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How Often Should You Use Cuticle Oil? [The Ideal Schedule]

Cuticle oil. It’s something that is widely recommended by nail artists, salon owners, and beauty gurus around the world. But it’s something that might seem a bit like a magic elixir. It’s often recommended for almost everything, and a lot of how-to nail art guides say that it should be used at almost every step. So, how often should you be using cuticle oil? And is it possible for you to use it too much? Let’s find out.

So, how often should you use cuticle oil? It is advised to use cuticle oil multiple times throughout the day, where 1-3 applications typically will provide the best results. The morning, following lunch, and evening, before bed, is an ideal schedule to follow. You should also look to use cuticle oil after each time you wash your hands.

The good news is that you can use it regularly without it becoming much of a worry.

But you also don’t want your nails to be dependent on it.

Otherwise, its going to get quite expensive and tedious too.

With the right balance, you’ll have the healthiest, most nourished nails possible!

So let’s look at the optimal usage below.

But first, why would you even want to apply this particular product?

What even is it?

What Is Cuticle Oil?

Cuticle oil is a nourishing oil used specifically on the cuticles of your nails. It has many different ingredients, but often includes Vitamin E and a fruit or nut oil as a base.

A lot of people are likely to be wondering what a cuticle oil actually is.

And it’s no wonder!

With so many nail products on the market, a novice (or even a more advanced) nail artist might have never heard of cuticle oil.

So, when it comes to finding the right one and using it properly, they’re already a few steps behind.

But that’s okay!

It’s something that’s simple and easy to learn about.

Cuticle oil is a nourishing oil used specifically on your cuticles, those little white half-moon shapes at the base of your nails.

These can dry out sometimes, leading to nails that are often more brittle, less shiny, and overall less healthy than others.

But, with the right stuff, a good cuticle oil can keep them nice and moisturized!

Often, cuticle oil is made with a base of a nut- or plant-based oil.

This can be olive oil, jojoba oil, or almost any other oil that you can imagine.

Exactly which kind you go for will depend on what you’re hoping to get out of it.

Different oils offer different benefits.

But most cuticle oils will share their properties on the packaging so that you don’t have to play a guessing game.

Something else that almost all cuticle oils share?

A healthy dose of Vitamin E. Vitamin E is what keeps skin and nails pretty and strong.

Because of that, you’ll find that most oils offer it. You’ll sometimes also find Biotin, another name for Vitamin B7.

When Should You Use Cuticle Oil?

Most professionals recommend using cuticle oil at least three times per day, although it is also best to use it each time after washing your hands.

Now that you know what cuticle oil is, how often are you supposed to use it?

There are many conflicting instructions to be found: 

Every hour.

Every week.

Four times per hour when there’s a blue moon.

It can get confusing, and for good reason!

The truth of the matter is that how often you use it is dependent on your nails.

Because it moisturizes your cuticles, those with naturally dry cuticles will need more than someone with cuticles that are already pretty healthy.

What works for one person might not be the best for someone else.

It’s something few people writing guides want to admit:  how much product someone should use is almost always subjective.

However, there are a few guidelines that are pretty safe to follow.

You should aim to use cuticle oil about three times daily.

That might be once before work, once on your lunch break, and then once before bed.

Or it might be something that you regularly schedule and set reminders for.

Or, like a lot of people, you can simply hope to remember that it’s time to apply more cuticle oil.

It’s not a huge deal if you miss an application, and you can always make up for it later.

Nails especially dry?

If that’s true, or you do work that is hard on your nails (dish-washing, for example), you can apply oil more often.

That can be up to every time that you wash your hands, if you can find the time to do so.

Just keep an eye on your nails, and note when they need a little extra love.

Can You Use Too Much Cuticle Oil?

Using too much cuticle oil is possible, but difficult. You’ll notice you’re using too much if your nails start becoming drier than before when you don’t use cuticle oil.

Of course, there can be too much of a good thing.

Cuticle oil is good for your nails, but can cause problems if you use it too much.

