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What Is A Vinylux Manicure? [Everything You Will Want To Know]

Sure, for some, long-lasting nail art is a must-have. The longer the polish stays on, the better! But what if you’re the kind of person who prefers to update their look more often? If your tastes change with the wind, what’s the best manicure option for you? Enter the vinylux manicure! 

But what is a vinylux manicure? A vinylux manicure is a strong, shellac-like polish that requires no UV light to set and no terrifying drilling or harsh chemical soaks to remove. It only lasts a week, so it is a good option for people who want nails they can change up and remove on their own. Along with the polish, it’s not uncommon to include shaping and cuticle-pushing in the manicure.

Created by the masterminds behind the shellac manicure, this is a very versatile option.

Let us now explore everything you want to know about vinylux and this manicure, from the product all the way through to how much it will cost you, where you can get it done, and more!

What Does A Vinylux Manicure Include?

A vinylux manicure is usually just an application of the vinylux polish, along with nail-shaping, a soak, and cuticle-pushing. You’ll also see applications of cuticle oil in most instances.

The biggest thing that a vinylux manicure offers is the polish itself. 

While you’ll probably get a few other things on the side, this is the main reason that most people choose to get a vinylux manicure. 

You’ll have a professional apply the polish in your desired color and then allow it to dry. 

There’s no need for any UV lights or other hardeners. 

Just a few minutes of dry time before you’re on the move again. Simple and easy!

In preparing for the color coat, however, you’ll likely get a few other perks. 

One of these is likely to be having your nails shaped. In order for your nails to look their best, the salon technician will help you choose the right shape for your nails and hands, then get to work with a file.

A vinylux manicure might result in nails that aren’t your usual shape: short and square are stronger and will make your manicure last longer!

Cuticle-pushing, a soak, and applications of cuticle oil are also something you’ll normally get. 

To make sure that your nails are as healthy and strong as possible before the polish is applied, you’ll start out with a soak in warm water. 

This will sometimes contain essential oils. 

Afterward, the technician will carefully push back your cuticles. 

The last thing to be done is an application of cuticle oil or balm. It’s allowed to sit for a few minutes to really soak into the nail.

This isn’t a manicure option for someone hoping to get a lot of relaxation out of it. 

Here, you’ll get results! 

For a fast-paced environment or a quick manicure on a lunch break, you can’t beat a vinylux manicure.

How Is A Vinylux Manicure Done?

Before beginning, any existing nail polish must be removed. Afterward, fingers are soaked in lukewarm water that may contain tea tree oil or peppermint oil. You might find other oils, as well. When the soak is over, cuticles will be pushed down, and cuticle oil applied. This is allowed to soak in for a few minutes before you wash your hands. The nail is wiped thoroughly with a pad soaked in acetone (or a similar polish remover) to remove any lingering oil. A color coat is applied with no base coat, followed by a second color coat. Top coat is then applied.

A vinylux manicure is different from many others in that the application process is actually easier than the setup.

Here, you’ll find no mixing of powders, UV lights, or other tedious tools and chemicals to deal with. 

Just a color coat and a top coat, applied with a brush. Easy, right?

The setup makes it a bit more difficult. 

To start with, you must have no nail polish on your nails. 

Not even a clear coat. 

If you do, expect your salon to remove it before you begin doing anything else. 

You’ll also have your nails shaped at this step. 

A short, square shape is better at keeping your nails strong and helps to keep your polish around longer.

Once that’s done, you’ll begin with a brief soak in lukewarm water. 

This might include essential oils such as tea tree oil or peppermint oil. After that, your cuticles will be carefully pushed back with a wooden cuticle pusher. 

You shouldn’t ever allow someone to cut your cuticles! A cuticle oil is applied next, and it will be allowed to soak in for a few minutes. 

After your nails are hydrated, you need to wash your hands. 

Then, using acetone, the tech will remove any lingering oils from your nail, leaving you with the best surface for the polish to cling to.

From here, it’s as simple as applying any nail polish! There is no base coat to worry about, so you skip straight to the first color coat. 

The tech will be applying the polish in thin layers. 

You can choose for both coats to be the same color or mix them for a more in-depth look. To finish, a vinylux top coat is applied.

How Long Does A Vinylux Manicure Last?

Your vinylux manicure can last as long as a week without chipping.

If you were hoping something so simple to apply would be long-lasting, we have bad news: it isn’t. 

But, if you’re someone who likes to change up their nails frequently and was hoping it wouldn’t be too long-lasting, we have good news: it is!

Vinylux has a famously short lifespan. 

You can only go about a week before it starts chipping noticeably. 

If you’re hard on your hands, it might take even less time than that! 

Of course, if you’re hoping to update your nail art frequently, that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. 

But, if you’d prefer to keep the look a little longer, there are ways that you can stretch that week out.

First, make sure your nails are in the right shape. 

Short, square nails are better than long, thin ones for preserving this particular nail polish. 

When your nail tech shapes your nails, be sure to mention that you’d prefer this shape or something similar.

