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Best Nail Buffer For Dip Powder [This Is The One To Get]

Are you looking for a nail buffer for your dip nails? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Today, I am going to be sharing with you my favorite product that has become my go-to.

I’m not going to hang around here, either.

I’m going to get right into my recommendation.

Then I’ll turn to the reasons why I rate it so highly – so keep reading for that.

But first, what is the product?

Well, it’s no other than DipWell’s Buffer Set.

DipWell Buffer Set

DipWell’s Buffer set provides 3 essential tools all designed purposefully for use on dip nails. And this package is at a fantastic price too!

Here’s what you get in the kit:

• 180/280 Grit Foam Buffer,

• 100/180 Grit Nail File,

• Wooden Cuticle Pusher

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Buffer Set DipWell

What Do You Get In DipWells Buffer Set?

100/180 Grit Nail File

Which you can smooth out rough dipping surfaces for an even foundation before you buff.

This will help you remove any large bumps and crevices before using the fine grit buffer.

This nail file can also be used to spot-treat or shape free edges.

180/280 Grit Foam Buffer

What you’re after.

This fine grit foam buffer is ideal for smoothening out dipping nail surfaces and for setting a clean foundation before you proceed with a sealer.

You can remove streaks and textures with it tool.

It’s ideal for obtaining a shiny finish.

One side is 180 grit (grey), and the other 280 (white).

Wooden Cuticle Pusher

You can use the wooden cuticle pusher to create larger nail surfaces to work on by pushing back your cuticles on your nails.

Why I Like DipWells Buffer Set

I like DipWells Buffer set because it provides all that you need for a fantastic and cost-effective price.

I also love the fact that they are incredibly high quality, easy to work with, and durable too

The result? A guaranteed long-lasting dip manicure that you can achieve time and time again.

And having researched the market extensively, here are some other reasons that make this particular product stand out from all the others:

  • They are professional-grade,
  • Great shape; comfortable to hold and use,
  • Buffer and Files are double-sided – you can use them at different stages,
  • Great for use on all nail types, including weak brittle nails,
  • Excellent value,
  • Help ensure the smooth, glossy finish you are looking for.

And what about the 5* review that has been collated from over 120 satisfied customers?

There’s always that too.

Where To Buy DipWells Buffer Set

The best place to buy the DipWell Buffer set is directly from the official site here.

And if you do so through my link, you will ensure you get the best price and should also get some buyer’s perks too (like discounted shipping and/or free extras).


Can You Buff Dip Nails?

You can buff dip nails, and it is in fact recommended to do so to get the smooth glossy finish. Just ensure you buff your nails once the dip powder has completely dried and hardenend.

Do You Have To Buff Your Nails For Dip Powder?

You do not have to buffer your nails for dip powder, although it is recommended to ensure the best finish and a long-lasting wear.

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