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How To Keep Dip Nails From Lifting [Try These 6 Tricks]

If you’re a dip powder nail enthusiast, you already know how incredibly long they last, but you’ve probably also encountered a few annoyances along the way. Lifting nails is a common issue with dip nails, but it’s also a super easy issue to avoid with a few nifty tips and tricks. If you have been experiencing lifting dip nails, you know how frustrating they can be and are probably wondering what it is that you are doing wrong.

So, how can you keep your dip nails from lifting? The best ways to keep dip nails from lifting is a combination of ensuring your nails are properly prepared (prior to application), using high-quality products, and ensuring you take care of and look after your nails once the dip has been applied.

Thankfully, there are quite a few things you can do to keep your dip nails from lifting up from your natural nails prematurely. 

So, if you have been plagued by irritating lifting dip nails, keep reading to find out why they might be doing this and what you can do to stop them from lifting. 

Why Do Dip Nails Lift?

There can be a multitude of reasons as to why your dip nails are lifting, such as not preparing your nails properly before applying your dip powder, using products from different brands, and not looking after your dip nails properly once they have been applied

Sometimes, if you have oil nail beds naturally, this can also cause your dip nails to detach from your natural nails and begin to lift. 

This can be an issue to correct as it is the natural state of your nails. 

You may have to spend longer prepping your nails and removing as much excess oil as possible.

 Even so, you may have to accept that your dip nails may not last as long as you like.

If some of the product has come into contact and cured on your skin, this can also cause your dip powder nails to start lifting prematurely. 

This can be a common reason behind lifting dip nails when you are new to applying these types of false nails. 

With practice, your technique should get cleaner and cause less of a problem.

How To Fix Lifting Dip Nails

The most effective means of fixing dip nails that are currently lifting is to use some base or topcoat to reaffix. However, this is only a temporary solution, and within a few days, it’s likely that your dip nails will begin to lift again.

If you have been having issues with lifting dip nails, you know how irritating it can be.

Not only does it means your dip nails won’t last as long as you hope, but it can also cause damage to your nails, and that’s definitely something you don’t want. 

Especially if you are using dip nails to grow your natural nails.

Your first thought may be to fix your lifting dip nails before they become a real issue or fall off altogether. 

It is possible to use a little extra base or topcoat to reaffix your dip powder nails, but this is only a temporary solution, and within a few days, it’s likely that your dip nails will begin to lift again. 

At most, you may get an extra week out of your dip nails, but you may find you need to keep reapplying the base and topcoat every day.

Be aware that all these extra coat layers may cause your dip nails to crack and can make them even more difficult to remove. 

The best option, if you dip nails start to lift, is to remove them and start again. 

You may never know why that particular set decided to come away from your natural nail, but by starting fresh, you can make sure you follow all your dip nail steps precisely.

This should prevent them from lifting in the future.

How To Prevent Dip Nails From Lifting In The Future

Lifting dip powder nails are a pain, and it can be really disappointing to have a fresh, beautiful set of nails lift away far sooner than you expect.

Luckily for you, there are loads of things you can do to give your nails the best chance of lasting for up to a month. 

So, here are a few tips to help your dip nails stay firmly rooted to your natural nails for at least 2 weeks.

Proper Preparation

Following a good set of preparation, steps are the key to long-lasting dip powder nails. 

You want to make sure that not only are your nails free from excess oils, debris, and loose skin, but you also want to create the perfect nail surface so that your dip powder can bond with your nail well.

Most preparation routines include washing your hands with soapy water to remove natural oils and debris from your nails and skin, cuticle care which includes gently pushing back your cuticle, so it doesn’t affect how well the dip powder bonds with your nails, filing the surface of your nails to create a slightly rough foundation for your dip powder to attach itself too, and another wash of the hands to remove flaky skin, nail, and oils after you have filed your nails.

Cleaning and preparing your nails is one of the biggest and most important steps when it comes to a successful application. 

Skipping this step will result in weak and short-lasting dip nails.

Opt For Premium Brands

I know we all have a budget, but with nail products, you generally get what you pay for.

So try to avoid cheap and inferior product as most of them just doesn’t work quite the same, and you’ll naturally have inferior results (or complications further down the line).

One range of dip products I recommend (which is incredibly high quality and doesn’t break the bank) is DipWell.

You can get all the dip products you need, they provide simple tutorials with each order and you can save a lot of money on salon visits alone!

Check out DipWell

Don’t Mix Brands

In a pinch, you may accidentally pick up a different brand than you usually use. 

Although with many other different beauty products, this rarely causes an issue. 

However, when it comes to your artificial nails, it can be the difference between long-lasting nails and nails that lift off like a rocket.

This won’t happen with all brands, but some may be chemically incompatible, and unless you are a chemist who understands the ins and outs of chemical reactions and the like, it’s hard to know which brands will work seamlessly together, which ones won’t.

So, unless you are prepared to go through a lot of different brands and effectively throw money down the pan. 

It’s best to stick to a brand that you love and trust.

This way, you know the products are supposed to work well with one another, and you’ve removed a potential issue.

Apply Enough Product

One big mistake when applying your dip powder, especially if you are new to the dip powder nail game, is not applying enough product to your nails. 

By not applying enough product, your fresh dip nails will be weak and prone to lifting off of your natural nail. Not the look you were going for, I’m sure. 

This can be another issue experienced by beginners, as it’s hard to tell exactly how much product you need to use when you have no prior experience. 

YouTube is great for how-to videos that give you a good idea of how much product is needed to create strong and long-lasting dip nails. 

Although, 2-4 coats are generally the right amount of product to use each time. 

Keep Product Off Your Skin

It comes as no surprise that getting dip powder or any other product on your skin during the application process can cause your nails to lift. 

Our hands are constantly moving, and if there is a bridge of product that connects your dip nails to the skin on your fingers, this constantly flexing and moving can jostle your dip nails loose and cause them to lift.

Being as neat and tidy as you can during your dip nail application can reduce the risk of any product getting onto your skin and reduce the risk of your dip nails lifting away.

A tidy technique also comes with practice, so don’t get too frustrated if this happens the first few times you apply your dip nails. You will get better. 

Keep Your Hands Dry

Just like your natural nails, dip nails are like little sponges, and they can absorb water just as much. 

The swelling and contracting your dip nails go through if they go from wet to dry often can slowly loosen them from your natural nail, causing them to lift.

If you can, I recommend investing in a really good pair of waterproof gloves, such as washing up gloves and using them when you’re washing the dishes or washing your hair to help your dip nails last far longer. 

Now that’s not to say you need to be worried every time you step out into the rain. 

A luck splash with water shouldn’t cause any issues, but if you know your hands are going to come into contact with water for a few minutes at a time, gloves are the best solution. 

Final Note

Lifting dip nails can be really annoying, especially if your nails are fresh and only recently applied. 

Following a few simple steps such as creating a foolproof preparation routine, keeping your hands dry, and sticking to a singular, good quality brand are all great ways of helping your nails last longer and reducing the risk of your nails lifting away too early. 

If none of these tips work, it may just be that your natural nail beds are very oily, and honestly, there may not be a huge amount you can do here except for accepting that your dip nails won’t last as long as you would like. 

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