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What Does Blue Nail Polish Mean? [The Latest TikTok Trend]

Have you recently noticed that there has been a sudden surge in girls wearing blue nail polish? Perhaps you’ve seen the videos on TikTok. But what is the reason behind the trend and what does this mean? Here is what you are going to want to know.

So, what does blue nail polish mean? Wearing blue nail polish means you are in a relationship. Girls have been wearing this color to indicate they are not available, nor looking for love.

Now, of course, blue nail polish has been around for a long time.

It’s not always been worn for this reason.

Although, this recent trend is likely to wear younger girls are wearing this particular color.

And if you want me to be more specific, it has a lot to do with the shade of blue too.

This trend is mostly associated with light blue polish.

Why Is Blue Nail Polish Used To Indicate You Are In A Relationship?

The reason why girls use the color blue on their nails to indicate they are in a relationship is to do with guys. It is typically the color single guys will suggest when you ask them what color you should get your nails painted.

Not every time, but most of the time.

At least enough for the association, at least.

In fact, there are countless videos on TikTik of girls asking boys what color they should get.

And an overwhelming amount of them respond with “blue”!


Blue nail polish is now associated with “being unavailable” or in a relationship.

Even if that’s not why you used to wear it, to begin with. Or at least, how it has historically been worn.

But it is one of the latest trends, and ones you may want to perhaps consider if you are a single lady that wears light blue nail polish (because you like it).

That’s the power of TikTok, viral videos, and social media for you!