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How To Shape Almond Nails

If you want lovely almond-shaped nails then this how to shape almond nails instructional tutorial article is just what you were looking for! But before you start…

What You Will Need.

  • Scissors or Nail Clippers
  • A good trusted Nail File
  • A Strengthening Base Coat
  • Your Favorite Nail Color

So without further ado, let’s get started.

How To Shape Almond Nails

Firstly, make sure your nails don’t have any old polish or hand cream residue and that they’re all a similar length.

If you did have some old polish or residue, I would recommend that you first sanitize and make sure they are fully clean. I advise that you use a soap and/or hand wash and make sure to scrub away any dirt that may be lingering on, around or under your nails.

Once all cleaned up, grab a brightly colored pen and start marking your nails. You will use this as a guide…

I find it makes life way easier to mark out the center of the nail before I start cutting or filing.

Don’t worry about being dead center too much. I advise that you go for what feels most central for each of your nails when you look at each individual nail.

Repeat the markings on each of your nails and quickly review each of them to make sure that you’re happy, and that they are clearly visible.

Next, using either clippers or your scissors, start cutting your nails from the top.

With scissors, I don’t cut right to the mark but about a couple of millimeters either side so I can get a nice round top layer on. If you fancy more of a stiletto shape then go right to the point to do this.

I personally prefer clippers as most nails are strong and you can use the clippers to reduce the nail length quickly. If you have weaker or shorter nails then you don’t necessarily have to cut them at all; you can just file – our How To File Almond Nails Guide will explain how to do this is more detail.

Another thing to remember is to just be really really careful not to cut into the nail bed as that can be extremely painful.

Check again that you’re happy and everything looks even and then you’re ready for the next file to smooth out any sharp or rough edges that affect the shape.

I like to work from the outer edges of the nail towards the tip and then finish off the shaping by rounding off the point into a nice smooth almond point.

You can also buff if you’re using a light polish or just if you feel like you want some extra shine. Repeat all over and just check as you go along keeping it all even.

Now, compare your old nails to you freshly filed ones and give yourself a pat on the back, you’re doing an excellent job.  Whilst you are nearly finished, you are not quite there yet.

Now it’s time to paint, start with a strengthening base coat. I always use a base coat making sure to seal the edges of the nail as I paint.

Wait for it to dry and tap your fingers if you feel like it (it might make them dry a bit quicker)

Now grab your favorite nail polish and get painting. I am loving the nudes right now!

I use two coats of this and then finish off with a topcoat.

And that is how I shape my Almond Nails at home!

I know a lot of people don’t like to clip natural nails but my nails are super strong.  I just make sure to be careful when I start cutting! I’ve also written another guide which focuses more on filing. So if you have weaker nails be sure to go check it out!

I hope you like this guide and thank you so much for dropping by at Almond Nails!