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How Much Do Acrylic Nails Cost? [What You Can Expect To Pay]

If you’re interested in getting Acrylic Nails done at the salon, then you may be wondering how much they cost. Sure, they are in many ways the ultimate option, providing a glamorous look and style, but can you even afford them? Having pondered this question myself many times, I decided to conduct some research. Here is what I have found.

So, how much do Acrylic Nails Cost? Acrylic Nails typically cost anywhere from $35-$120 at the top-end. The final cost is dependent on the Salon, Nail Technician, Finishes, Colors, and Design. As such, you have a lot of options when it comes to Acrylic Nails and can get a manicure that best suits your particular needs and budget.

If you’re a first-timer as well as even a regular, you probably have quite a few questions about Acrylic Nails.

Things like are they safe, what are they made of, and of course how much they will cost you.

So, read on as we dive into everything that you’ll need to know about Acrylic Nails. 

What Are Acrylic Nails?

Simply put, Acrylic Nails are nail extensions that are placed over the top of your regular natural nails.

Acrylics go by various names, so do not be confused if you see them referred to or sold as fake nails, false nails, fashion nails, nail enhancements, nail wraps, or nail extensions – they’re all the same thing!

These beautiful enhancements are created when a powdered version of acrylic is combined with the liquid version of acrylic.

In a chemical sense, they are rather defined as a polymer and a monomer that go on to form a ball that is soft when touched.

After the ball is formed, it is then fashioned into the desired nail shape, and once applied, it hardens.

When hardening is completed, the material becomes stronger than it was before, and it can then be nicely buffed according to what you prefer.

Some designs aim to match the natural appearance of your fingernails as much as possible, whereas others are deliberately extravagant for artistic or fashion purposes. Of course, there are Acrylics that fall in between.

Acrylic Nails do require regular maintenance, but you can expect them to last for around 14 days if applied correctly.

Sometimes you will even get a month’s wear, but experts recommend that you do not wear them for any longer than this.

The main benefit of Acrylics is their versatility; you can have elaborate, or discreet shapes and designs quickly – not requiring your natural nails to grow.

What Is the Total Cost Of Acrylic Nails?

Typically, Acrylic Nails are usually considered as being a mid-range manicure, and they go from anywhere between $35 to $45 for a standard finish. However, if you’re planning to add colors such as white or even pink, there’s usually an increase in your price, and you may now pay between $50 or even $60.

The total cost of Acrylic Nails is going to vary from person to person.

It is usually dependent on the salon or rather the tech who conducts the manicure, where you live, and what you decide to have.

Additionally, if you’re planning to have a relatively elaborate design, the price will go up.

So, don’t be too surprised if you’re asked to pay over $100 or even close to $120.

If you’re all about the finished look and you’re interested in going for a holiday-themed set of acrylic nails, you’re going to be charged the premium price.

It’s also a good idea to keep in mind that while cheaper nails are tempting, sometimes cheaper products are used which are not ideal for the long-term health of your nails.

So, if the price looks too good to be true, chances are it just might put you at risk for developing nail issues later on.

Lower-quality acrylic nails will leave you suffering, and they are not worth it at all.

One other thing to consider is that it is possible to get an Acrylic Nail Kit that you can use to do your Acrylics at home.

While this is going to require time and practice, they’re very affordable.

If you are interested in seeing the best options currently available, read my buyers guide here.

How Are Acrylic Nails Applied?

If you’ve already chosen your desired color, length, and shape, the salon tech will start by soaking your natural nails, cleaning them, and then filing them.

If you’ve requested something that is longer than your natural nails, artificial tips are going to be added.

During this step, an adhesive is applied and then sanded down in the shape that you chose.

The last step to an acrylic application is to simply add polish, nail art, or even accessories that you may have requested.

How Can You Remove Your Acrylic Nails at Home?

If you’re interested in removing your nails after some time, it is a must to head back to the salon and have them professionally removed.

In order for a nail tech to remove them, your nails should be properly soaked and then filed down.

In an instance where you can’t make it to a salon, you’re going to need to know how to do so on your own. I’ve actually written a great method that you can use here.

When it comes to removing acrylic nails, industry experts strongly recommend that you properly soak them until they are soft in Acetone.

You’ll usually see recommendations that after soaking, you should then file them off one at a time.

However, this is can be damaging to your natural nails so my alternate method is much safer.

It only takes a couple of minutes too so if you are interested check out the guide.

Pros Of Acrylic Nails

There are many advantages to Acrylic Nails. If you are here then you likely know what they are already.

Nonetheless, here are the top reasons to opt for Acrylics.

If you are on the fence about getting them having seen the cost, he is why you may want to do so:

  • Acrylics enable you to have significantly more length
  • They can be applied relatively quickly,
  • Acrylics offer great flexibility and versatility in terms of design.
  • They have easier maintenance than other types.
  • Can be easily taken off and changed if required.

How Long Will My Acrylic Nails Last?

The lifespan of your nails totally depends on you.

So, if you’re going to be using your hands quite a lot for work or even manual labor, your nails won’t be able to withstand such conditions for too long.

However, if your hands aren’t doing too much, you’re going to be able to keep them for a while longer. 

According to industry experts, you’re going to need to return at least every two to three weeks to get them removed.

You will know when its time as you will start to see signs of growth from your natural nails – pushing the Acrylic out and making them less stable.

Hence, it’s a good option to keep an eye on them and see how quickly they grow out.

For some of you reading it may be quicker than others.

After a period of Acrylic nail wear, it’s also important to give your nails a break roughly every three months.

This will allow your natural nails to rest, strengthen and become stronger.

Not only is this preferable for the health of your own nails, but it also means Acrylic would adhere better the next time you have them.

I personally love to apply the Bee Naturals Cuticle Oil (available for a great price on Amazon) daily during breaks from Acrylics.

It provides them with the right conditions to repair and return to their healthy state quickly.

Can You Make My Acrylics Last Longer?

If your salon works with good quality products, and they apply to your nails correctly and appropriately, there is no reason in why you cannot expect at least two weeks of wear.

However, professionals recommend that you should make a follow-up appointment after this time to ensure that your natural nails do not suffer.

It is also crucial for you to understand that besides a good diet, lifestyle, and ensuring you get enough vitamins, you have little control over your body’s natural ability to make your natural nails.

And it’s important too; doing so will ensure your Acrylics adhere better and last much longer.

Remember, it’s your natural nails that they affix to.

One of the best ways to keep your nails strong and healthy is to regularly apply Cuticle Oil; particularly in times when they may be cracked and dry.


The cost of Acrylic Nails ranges, and there are plenty of options for you to keep your costs down or to treat yourself!

If you’re looking for nails that look great, are easy to get and maintain, Acrylic Nails are an ideal choice.

Even if you do not wish to visit a Salon, you can easily remove them and make some changes all within the comfort of your own home!

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