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What Nail Shape Is The Strongest? [For Natural & Acrylic Nails]

Whether you are shaping natural nails or acrylics, there are some shapes that are naturally stronger than others. I have worked for many years in a Salon and as such have learnt to recognize what shapes are generally stronger than others. I would like to share this knowledge with you here today.

So, what nail shape is the strongest? The strongest nail shape will depend if you are shaping natural or acrylic nails. For natural nails the strongest shape is Squoval and Square. For Acrylic Nails the strongest shape is Almond.

With these shapes in mind let us now take a closer look at what makes a nail shape strong and why these particular shapes work so well for building durability for these different nail types.

What Makes A Strong Nail Shape?

When it comes to trying to understand what makes the strongest nail shape, its important to remember that a nail is in fact a structure. This applies to both natural nails and acrylic nails too.

If you want that structure to be strong you need to limit areas whereby it is or can become weak (whether immediately or over time).

Logically, it makes sense that the shorter the nail the stronger it will be. The shorter it is, the less stress areas that ultimately exist.

For this reason, the Square is generally considered the strongest of shapes. This is because with this shape, less nail is spanning the length and width of your nail tip, and there is therefore less chance of breakage.

Dome shaped nails, like the Almond Shape, are also preferable if you are looking for strength. Domes are curved structures with no angles and corners. They are able to enclose a larger amount of space and are considered some of the strongest and stiffest structures in existence. At least from an architectural perspective.

The same principles apply to nails, and this is known as a Parabolic C Curve (‘U Shape’).

It follows that a nail is only as strong as its weakest point, so minimizing the surface area will provide you with less chance of weakening and them being susceptible to breakage.

However, with all this being said, one of the most important considerations is the the apex of the nail. If this is correctly placed and sized, then even nails with extra length can be strong and durable.

Strongest Nail Shape For Natural Nails

Taking all the above factors into consideration, for natural nails it is widely agreed among nail technicians and experts that a Square/Squoval shape is the strongest structure you can create.

You will need to ensure the sidewalls are straight and the apex placement is correct, but with these in place your nails will remain as durable as possible.

Strongest Nail Shape For Acrylic Nails

If you are applying or looking to get Acrylics, one of your other options to Square/Squoval which will be equally as strong is the Almond Shape.

This is primarily due to the fact that no angles and corners exist as we have outlined above.

If you opt for an Almond, consider you will require a perfectly balanced Apex.

An apex is essentially where the arches from the base of the nail accurately meet with and fall in the same place as the upper arch (the tip of the nail) and the arch from both sides of the nail.

An arch is one of the strongest physical structures as it supports the weight evenly across the structure.

Shapes You Should Avoid

The shorter, more rounded you can keep your nails the stronger they should ultimately be. Therefore there are some shapes that you should avoid if your looking for longevity and rigour in your nails.

Perhaps the most evident by now is the Stiletto Nail Shape. While there are ways you can make it stronger, this is one of the longest nail shapes that you can get and it also has sharp corners.

Here are some other common shapes that should be avoided if strength is the most important thing for you:

  • Lipstick
  • Pointed
  • Cut Out
  • Edge
  • Ballerina/Coffin
  • Trapeze

Tips To Keep Your Nails Strong

  • Ensure your diet is nutritionally complete, varied and you are consuming enough vitamins and minerals. The B-Vitamins, Biotin in particular is renowned for strengthening natural nails (I personally love these Gummies that I order off Amazon)
  • Consider taking a Collagen supplement as this is known to rapidly increase nail growth and provides other benefits for rejuvenating your hair, skin and body (here is the best rated Collagen Supplement on Amazon)
  • Minimize exposure to water as this can cause nails to become weak and brittle. Wear gloves for household chores.
  • Stay hydrated
  • Steer clear of nail products with harsh chemicals and harmful ingredients like cheap nail polishes
  • Avoid drying products like hand sanitizer
  • Talk to your doctor to ensure you are not suffering with health implications that can weaken your nails, like low thyroid.
  • Watch out for shampoos as these can strip your nails of natural oils
  • Consider applying a natural cuticle oil to moisturizer, sooth and strengthen your nails. Here’s my absolute favorite product.