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Do Acrylic Nails Fall Off on Their Own? [And How To Stop It]

If you have recently had an Acrylic Nail manicure, or are looking to get one, you may have questions around the removal process. Will you need to revisit the salon or can you wait for them to fall of naturally. I have decided to document some information I have on the topic having worn acrylics for years of my life and conducted a lot of research into acrylic nails over the years. I would like to present that all in this article today.

So, do acrylic nails fall off on their own? Acrylic nails can fall off on their own. This is usually when they have been on your nails for an extended period of time beyond their lifespan and the nail glue has dissolved or become too weak. Other reasons include poor adhesion, poor application, incorrect use of tips and sizing and poor glue quality.

While acrylic can fall off on their own, you do not want this to happen.

Instead you will want them properly removed.

There is a frequent misconception that acrylic nails can last forever.

The fact is most acrylic nails will start peeling off after two weeks.

At this point it’s an absolute necessity to get your acrylics properly detached to ensure your natural nails do not suffer or damage.

Failing this, you will want to consider certain suggestions to improve the longevity of your nails further.

But first, let’s start with the basics!

What Are Acrylic Nails?

Acrylic nails are essentially artificial nails mainly used to extend the length of the natural nails further.

They are attached to your naturally growing nails, and you can get them done at any professional nail salon.

Now, you obviously can fasten acrylic nails at home but bear in mind that it’s a time-consuming task that also demands priors skills for a professional and natural look.

The primary reason for the popularity of acrylic nails is their beauty and is undoubtedly popular among women across the world.

This is mainly due to their versatility and the creative freedom that an individual enjoys in terms of self-expression.

Not only can you get your applicant nails gel polish but can even be more creative and get various patterns, styles, gradients, stars, and whatnot.

Acrylic nails can also be pierced and then fitted with certain nail rings, and it’s something quite popular among those ladies who love being ahead of time and fashion.

If you have never used acrylic nails before, you may wonder why women choose to have their nails done at all. Why not let your natural nails grow?

For many of us, this is not even possible. Many women feel more feminine and even more graceful with longer nails.

However, some natural nails that grow to a certain length begin to become more brittle.

There comes a time when they separate. Acrylic nails allow women to enjoy longer nails without the stress and pain of bitter nails.

Many interested women also choose to get acrylic nails to avoid some bad habits such as biting nails.

Now that you know the advantages of acrylic nails, you should also keep in mind that they require investment both on money and time front.

Also, they don’t fit everyone’s taste, and so before deciding on getting one just because someone told you it looks great won’t be a wise decision.

Acrylic nails for many women are just another way to beautify their personal look further as they are known to bring ladies in the spotlight at dressy events.

How Can You Prevent Your Acrylic Nails from Falling Off So Soon

There are certainly many ways employing which you can extend the longevity of your acrylic nails.

The following are certain types that manicurists suggest to their clients when it comes to the professional maintenance of artificial nails.


Many don’t understand the wonders a high-quality hand lotion can do to your acrylic nails.

Not only do these hand lotions protect your skin and cuticles from cracking in cold winter, but they also help to rejuvenate the skin cells, making them look smoother and healthier.

Thankfully, they can even help your acrylics to last a bit longer. It is a known fact that moisturizing the nearby skin around your acrylic is a definite recipe for its longevity.

But do remember that sometimes due to improper daily care, moisturization can seep under the acrylic resulting in fungal infection.

It is therefore imperative that you stick to recommended and safe products, and do not over apply the cream.

The LondonTown Restorative Nail Cream is my personal favorite which I routinely use and purchase.

Get In Contact With A Professional Manicurist

Having contacts with nail technicians or professional manicurists can really prove to be beneficial, especially when you don’t want your acrylics to crumble before its scheduled fill.

When it comes to professional personal care, the technique is everything.

Not only do professionals have experience in dealing with all sorts of nails, but employing their past experience, they can further strengthen and extend the length of your manicure.

It should also be noted that manicurist who usually overfills your artificial nail or doesn’t remove the moisture could be responsible for your nails to break off.

If you can get in contact with a professional manicurist who is known for his/her functional, beautiful acrylic applications, you would want to book their visit every other week.

You will also want to tip them well and appreciate the convenience of unlocking one of life’s greatest secrets.

Daily Care Is Essential

Want to keep your acrylics looking healthy and feeling strong? Well, in most cases, it’s quite difficult, especially if you are a professional with a busy daily schedule.

Understand that keeping acrylics clean can be a bit more challenging than that of your natural nails.

Experts suggest that you need to give extra attention before scrubbing out any dirt from under your acrylics.

Though it’s an essential task as it helps to prevent any type of infection, a single scrub on your acrylic can severely damage its look and can even cause it to pull off.

Depending on the scenario, manicurists may recommend you use a salon-quality top coat to seal the polish you have on your acrylic.

Though it might be considered as a luxury than a necessity, it should be noted that a top coat will definitely protect your nail polish from chipping, cracking, and every other sign of wear and tear.

Accept the Reality

Acrylic nails are neither designed nor built to last forever. In fact, most of them don’t last more than two weeks, and it’s always suggested that you shouldn’t wait forever for a refill because you always run a risk of breaking off your acrylic nails, which in most cases will also damage your natural nails.

Moreover, owing to improper care, you always run the risk of facing fungal infection, which in many cases can further deteriorate, and you may have to seek medical attention.

So, the conclusion here is that you should get your refill as soon as you see any signs of cracking on your nails.

How To Properly Remove Acrylic Nails

If you truly want to remove your acrylic nails safely without harming your natural nails, then it’s always suggested to go to your nearest beauty or nail salon.

However, if you are confident that you can take them off yourself, the following are some essential methods that you would want to employ to remove your nails at home safely.

Though it will only save you a small amount of money compared to your visit to a professional salon, a DIY always feels rewarding.

  1. Reduce the length of your acrylic before you get into removing them off your nails.
  2. Take two bowls, one filled with acetone and the other filled with plain water.
  3. Now you would want to place your hands in the acetone for a minimum of 15 minutes. Remember, it’s a minimum time interval, and the longer you keep your hands in acetone, the faster you will be able to remove acrylic from your nails.
  4. If you feel that your nails have been under acetone for sufficient time, you will notice your acrylic coming off your nails on their own. Now you would want to rinse off your hands in the clean water ensuring that there is absolutely no trace of acetone on it.

Last but not least, apply some nourishing cream and/or cuticle oil to moisturize your fingers and nails and get them their natural look and feel!