You can also reapply your vinylux polish every few days to keep it going strong. 

This will help cover any small chips and adds a layer of toughness to your polish. 

With this technique, you can expect to buy yourself a couple of days before your next application. 

Just don’t go overboard and apply too much! Remember: Layers should be thin.

The biggest tip is to be gentle on your nails while you have a vinylux manicure. 

Don’t expose them to hot water or harsh chemicals. 

Oddly enough, one thing, in particular, isn’t damaging to vinylux but is to many other manicures: the sun! 

Natural UV lights seem to make vinylux stronger.

How Much Does A Vinylux Manicure Cost?

The average salon price is approximately $10.50. This varies by location. You can also buy DIY kits and polishes for less.

Coming in at just over $10 on average, a vinylux manicure is a cheap option for someone just beginning to explore the magical world of the nail salon. 

This can vary depending on location, of course. Some salons are naturally more expensive than others, and you should always call ahead for pricing before you set your appointment. 

But you shouldn’t expect to pay a lot for a vinylux manicure.

Like any manicure, added-in extras will cost more. Some salons might charge extra for everything that isn’t the application of the polish itself. 

This means that you could pay more for cuticle-pushing, cuticle-oil, or even the essential oils in the lukewarm soak! 

Shaping, too, might be an extra cost not included in the original estimate. 

Know before you go! 

Call ahead, and ask questions. 

Get a price breakdown, if you can, so that you can be sure what is covered and what isn’t. 

Knowing what to expect when you get a vinylux manicure (or any manicure, really) is key.

One thing to note: Vinylux manicures are not expensive, but they’re also something you’ll need more frequently than other manicures. 

Factor that in if you want to get regular manicures long-term.

Want a vinylux manicure but can’t make it to a salon? No worries! CND, the makers of vinylux, have polishes and kits that can be used at home. 

Since it’s such a simple process, applying your own vinylux shouldn’t be too difficult. 

Even relative novices can manage this DIY manicure! 

Be sure to buy the top coat, as well as the color coat. 

You’ll also need to have some acetone or other nail polish remover on hand when you’re doing your nails.

Where To Get A Vinylux Manicure

You can either find a salon that offers it, or you can do it yourself at home.

Not every salon will offer vinylux manicures. 

Because of this, you’ll need to look at what salons in your area are offering. 

Calling around can help you find the right establishment for you. Even if a salon doesn’t offer vinylux, they might know of one that does, or perhaps an independent nail artist who offers them but doesn’t have a brick-and-mortar salon. 

You might even find a nail artist willing to apply them if you purchase the polish.

You can also try looking for salons that offer vinylux with a simple Google search. 

If you live somewhere away from many salons, or a rural area, you’ll probably have more luck doing this than calling an isolated local salon. 

The more salons there are in an area, the more likely you are to find one that offers vinylux manicures. 

So, don’t be afraid to do a bit of homework! The end results mean that it’s absolutely worth it.

Even if there aren’t any salons that can help, there is one more option: Doing it yourself. 

Applying a vinylux polish isn’t particularly difficult, and even the process leading up to it can be done pretty easily in the comfort of your home. 

You only need a few basic supplies, all of which can be ordered online. 

Cuticle pushers, acetone (or similar nail polish remover), cuticle oil, a vinylux color coat, and a vinylux top coat are all you really need to get the full manicure experience. 

And there’s a good chance you already have most of these things at home.

And for the Vinylux itself, just head over to Amazon for that!

How To Make Your Vinylux Manicure Last Longer

Never skip the cuticle oil, and make sure that your nails are completely clean before you begin painting. Apply a top coat regularly. Avoid harsh chemicals and hot water. Don’t avoid the sun! It can make your vinylux nail polish stronger.

When a polish is only expected to last a week, there’s definitely going to be times you want it to hang on just a bit longer. 

You’re never going to get the same wear out of vinylux as you would out of, say, acrylic. 

But you can certainly help it stick around a bit longer and look nice for its entire lifespan.

First, never skip the cuticle oil when applying the vinylux. 

It helps to ensure healthy nails, which means longer-lasting nail polish. 

On that same note, be sure that the surface of your nails is completely clean and oil-free before you begin applying a color coat. 

This gives the coat a stronger surface to adhere to, which can help prevent chipping. 

You’ll need to apply a top coat on a regular basis to keep your nails shiny and protected.

As with any manicures, you’ll also want to avoid certain things in the environment. 

Hot water is bad for nail polish of all kinds, particularly if you’re soaking your hands in it. 

If you do a lot of cleaning or just need to wash the dishes, put on some rubber gloves. 

Harsh chemicals should be avoided, as well.

One thing you shouldn’t avoid with vinylux nails? The sun! 

While the sun can damage other manicures, it actually tends to make vinylux stronger. 

So getting a bit of sun might help them last longer!


So there you have it; the versatile, quick-wearing Vinylux manicure.

Hopefully, by now, you know all you need to regarding whether it’s right for you.

Either now or in the future.

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