The good news is, using it too much is really a difficult thing to do.

The real danger with too much cuticle oil is that you’ll stop producing the natural oils that keep your nails healthy and your cuticles moisturized.

While they might need a helping hand now and again, you want them to keep doing their job as much as possible.

Overusing cuticle oil can allow them to adjust how much oil they anticipate needing, so that your nails will be dry when you don’t use oil.

It’s a cycle that can lead to unhealthy nails.

The best way around this? Moderate how much cuticle oil that you use.

If you’re using a lot, because your nails are very dry, make sure you don’t do it for long periods of time.

A few days to a week of intense treatment at once is enough.

After that, cut back to about three times a day, or whatever levels had your cuticles hydrated, but still producing natural oils.

It’s a trial-and-error system, but one that you’ll likely see happening.

Keep an eye on things, and you should be fine!

You’ll also want to avoid having nails that are overly oily.

Using more cuticle oil than can be absorbed and used will just result in having oil on your fingertips, or perhaps running down your hands. Don’t use more than your nails need!

What Cuticle Oil Should You Use?

The right cuticle oil depends on what you’re hoping to get out of it. There is no “best” option.

It might be a little disappointing, but we can’t really tell you which cuticle oils that you should use.


Because that changes drastically from person to person.

Two people with otherwise similar nails might prefer two completely different types of cuticle oil.

But we can provide you with a few guidelines to find the oil that’s right for you.

For drier nails, you’ll want a richer oil. This will help hydrate them better than others. Jojoba oil is considered to be very good for dry nails.

Vitamins E and B7, or Biotin, are good for any nails.

But they are especially important for cuticles that are in bad shape and need a lot of TLC.

Most cuticle oils will have at least one of these.

However, if you can, look for an oil that has them both. Even better, find one that is also very good at moisturizing.

Remember: you get what you pay for.

When you buy cheap cuticle oils, you’re probably not going to be getting a great product.

You don’t need to buy the most expensive option on the market, but you should remember that quality is worth paying a little more.

Shop around, read some reviews. And always be willing to try something new.

If it helps, here is my go to.

Its entirely natural, cost-effective, and effortless to apply. Plus you can carry it around with you on the go. It fits in almost any bag:

How Do You Apply Cuticle Oil?

Holding the dropper about two inches from the nail, apply a drop of oil on the cuticle. Alternatively, you can brush or roll it on. Afterwards, massage it into the cuticles. Reapply as needed.

Cuticle oil is fairly easy to apply.

It’s a very forgiving process, so beginners don’t need to be worried about making a mistake.

You don’t need much, either. Just the cuticle oil, a clean surface, something to catch any spills or messes, and a little bit of free time. It’s an easy way to see to your nail health!

If you’re using an oil that uses a dropper, start by holding the bottle about two inches from your nail.

Apply a single drop on the cuticle.

Remember: a lot goes a long way, so you won’t need to apply much!

Using a roller, or a brush? Then roll or brush it on.

Follow the instructions that come with the oil, if they differ from what you see here.

Once you have the oil on your cuticle, you’ll want to massage it in. aim for a minute or more.

This will stimulate blood flow to the cuticle, helping it to make use of the cuticle oil to really hydrate your cuticle.

It also feels nice, which is a definite plus.

Then just repeat on your other nails, and you’re done!

It can take up to two or three hours for the oil to dry.

At that point, you might want to reapply.

If you wash your hands, the oil is likely to be washed away, as well, so reapplying afterward is a good idea.


2-3 times per day. That’s a fair, realistic and effective schedule to stick to.

But, just consider the health of your nails.

Some of you reading may need a little more than this, others less.

And it may change in time too following usage.

So, monitor the health and hydration of your nails and adjust accoridngly.

Either way, cuticle oil does the nails a lot of good.

And so long as you get a good, reputable, chemical free product – they will go a long way to ensuring your nails grow out strong and healthy.

For me, I wouldn’t look any further than the Bee Natural Pen from Amazon.

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