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Dipwell Review [My Experiences From My Recent Order]

I had been eyeing up Dipwell for quite some time. I’d seen the positive press, heard good things about the company, and seen some pretty impressive pictures from fellow users. So I decided to make an order, and I would like to share my experiences, thoughts, and opinions with you here today.

So, what is my Dipwell review? I found Dipwell to be a simple, affordable, and effective way to produce salon-quality nails from the comfort of my own home. The instructions were clear and precise and finished manicures surpassed my initial high expectations – being very durable and lasting for up to 6 weeks from the initial application. The entire shopping experience has been entirely positive, my order came in good time and was well packaged/protected. I will be ordering again without hesitation once I finish with my current order.

And not only did I purchase their popular easy acrylic dip system, but I also bought some additional items too.

Not even mandatory ones.

But I wanted to truly test this company and what they have to offer.

You’ll soon see my order.

But before we get into the finer details, let me tell you a bit more about this particular brand.

Besides, it’s always good to know who we are purchasing our products from!

If my overview was enough for you, you can head straight over to Dipwell’s website, and in doing so through my link, get $10 off all items in your basket.

That’s right, on all products site-wide.

But for now, back to the review.

Who Are Dipwell?

Dipwell is a nail brand that specializes in bringing professional-grade products to the DIY nail enthusiast.

They have decades of product development experience which has culminated in a unique and high-quality line of nail products.

Specifically, Dipwell is known and highly regarded for its all-inclusive dipping kits which include all the items you need to do your own mani from the comfort of your own home.

With detailed guides and instructions on how to use the products, you can save hundreds if not thousands on regular salon visits.

No surprise they’ve been featured in the likes of Cosmopolitan, Pop Sugar, and Marie Claire – among many others!

How Much Do Dipwell Products Cost?

Dipwell nail kits can cost anywhere from $45 all the way through to $100 depending on what you order and any promotions at the time of your purchase.

Thankfully, you have options with your order.

You can opt for three dip powders, or six – with the former being much cheaper.

At the same time, Dipwell regularly offers discounts on their products, or promotions such as free shipping if you spend over a certain amount.

At the time of writing, you get free shipping if you spend over $35.

You can see all active promotions by visiting Dipwell here.

When it comes to purchasing individual dip powders, you can pick these up for around $10 apiece.

Either on their own or on top of your order.

Then there are accessories that can range from $5 to $14.

The jelly cuticle pusher for instance is $6.97.

The more expensive cuticle drops are $11.97.

What Are Dipwell Products Like?

Dipwell products are high-quality, affordable, and durable. They are easy to use, you do not require a UV light, do not give off any foul odors and they can easily be soaked off in 10-15 minutes.

When it comes to ordering through Dipwell, you generally have two choices:

  1. You build your own kit/bundle (BYOB)
  2. You purchase one of their exisiting kits.

It depends on what you want and the kind of colors/palettes you desire.

For instance, they have a number of different collections to choose from – the classic collection or naturale collection are perhaps their most natural options.

But you can even get a glow-in-the-dark collection too.

Or, you can have a combination, or a diverse mix, by building your own.

Either way, every kit will come with the following:

  • Bond
  • Base
  • Activator
  • Sealer
  • Brush Softener
  • 200/280 grit foam buffer
  • 100/180 grit nail file
  • Double-sided wooden cuticle pusher
  • 3-6 color powders

Now the prices do range depending on how many dip powders you order.

But you will receive all the liquids you require either way.

What Was My Dipwell Order?

My order was a custom build your own bundle. I opted for 6 dip powders, the naturale color collection along with the Dipwell jelly cuticle pusher and cuticle oil drops.

Here is a picture of my order, unboxed of course:

First up we have the cuticle drops.

Now I am a huge advocate for cuticle oils; they really do help nourish the natural nail and keep them moisturized.

I loved the easy-to-use dispenser along with the ingredient list. It contains a lot of natural oils and even Vitamin E which have been scientifically proven to restore the health of nails.

The jelly cuticle pusher was a bit of an impulse buy, but one I am please I proceeded with.

It’s nice and light, easy to hold, and easy to work with. Just what you need when preparing the nails.

Now, onto the easy acrylic dip system.

Upon opening the box, I was soon greeted with all the items required for the manicure:

Here are the liquids included:

All numbered so you know when to use them when following the guide.

And here are the powders:

As you can see each powder has its own unique code which you can reference during an order.

And with 198 colors to choose from, your manicure options are extensive, to say the least.

How Do You Use A Dipwell Kit?

Using a Dipwell kit is simple and quick. Each kit provides detailed step-by-step instructions of what you need to prepare and apply the product.

I know you may want the additional details here, so let me quickly run through the exact steps for application.

That way, you can see how easy it really is.

There are generally three different methods to work from:

  1. How to color dip
  2. How to French dip
  3. How to shiny nail dip

A simplified version of the process can be seen in the following diagram.

