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Can You Use Cuticle Oil On Your Face? [Is It Safe To Do So?]

Cuticle oil is highly hydrating and nourishing. It’s no surprise that we wonder whether it is possible, or even beneficial, to apply some to our faces. But should we? Is it safe to do so? I spent some time researching to find out!

So, can you use cuticle oil on your face? It is generally not advised to put cuticle oil on your face. It could result in irritation, breakouts, or other issues that arise from sensitivities in the product. Instead, a cream specifically designed for use on the face, or on the skin, is strongly recommended.

Of course, how we all would respond to will vary from person to person.

Nevertheless, it is fair to say that the risk is probably not worth the reward in this particular instance.

Besides, its not like there are not other fantastic alternatives on the market.

Let us now take a closer look at why you should not use this particular product on the face and where/how to use it properly instead!

Is It Safe To Put Cuticle Oil On Your Face?

Whether or not it is safe to put cuticle oil on your face depends on two factors – the cuticle oil product used, and your personal skin sensitivities.

It must be stated that not all cuticle oil is the same.

Some cuticle oils are made up of all-natural formulations.

These are generally much safer to use, and much less likely to result in any adverse side affects from usage on the face.

Others cuticle oil products can contain additives or other ingredients in which can cause issues.

Besides, cuticle oil is intended for the nails.

A protein-keratin structure that is much more durable, and giving.

And then onto the second factor.

Personal sensitivities are something to consider too.

Some of you reading may react very adversely to a cuticle oil. The same very cuticle oil may not cause any issues for others.

You may react to a particular ingredient, or you may have very sensitive skin that does better with limited product usage altogether.

Should You Put Cuticle Oil On Your Face?

It is advised to avoid applying cuticle oil to the face, instead reserving it for exclusive use on the nails.

The only caveat here would be that you have an all-natural formulation that you know you do not react to.

In such an instance, you probably would want to apply a little cuticle oil to another part of your body first.

Your arm, or part of your leg perhaps.

See what happens.

Does a reaction occur? Does it hurt? Is there any irritation?

In such instances, you know the answer – do not apply to your face!

Otherwise, and if all seems well. You could theoretically try it.

Should you do so – well that’s a decision you will need to make.

Will it be of benefit? Perhaps…

But, there are generally other products in which you can use for this purpose.

Can You Use Cuticle Oil On Your Eyebrows?

It is not advised to use cuticle oil on your eyebrows due to potential irritation. Instead, olive, almond, olive, and coconut oils are a much safer and more beneficial alternative for this particular area.

These oils are known for their hydrating effects, and most people are unlikely to react negatively to them.

What’s more, these natural oils also contain a wide range of other useful properties that can help promote hair growth.

For instance, almond oil contains antioxidants and Vitamin E; both known to support the health of the hair follicles.

And best yet, these oils are affordable, easy to apply, smell nice and can be massaged in gently.

Leave them on for a few hours and then wash off with water.

Its as simple as that.

Where Should You Apply Cuticle Oil?

Cuticle oil should be applied on the nails, but more specifically and as the name suggests, directly on the cuticles.

But what are the cuticles exactly?

Well, this is a layer of clear skin that lines the bottom edge of each and everyone of your fingers or toes.

Unless, they have been removed, of course.

You can see them clearly in the two illustrations below:


Nail Anatomy

And cuticles have a very important role – they help protect your nails from bacteria and prevent infection as your nails grow from the nail root.

But if the cuticle is damaged, dries out – it can lead to issues.

And they can dry out easily.

Product usage, exposure to chemicals, excessive water or temperature extremes; these are all known to damage the cuticles and dry them out over time.

This is why it is important to take care of your nails, and cuticles, and keep them well-nourished and moisturized.

That’s where cuticle oil comes in.

Cuticle oil will improve circulation, provide the materials to spport growth, and protect them from future damage.

Plus they help your nails look better too and can even help products, like nail polishes, to last longer

When using cuticle oil, just remember you only need a little bit.

Less is definitely more in the case of cuticle oil.

Depending on the product, some cuticle oils can either be directly applied, brushed on, or dabbed.

All you need is a few drops on each cuticle/nail and to massage it in gently.


Cuticle oil is best reserved the nails.

And while it is not mandatory to use, it certainly helps promote better health in your nails. And its easy to use too.

That being said, when it comes to using it on your face, its generally not advised.

Some products may be okay, but many are actually unsuitable.

And then there are individual variances to products, chemicals and ingredients that make a blanket recommendation entirely impossible.

Nevertheless, stick to a cream or oil specifically designed for faces.

My favorite one, and the one to definitely get from Amazon, is down below 👇

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So do yourself, and your face a service, and invest in this all-natural product!

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