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Best Nail Color For Fat Fingers [Here Is What To Wear]

The color you decide for your nails can have a big impact on how your fingers and hands look. If you want to make them look more slender, then you may be wondering what colors are best. Here is what you need to know.

So, what is the best nail color for fat fingers? The best nail colors for fat fingers are those that elongate and extend the fingers. Those that give the illusion your fingers are longer than they are. These are typically soft, subtle, and nude colors – like a beige.

The truth is, if you can easily and accidentally make your fingers and hands look larger than they are with the wrong colors.

Its a shame.

But it does not need to be the case!

Let us now walk through some of the best nail colors to consider to prevent this from ever happening again!

What Nail Color Makes Your Fingers Look Skinnier?

The colors that make your nails look skinnier will be those that make your nails look like an extension of your fingers. Nude, light colors are best for this on all skin tones.

Nevertheless, here are the best colors to consider:


Nude colors work great on larger hands; particularly those that are similar to your skin tone.

This will enable you to blend your nails and your fingers; which has a lengthening effect.

On fair skin, a sheer pink is ideal, but a clean beige can also work well on this particular skin shade.

For olive skin, a neutral pinky beige works great, and for medium skin a sheer nude polish works particularly well.

For darker skin types, a toffee beige is an excellent choice.

A good tip is to put a small amount of polish on your skin to test before you apply!

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Another alternative would be a clear, transparent polish.. In reality, this can rarely be beaten.

If you opt for this particular color, be sure to look after your nails, push back your cuticles and remove any hangnails.

This will keep the nails tidy and help to give you the illusion you are really looking for.

Other Strategies To Elongate Your Fingers

Outside of just colors alone, there are a couple of other strategies that you can use to elongate your fingers; the nail shape you wear and through the use of certain nail art.

Let us now explore each one in a little more detail:

Nail Art

There are a number of different accessories or nail art pieces you an apply to your nails to give you a slimming affect.

It could be patterns, it could be stripes.

For these particular manicures, you can mix the colors up to make it more interesting.

Nevertheless, a nude color combination is recommended and generally works best for slimming.

Nail Shape

Of course nail shape can help too; you want to opt for an Almond, Stiletto or Oval.

Steering very far clear from square or any other shape that makes your fingers look shorter.

This will make them look more stubby.


The nail color you choose can be an easy and simple way to elongate your fingers and help them look much more slender than maybe perhaps they are.

Just keep the colors neutral.

Nude shades and natural colors will always be best.

From there, perhaps consider some patterns or stripes if you want to make it a little more interesting.

Oh, and don’t forget that some colors mean different things.

Take blue nail polish as an example – you may or may not want that association!