The #1 Acrylic Nails Guide

By the end of this course, you will know every single tool you need, exactly how to use them, and learn the advanced techniques to do a long-lasting Acrylic Nail manicure.

Level up your manicure with my 50 page eBook. In just a few minutes, you can learn how to do a manicure it took me years to master.

And what’s more, it will help you enjoy the process, save money, and know precisely what to do and when.

No guessing. No pain. No lifting.

Learn all you need to know, in one place, that you can download instantly, and follow from a mobile, laptop, or desktop.

If you’re in need of a manicure, or simply cannot get to the salon, this is the eBook for you.

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Master The Process

Master The Process

Beginners are amazed when they learn to do Acrylic nails… properly.

Learn how to do a salon-worthy manicure through easy-to-follow steps.

Get the Strategy that Minimizes Risk of Infections & Lifting

Learn The Techniques that Minimize Risk of Infections & Lifting

Beginners often do not know how to properly prepare their station, nails, mix and apply the product.

This can result in infection, lifting and general poor adhesion.

I will show you how to prevent the most common issues.

Maximize Your Wear

Maximize Your Wear

It’s easy to apply acrylics and HOPE they last.

I’ll help you maximize the durability of your nails with infilling and rebalancing.

Stop Wasting Money

Stop Wasting Money

On regular visits to the salon or on items and supplies you do not need, or are not any good.

I’ll show you how to do Acrylics for up to 80% less.

Stop Making Beginners Gaffs

Stop Making Beginners Gaffs

There are many ways an Acrylic manicure can go wrong.

I’ll show you how to prevent these costly and frustrating errors.

Be The Envy Of Your Friends

Be The Envy Of Your Friends

Have the nails you always wanted, just like you see on Pinterest.

Even give your friends a manicure or charge for your efforts to make some additional income!


There are so many things to consider with acrylics that it’s easy to miss the fundamentals:

(1) They do not use the right products, (2) They do not apply with the right techniques.

Get your copy, today.