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Best Nail Shape For Short Fingers [The Three Best Styles]

If you have naturally short fingers, then you are probably wondering what nails shapes are going to look best, for you. I’ve spent thousands of hours at the Salon working on countless clients. In that time, I’ve learnt to recognize what works well and what doesn’t. I would like to share this information with you here today.

So, what are the best nail shapes for short fingers? The best nail shapes for short fingers are Almond, Stiletto and Oval. These shapes will elongate your fingers making them appear longer. You’ll want to refrain from Squoval and Round as these can have the opposite effect; making your fingers and hands appear stumpy.

The best thing about shaping your nails is that you can transform how your hands and fingers look.

If you have short fingers, then you can (with the right nail shape) transform how they look and elongate them.

This is how and why some nail shapes look great on some women, but may not work for you. And vice versa.

It comes as no surprise that the nail shape you decide upon is very important. But it can be hard to decide or know whats best.

That’s why this little guide was written – to help you decide and create that elongated sleek look to your fingers through your nails.

What Are The Best Nail Shapes for Short Fingers?

While elongating your fingers may not necessarily be what you are looking to do, doing so in my experience is one of the best things to try.

I have identified 3 different nail shapes and styles that I , and many other nail technicians, recommend.

1. Almond Nails

Best Nail Shape for Short Fingers

Almond nails are renowned for changing the appearance of your finders – they provide a feminine and thinner look.

That’s why they’ve been listed as number one here. As the name of the style suggests, the shape is exactly the same as the Almond nut.

You can achieve this look by filing the tips of your nail in a slant around the corner, so that you get the Almond tip.

From here, we then advise you smooth them out to give that rounded effect.

Once you’ve applied this style, your fingers will appear more slim. An additional benefit is that your hands will look well managed, smart and sophisticated.

There’s a reason we love it so much!

If you are looking to create beautiful Almond Nails, be sure to our How to Shape Almond Nails Guide

2. Stiletto Nails

Great Nail Shape To Slim

The Stiletto shape has increased in popularity of late.

Whilst creating Stiletto Nails for yourself can be challenging if you as to try to do this yourself, we cannot deny the effect that they give and this is the effect that you will be looking for if you have short fingers.

In essence, the reason why they would be so great for you is because the pointy shape has the effect of making your fingers look longer and more slender.

There’s a reason why Stiletto Nails have been adopted by several celebrities. If you want this exclusive look, Stilleto Nails are ideal.

If you wanted to go ahead with this shape, and wanted to create Stiletto Nails, all you need to do is to file your nail like an Almond but then refine the tip further.

From here you just paint your nails, or even apply nail art, either way they will look fabulous.

The only problem with Stiletto Nails is that they are not very practical.

If you have a job or want a shape that is more useful for day to day activities, then opt for the Almond.

3. Oval

Oval Nail Shape

If you have short fingers and are looking for a shape to maximize your fingers’ length, then a third option for you is the Oval.

Its a classic and a fantastic alternative to the shapes cited above.

Moreover, Oval nails are great for easy maintenance, and do not provide the negatives of impracticality like the counterparts above. 

Ovals are very easy to create yourself at home and they also work with many different colours and styles.

In my experience, Monochromatic Mattes are the best colour for this shape, but always test on your own nails to see what you like.

Whilst its one of the best nail shapes for short fingers, it comes in at number 3.

The Shapes To Avoid

So by now you know what Nail Shapes you should opt for if you have short fingers.

But I thought I would also include a quick overview of the the styles and shapes that should probably be avoided.

The shapes below are known to give off a short look, and make your fingers look smaller than they actually are.

1. Squoval

Avoid Squoval

The Squoval Nail shape isn’t your best option. Instead, its better for individuals with longer fingers.

This is because this nail shape make your nails and fingers look a but chunkier – not something you will most likely desire.

So whilst this shape is beautiful on women with longer fingers if you have landed on this guide then you know they are probably not best for you!

2. Round Nails

Avoid Round

Just like the Squoval above, the Round shape similarly has the opposing effect to what you want to achieve.

The reason for their popularity is most likely because they are so to create and maintain.

But if you want to make the most of your short fingers, then, it is recommended that you steer clear of the round nails shape.

For Those Of You Who Are Struggling to Grow Your Nails

As I have tried to demonstrate, the key is to make your fingers and your nails appear longer. 

As such, these shapes and styles will be a lot easier to create if you have long natural nails to begin with.

If you have bitten, picked, cut or if your nails are just not growing, some of the shapes that we have advised will not be possible at this moment in time.

(Unless of course you want to opt for Acrylic). But this doesn’t mean that they styles are off the table if you want them naturally.

If you are looking to repair, grow and improve your nail strength, here are my recommendations:

Put on Cuticle Oil Every Night

When nails get moisture, they are able to grow and strengthen.

The Intense Cuticle Repair Balm by QTICA is a tried and tested solution. Its also available for a great price over at Amazon.

Prepare with Manicures

If you decide that you want either the almond or oval nails shape, you can start rounding them through regular manicures done by either yourself or at the salon.

This way your nails can grow into the shape.

Get Some Nail Gel

It is widely known among professionals that Gel manicures help nails grow.

This is because they give the nail extra strength which stops them from breaking or snapping so easily.

If you decide to apply gel, refrain from peeling it off and be sure to change the color every fortnight.

Almond Nails Tip: If you want to stop spending hundreds at the nail salon each and every month, invest in a salon-grade, at-home nail gel kit.

I’ve written a full review of the best gel nail kits on the market which you should definitely take a look at.


I hope you have found this guide useful.

Thankfully, there are some things we can do to work with our short fingers and the cards we have been dealt.

Give Almond, Stiletto, and Oval nail shapes a try and you will soon see that these look great!

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