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How To Shape Nails Step By Step

Nothing quite beats neat, elegant looking-manicured nails. And while attending a salon every week is great for this, it can be incredibly difficult to find the time in your busy schedule, not to mention how expensive it can be. That’s why knowing exactly how to shape nails step by step is such a great alternative. This article will explain how to decide on your nail shape, and then how to then shape nails step by step.

How To Shape Nails Step By Step

First off, lets start right at the very beginning.  You need to wash your hands and ensure they are clean before you file your nails. By doing this you will remove any film or oil that could disrupt your filing, or cause jagged edges or unequal sides. It goes without saying that you then need to ensure your hands are competently dry; remember Liquid has a dehydrating effect and can cause your nails to break whilst you file.

File or Clipper to Shape Nails?

The most traditional and effective way to shape nails is using a nail file. This is usually the best method as the standard nail length does not warrant other equipment. If your nails are on the longer side, you can always use a clipper to trim your nails back like Sammy Tremlin (nail art bloger at The Nailasaurus) recommends.  This way, you can use the clipper to snip your nails first, and then work on the shape with a file after – saving you a lot of time as filing alone would take forever. But be careful not to trim off too much nail – always trim a small bit at a time so that you can reach your desired length.

When choosing a nail file, you have number of options:

Glass File

Metal File

Emery Boards

We Recommend a Glass File to Shape Naked Nails

Regarding the type of file that you use, they can all be effective,  but we personally use this glass file. We love a glass file because you can nail shape with more detail due to the fine small crystals. They’re incredibly hygienic and this one even travels well. A Glass file is particularity  effective for Shaping Almond Nails.

Made from crystals, a glass file is renowned for lasting much longer and prevents the tearing of your natural nails like a metal file has been known to cause.

The extra-fine grit of a glass nail file will also give you more control and make the shaping far easier and consistent.

We Recommend a Metal File/Emery Board for Gel Nails

If you are wearing gel or acrylics and you was looking to shape, we suggest that you use a metal file emery board. As they are rougher, you will be able to remove the thicker nail much faster and more effectively.

Once you’ve filed your nails down to your required length, your next step is to decide what nail shape you’d like.

The Different Types of Nails Shapes

How To Shape Nails Step By Step

Deciding on your Nail Shapes

If you’re wondering what shape would look best you can always consider the shape of your own cuticles (curved, squared, have rounded edges?) – this is an simple way to discover what nail shape will look best.

We will know outline the most popular and traditional nail shapes and then explain how to shape nails your nails:

Square Nails

Great shape for longer nails and the most likely you will see on other women. Its functional and shouldn’t break too easily.

How To Shape Nails Step By Step

To create beautiful square nails:

Step One: Trim your nails to your desired length (if required)

Step Two: File each nail straight in one direction across your entire nail.

Step Three: To complete the square, file gently around the edges and tidy up and outlying nail.

Oval Nails

Great for growing, most-functional and less likely to break.

How To Shape Nails Step By Step

For the Oval shape,

Step One: You will want to file your nails into the shape of an egg.

Step Two: To do this grasp the nail file at an angle and work your way along until you have covered the entire circumference of your nail.

Next onto our favorite Nail shape, and the reason  behind the site, is the Almond Nail – these make your fingers look more slim.

Almond Shaped Nails

How To Shape Nails Step By Step

To shape almond nails,

Step One: Make a mark of a small circle in the middle point of your nail – you will need to file toward that mark.

Step Two: At an angle, file just off the center of your nail and be sure to leave a flat tip to round out.

Step Three: Once you’ve created an angled look by filing each side, file any rough edges to shape the nail into the almond.

Nail Maintence and Treatment

Once you’ve shaped your nails,  we recommend that you buffer them to make them glow and look rather crisp. Additionally, you can apply cuticile oil to moisterize them and prevent them from crackign and breaking. This will keep them healthy. 

Finally, be sure to file your nails every couple of weeks to keep them at the desired length. No more than this as you will cause damage! This is an important tip in doing your nails most effectively.

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