But the more in-depth version of each method can be seen below:

Color Dip

  1. Push back your cuticles, shape and buff your nails and santize your hands and nails,
  2. Apply a coat of bond to all fingernails,
  3. Apply a thin coat of base to the entire nail surface,
  4. Dip nails at a 45 degree angle into the dip color powder of choice,
  5. Hold finger straight down and tap gently to remove excess dip powder,
  6. Wait 10 seconds for the dip powder to set
  7. Repeat steps 3-5 for more coverage,
  8. Apply another layer of base coat,
  9. Dip the entire nail surface into the base and finish liquid,
  10. Wait a further 5 minutes for the product to set,
  11. Apply a coat of activator to harden the product,
  12. File nails to desired shape,
  13. Wipe away excess powder with a lint free cloth,
  14. Apply another coat of activator, wait 5 minutes for it to dry/set,
  15. Apply a coat of sealer,
  16. Your done.

French Dip

  1. Push back your cuticles, shape and buff your nails and santize your hands and nails,
  2. Apply a coat of bond to all fingernails,
  3. Apply a thin coat of base to the entire nail surface,
  4. Dip nails halfway into the base and finish, wait 10 seconds.
  5. Apply another thin coat of base to entire nail surface,
  6. Dip nails at a 45 degree angle into white dip pwder, creating a French tip smear line
  7. Hold finger straight down and tap gently to remove excess white dip powder,
  8. Repeat steps 5-7 for more coverage,
  9. Apply thin layer of base to ensutre nail surface, be sure to avoid the cuticles,
  10. Dip nail surface into base and finish liquid,
  11. Wait a further 5 minutes for the product to set,
  12. When the blend of poweder and liquid has hardened, file nails to desired shape
  13. Wash hands and clean nails with a lint-free wipe,
  14. Apply a coat of sealer
  15. Your done.

Shiny Dip Nail

  1. Apply step 3 activator and wait 5 minutes,
  2. Buff and shape nails to desired look,
  3. Wipe debris from the nail surface,
  4. Apply first coat of step 4 sealer, wait a minute,
  5. Apply another coat of step 3 activator, wait 5 minutes,
  6. Dry wipe nails with line free wipes,
  7. Apply a thin coat of step 4 sealer, wait 1 minute,
  8. Apply another coat of step 4 sealer, wait 5 minutes to dry.
  9. All done.

This is all, of course, getting the product on.

But what about getting it off.

Either when you are finished or if you want a change.

Thankfully, the process is equally simple:

How To Remove Dip

  1. Buff the top layer of each nail with a coarse nail file,
  2. Prepare aliminium foil squares big enough to wrap each nail with cotton,
  3. Soak cotton in acetone or max strength nail polish remover,
  4. Place soaked cotton on each nail and secure in place by wrapping the foil around the nail and cotton,
  5. Wait 15-20 minutes for nails to soak,
  6. In a twisting motion, gently remove foil wraps,
  7. Gently use file/cuticle pushers to remove any excess or remaining residue.

As I say, each kit provides detailed, pictured instructions of each step so you know exactly what to do, what to use, and when.

The above is to give you just an idea, but trust me when I say the process is very easy.

Following the pictures on the guides is also very useful.

Plus, you get additional tips regarding storage and cleaning the products after use.

How Long Do Dipwell Nails Last?

If applied correctly and you look after your nails, you can expect your Dipwell application to last up to 6 weeks.

Quite a long time right.

And the best way to ensure that your new dipwell manicure does not chip is to ensure you prepare your nails ahead of time.

So that means clean hands, nails, and cuticles.

You want to ensure you thoroughly clean and prepare those areas before application.

Thankfully, Dipwell provides detailed how-to guides in all their products, see below, which explains exactly how to do your manicure most effectively, and how to ensure they last!

For me, I managed to reach 4 weeks before I started noticing signs of wear.

But, do consider that I use my hands (and therefore nails) a lot!

I could be much more stringent with wearing gloves, avoiding products with chemicals, etc.

Where Does Dipwell Ship From?

Dipwell products are formulated, manufactured, and shipped directly from their facility in Orange County, California.

And you should get them within 1-2 weeks.

Dipwell uses some of the best courier services in the US; including USPS and UPS to ensure your products arrive in a timely fashion.

For me, I got my package within 7 days following my order.

And the package arrived in a well-sealed and well-packaged box.

As a result, my products were in pristine condition for the unboxing and prior to use.

Are Dipwell Nails Good?

Dipwell nails are great if you are looking for a DIY manicure with lots of color and style options. They are also ideal for beginners and anyone looking to get started without a lot of knowledge and experience.

For me, I chose the easy acrylic dip system because of the sheer collection of colors, there being no need for a UV lamp, and the detailed instructions provided for usage.

First of all, I love the fact that the kit includes everything you need – even nail files and an orangewood stick.

That’s a classy touch.

And then onto the finished manicure itself.

It’s great to know that a dip manicure can last multiple weeks without needing to wait for any real dry time.

And since getting the kit, I’ve done my own dip manicure 3-4 times now.

I am losing track already!

One thing you will likely find is that each time you use it, it gets easier and your results tend to improve.

That happened for me at least.

And while it may take a little time, they look so great when they’re finished. It really is the cost-effective way to get your nails ‘professionally done’.

So, I would seriously recommend that you head over to Dipwell and either build your own bundle or buy one of their existing done-for-you kits.

Plus, I have some good news for you.

If you visit Dipwell through my link here, you’ll get an additional $10 off your order – on all products site-wide.

And you should; this company never tests on animals and are free from 13 of the most commonly used abrasive chemicals you’ll often find in other nail products.

What more can you ask for, seriously?

So over to you 🙂