitamin Cuticle Oil (Editors Choice)

best cuticle oil for very dry cuticles

The Bee Naturals Enriched Vitamin Cuticle Oil takes first place on our list and our premium recommendation as Editors Choice.

We have been using the Bee Naturals Enriched Vitamin Cuticle Oil solution for as long as we can remember; we have continued to re-order when our bottles run empty.

Bee Naturals is as it sounds… Natural! The ingredients all serve a purpose and have health-promoting properties.

There are no harsh chemicals included which can cause problems and even exacerbate the problem (as found in the cheaper cuticle oils).

The formulation only includes olive oil, avocado oil, castor bean oil, grape seed oil, Vitamin E, lavender, lemon, and tea tree essential oils.

During our time in the industry, we have failed to find a cuticle oil as clean and as toxin-free as this!

The major benefit of this cuticle oil is its natural strength. It is incredibly effective even on the most damaged nails.

Therefore, regardless of the current state and health of your nails, this oil will be able to soften your cuticles and rebuild them back to their strong and healthy state.

Secondly, we love the ease with which you can apply the oil. Not only is it terrific for applying to your own nails, but is great for use on friends/client nails.

This is because the applicator is attached to the underside of the lid. This helps prevent losing it and enables you to be more precise in the application. The bottle has also been designed to ensure that you will not spill/ lose any of the formulations.

Our Results:

In as little as 2-3 days, you can expect to see a noticeable reduction in nail ridges and an increase in your nail strength and flexibility.

And as the ingredients are all trusted for their health-promoting effects, you’ll see an added benefit on your finger skin health.

If you have any cuts, this oil will help to regenerate the skin and reduce any scarring!

Additional Tip: To extend the length of time this oil will last you, we recommend that you cut off some of the applicator bristles with a pair of scissors. This enables you to apply less of the oil (which is equally effective), and therefore extend the number of uses you get!  

Onto price, there are few natural solutions on the market at this price that are as effective and widely recommended.

When you consider how much you are paying, and how long it will last you, this cuticle oil is very reasonable.

We therefore thoroughly recommend the Bee Naturals Enriched Vitamin Cuticle Oil.

It is our premium recommendation and Editors Choice, and the best cuticle oil for very dry cuticles. This is the product we know you should purchase.

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Magique Nail Oil & Nail Guardian Serum with Cuticle Oil Pen 

Magique Nail Oil & Nail Guardian Serum

Our second recommendation comes from Magique, another strong natural formulation that has been proven time and time again by Dermatologists, Manicurists, and Nail Technicians to revolutionize dry cracked nails.

With a synergistic blend of natural paraben-free ingredients: Jojoba wax ester, olive oil, grape seed oil, vitamins A & E, and fragrance oils, with daily use you can not only maintain strong, healthy nails, but you can restore them too!

This is because these natural ingredients can penetrate deep to hydrate, moisturize, and condition the cuticle, nail, and surrounding skin.

These are all-natural antifungal, antimicrobial, and antibacterial ingredients so you will be eradicating any of these issues at the same time!

What we love about this product, is the pen! Its incredibly innovative and makes the application so easy to apply.

As the pen nests in the formulation, all you have to do is twist the lid of the pen and then apply.

Its brilliant, and there is absolutely no risk of spilling!

Our Results:

Whilst using the Magique VitalePen Cuticle Oil, we noticed its ability to quickly relieve dryness and the cracking of our nails in as little as 3 days!

Our nails grew faster than normal, but most importantly our nails felt stronger and thicker.

The inclusion of Jojoba oil is worthy of attention – and we’ve been using products with this oil for some time due to the latest research.

It has been named “nature’s multitasker” for its ability to hydrate skin and nails alike.

It’s able to replicate how natural oils around our skin and nails work to keep them strong and healthy and we believe this is why this oil is so effective for dry nails!

A final benefit of this oil is that you are provided with full 2-milliliter pens.

This is fantastic as you can keep one at home, and take one with you on the go, or if you are a professional – one in the Salon and one at home/on the go!

Its therefore ideal for professional nail salons, nail art schools, and personal use. 

Whilst this comes in at number two, its a fantastic alternative to the Bee Naturals Cuticle Oil outlined above, and this would be a terrific alternative. We’ve received excellent results from both.

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Sally Hansen Vitamin E Nail and Cuticle Oil

Sally Hansen with Vitamin e

The Sally Hansen Vitamin E Nail and Cuticle Oil take final place on our list.

Sally Hansen is one of the leading names and brands in the industry, and for very good reason.

They offer a comprehensive range of nail products and formulations with impeccable natural formulations.

Moreover, they boast a strong reputation and have provided a number of their products to leading nail technicians and salons alike since 1952.

We have used a number of products from their range over the years, and are never disappointed in the quality we receive.

Our Results:

Nail Restoration: We have received the best benefit for restoring the strength of nails when applying a small amount of this rich cuticle oil into cuticles and nail beds daily – preferably before bed.

Within as little as a week we have been able to observe a considerable visual change, look and feel to the cuticle the oil has been applied. 

Nail Preparation: The nail health-promoting and pure ingredients (including Vitamin E) have the ability to soften hard, dry, jagged cuticles.

This is ideal for preparing nails for a manicure – it makes it a lot easier when using a stainless steel trimmer and pusher.

Moisturized cuticles and fingernails make a perfect manicure easy, and the Sally Hansen Cuticle Oil is ideal for this.

For Fragile and extra sensitive nails, this cuticle oil is ideal. Its great for strengthening nails that easily tear or rip, due to the Vitamin E which has been scientifically proven to regenerate and improve cell growth.

It’s very easy to apply, and the design of the bottle makes it incredibly practical if you are using it on your own/friends/clients’ nails.

The Sally Hansen, whilst effective, comes in at third on the list because it is not as easier to apply as the other two cuticle oils on our list.

Whilst it is cheaper in price, the bottle is smaller and it is quite difficult to work with and the risk of spilling is a lot higher – counteracting the money you would save if you were opting for this purely on price.

Despite this, it’s a terrific formulation we have used with great success.

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By now you would have read through our research, trialed and tested Cuticle Oils.

If we were to suggest only one, we would suggest the Bee Naturals Enriched Vitamin Cuticle Oil.

In terms of price, durability, formulation, bottle size, and a sound reputation along with nail professionals and nail technicians alike, it commands first place and is our Best Cuticle Oil For Very Dry Cuticles.

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