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Best Nail Shape for Fat Fingers [What Should You Choose?]

Having larger fingers makes it harder to find a shape and a size that looks good for you.

You may be looking down at your hands and are not quite sure what nail shape to even get. This can cause confusion.

I’ve spent a lot of time in the Salon working on many clients and have seen a lot of hands in my time.

I’ve learned to recognize what works well for larger hands and what doesn’t. I would like to present to you the best shapes that you can choose here today.

So, what are the best nail shapes for fat fingers? The best nail shapes for fat fingers are Almond, Stiletto, and Oval. These shapes elongate your fingers, giving off a slimmer and more effective appearance. You’ll want to avoid Squoval and Round as these typically do not work as well.

The truth is, everybody has different finger and nail shapes and sizes.

This means that what may look great for you, may not on somebody else.

Going further, you may have noticed that some nail shapes, like Square, are making your fingers appear to be larger than they actually are!

The great thing about shaping your nails is that not only can you create an illusion, but you can also use them to to your advantage by using them to enhance your features.

Choosing the right nail shape is surprisingly important, and can be confusing.

That’s why I have written this quick article to help you decide and create that elongated sleek look to your fingers through your nails.

The Best Nail Shapes For Fat Fingers

There are three recommended options for you to choose from.  I’ll start with my very favorite:

Almond Nails

Almond nails are fantastic for making your nails look more feminine and thinner; it’s the reason why they are number one on our list.

As the name suggests, the style resembles an Almond shape.

This is gained by filing the tips of your nail in a slant around the corner so that you get the Almond tip.

You will then need to smooth them out.

Your fingers will look much delicate and slight, but will also make your hands look more smart and sophisticated. It’s why I love the style so much!

And if you paint them in a neutral nude color, then you’re well on your way.

To create the perfect Almond Nails, read our How to Shape Almond Nails Guide.

Stiletto Nails

The Stiletto shape is a really popular style, and for good reason.

Whilst they are quite difficult to do yourself at home, Stiletto nails are also great for individuals who tend to think of their fingers as fat or chubby.

This is also because the pointy shape makes fingers look longer and more slender.

Stiletto is a preferable style among celebrities and is adored for its uniqueness.

If you like to stand out, Stilleto Nails will be perfect for you.

To create Stiletto Nails, all you need to do is to file your nail like an Almond but then refine the tip further.

From here you can paint your nails, or even apply nail art, they will equally look as good.

As these nails are not as practical as the Almond shape, they only feature number 2 in our list.


If you want your fingers to look longer than they already are, then you could always consider the Oval.

You should definitely try it if you haven’t already, or don’t like the idea of the two shapes above.

These are far more practical and suitable if you need to use your hands more regularly, or you work in a professional setting.

They are very easy to attain at home, and they look beautiful regardless of the color you choose.

The Nail Shapes You Should Avoid

Whilst I have outlined our three most recommended styles if you have slightly larger fingers (hint: Almond), I now must turn to the styles and shapes that I do not recommend:

1. Squoval

The Squoval Nail shape is best for individuals with long fingers, and is such is not best if your fingers are on the larger side.


Because this nail shape creates a larger effect to your nails and makes them look chunkier.

Whilst this can be great for some, if you have landed on this article I know they are not for you!

2. Round Nails

Avoid this style

Similarly to the Squoval, the Round shape does not also provide the effect that you are going for.

Whilst these are relatively simple to create, and practical, they can give of a the wrong effect in why you want to achieve.

Alternatively, they accentuates your nails and makes them more prominent.

This will give off the wrong look to your fingers and make them look more short and stumpy.

Struggling to Grow Your Nails?

As you will have noticed above, the key is to make your fingers and your nails appear longer. 

The best possible way you can do this, is to grow them out.

As such, the designs I have recommend above will be a lot easier to replicate if you have long enough nails to begin with.

The longer your natural nails, the more slender you can make them appear to be.

You may be thinking that you should just go ahead and apply Acrylics.

Whilst Acrylics can look beautiful and may help you to get the shape and design you want a lot more quickly, bear in mind that applying Acrylics is not particularly good for your long term nail health.

For example, the Nail Glue that is used to apply Acrylics can actually damage your nail beds.

Plus, unless you are careful in the removal process, you can actually remove/rip some of your natural nail off in the process.

Therefore if you do decide to use Acrylics, always be sure to take regular breaks, allowing time to let your natural nails breathe, and always be very careful when its time to remove them.

That’s why, I always suggest that you grow, strengthen and prioritize your nail health.

If you have bitten, picked, cut or if your nails are just not growing, some of the shapes advised above may not be possible on your natural nails right away.

This doesn’t mean that they styles are completely off the table. If you are looking to repair, grow and improve your nail strength, here are my expert tips:

Put on Cuticle Oil Daily

When nails get moisture, and the essential oils, vitamins and minerals they need, they are able to grow and strengthen.

The Nourishing Cuticle Oil by LondonTown (available for a great price on their website) is an award winning solution recommended by nail technicians and experts in the field.

I frequently apply this Cuticle Oil to my own nails to preserve their health and to keep them in tip top shape.

I’ve noticed a dramatic improvement and increase in the speed in which they go since applying this cuticle oil daily.

With its scientifically-researched and proven formula, it provides rapid cuticle therapy that even works on the most severely dry cuticles, damaged cuticles and stubborn growing nails.

The best thing about this balm is that you will see and feel results just days after applying, as its a strong formula that is able to penetrate deeply into your dry nails.

It creates the environment they need to thrive.

Plus its vegan, and free from all those chemical nasties like Formaldehyde.

Prepare With Manicures

If you decide that you want either the almond or oval nails shape, you can start rounding them through regular manicures done by either yourself or at the salon.

This way your nails can grow into the shape.

Apply Some Nail Gel

It is widely known among professionals that Gel manicures help nails grow.

This is because they give the nail extra strength which stops them from breaking or snapping so easily.

If you decide to apply gel, refrain from peeling it off, and be sure to change the color every fortnight.

Again, LondonTown is the place to go for this!

Get Well Nail Recovery

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