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Best Nail Shape For Long Fingers [The Best Shape For You]

If you have long fingers and are not sure what nail shape to opt for, then you’ll be glad you stopped by.

I would like to provide you with a couple of different options that are going to work best for you.

You’ll find plenty of styles even if you have slimmer or wider fingers. And believe it or not – there’s actually a difference in the recommendations!

So, what are the best nail shapes for long fingers? The best nail shapes for long and slim fingers are square and squoval. If you have long and wide fingers you should opt for almond or oval nail shapes. Each shape compliments your nails, fingers and hands differently so its important to work with what you have if you’re looking for the best look.

These shapes may not be what you had initially have thought of, but by the end of this article you will know exactly what nail shapes that you can try and experiment with.

Why Experiment With Nail Shapes?

The thing is, not everybody has the same finger shape, length or size. This means that different nail shapes are going to look quite different, and give off a different affect depending on who is ‘wearing’ them.

Accordingly, you might have even noticed that some nail shapes just do not suit you like they do for say, your friends.

The great thing nail shaping is that you can find what shapes work best for you and this will give your hands or your overall appearance an entire new look. One for the better!

While selecting the best nail shape is paramount, it can actually be quite difficult with all of the different styles out there.

Hopefully this article will help you to identify a shape most appropriate and desirable for you.

The Best Nails Shapes To Try

Now depending on whether or not you have long and slim fingers, or long and wide fingers, will ultimately dictate what you should opt for. I’d like to give you a couple of options for each:

Nail Shapes for Long and Slim Fingers

If you are fortunate enough to have long and slim fingers, then you probably know this already, but a lot of different nail shapes are going to work for you. There are not really any that are major no nos.

However, that being said there are two shapes which will give your fingers and nails that extra elegance.

If this is you, blunt shapes are going to give the best look and one of the best things about this is that they are also the easiest shape to look after and maintain.

Square Shape

Square Nail Shape

The square shape is a timeless classic because when done correctly and worn on the correct finger, they look great.

You get a subtle illusion that your fingers are actually wider than they are, and this helps to reduce the appearance of the length of your fingers. In many ways it balances them out.

I’ve found that Square shapes work best with short/medium length nails.

Squoval Shape

Squoval Nail Shape

Square and Oval, hence Squoval is another shape to try and consider, They will also give you a similar effect to the Square (they are actually very similar) but they are slightly less sharp with rounded oval edges instead of a straight drop like you get with Squares.

Squovals are great because they do not require much maintenance and due to their edges, they are less likely to break than Squares and other sharper nail shape designs.

Nail Shapes for Long and Wide Fingers

If your fingers are on the wider side, then you’re actually going to want to consider two other nail shapes.

This will help you to create an illusion that limits and reduce the width of your fingers.

So in order to do this, you are going to want to opt for lengthening styles. They work particularly well on medium/long nail lengths so you may need to grow your nails out first before you give them a try!

Almond Shape

Almond Nail Shape

The Almond Shape is perhaps your best nail shape option. It provides slim sides, a smooth tapering and rounded tips.

This is going to help reduce the wideness of your fingers and give your hands a slimming effect. You’ll notice that with Almond Nails your fingers look longer and more sleek.

Oval Shape

Oval Nail Shape

The Oval Nail shape is slightly less invasive as the Almond but will also work to make your fingers and nails look more petite.

They are also very easy to maintain and you do not risk breaking them like you possibly do with the Almond Shape.

Final Words

The best thing about Nails and your Nail Shapes is that you can experiment and see what works for you.

Hopefully by now you have some shapes that you can go ahead and try on your long fingers, whether they are naturally narrow or slightly wider.

If you are looking to do your Nails and any one of these shapes at home (and avoid having to go and get your nails done regularly and expensively at the salon) then you may be interested in taking a look at my Best Acrylic Nail Kit or Best Gel Nail Kit Guides.

Its all down to preference, but either kit can help you transform your nails on your own and save you a lot of money in the long run!

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