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What Is A Deluxe Manicure? [Everything You Need To Know]

Anything with the word “deluxe” in the name has to be more luxurious than the usual choice, right? Well, that’s certainly true of a deluxe manicure! The name itself implies luxury and relaxation, and you’ll be happy to know that it doesn’t disappoint. But what actually is it, and what is included? Let’s find out!

So, what is a deluxe manicure? A deluxe manicure is a manicure service that often includes a soak, exfoliation, cuticle pushing, and moisturizing. You’ll have your nails shaped and buffed while also receiving a relaxing massage. It is considered a more premium manicure that lasts longer and costs a little more.

There are so many things that go into making a deluxe massage such a wonderful thing!

And If you’re looking for the best of the best, you’ve found it.

Let’s now explore exactly why!

What Does A Deluxe Manicure Include?

A deluxe manicure normally involves a soak, a moisturizer, nail shaping, cuticle-pushing, massage, and exfoliation. What exactly occurs depends upon where you receive your deluxe manicure.

There are a lot of things that go into making a deluxe manicure truly “deluxe.”

While there are some things that you’re going to see in basically all salons and spas, what’s true at one isn’t necessarily true at the other.

So, before you get started, it’s always a good idea to ask about what you’re going to be receiving.

Know what to expect from the establishment that you’re at, not just in general!

For many people, the first thing that a deluxe massage offers is an assessment of your hands and nails.

This helps the technician know what your hands need and what they don’t.

This is excellent since it means that you won’t be getting just the “standard” that they give everyone.

They treat you as an individual and work with the nails and hands that you have, rather than doing what normally works for others.

After this, you might have a soak, though this is more common in pedicures than manicures.

This can include exfoliation of the skin, which is also something you’ll find more often in pedicures.

However, some businesses offer this for manicures, as well.

Once that’s over, you’ll normally have a moisturizing mask applied to your hands.

Special attention is applied to moisturizing your nails.

They might use a cream or cuticle oil to really hydrate your nails.

From here, your hands often go into heated mittens for a while to let the creams and oils do their work.

If you’re going to have nail-shaping and cuticle-pushing, this will likely happen before your hands are put into the mittens.

The technician will begin shaping your nails into what you’ve decided upon, carefully cutting and filing.

Cuticles are pushed back to allow for better growth. Sometimes, a cuticle gel or oil will be reapplied, sometimes not. 

A massage will often follow this.

It can include just your hands or your entire forearm. This is often one of the most relaxing parts of the entire manicure.

If you have your heart set on a massage as part of a deluxe manicure, call ahead and be sure that it’s available.

A polish of your choice, often with nail oil, is the last step of the deluxe manicure.

You’ll get to choose your polish color and often what type of polish it is.

What Is The Difference Between A Standard Manicure And A Deluxe Manicure?

A deluxe manicure is more involved than a standard one. It includes things such as cuticle-pushing and massage, which aren’t often included in a standard manicure. A deluxe is also more expensive and takes more time, making it something that you can’t indulge in as frequently.

The word “deluxe” is a dead giveaway as to the difference between a deluxe manicure and a standard one.

The very name screams the difference: More!

More luxury, more attention, more relaxation.

For someone wanting to be as pampered as possible, a deluxe manicure can’t be beaten.

It’s the best way to end up with beautiful hands and nails while also getting the experience of being in a spa.

That isn’t to say that a standard doesn’t have its perks.

For one, it’s something that you can fit into a busy schedule. Because there is so much involved with a deluxe manicure, you can be hard-pressed to find time to actually sit through one.

But a standard manicure? You can get one of those on a lunch break if you plan correctly.

They’re the best choice for a little pick-me-up during the week when your schedule is packed, but you want a little me time.

Of course, this means doing without many of the little luxuries that a deluxe manicure provides.

With a standard, you aren’t likely to get cuticle-pushing, exfoliation, prolonged soaks, or multiple moisturizing masks applied to your skin.

In-depth nail analysis and shaping probably aren’t going to happen, either.

You may or may not receive a massage, but it will likely be limited to your hands and not include your arms at all.

These differences mean that you might enjoy both of them at different times.

If you’re someone with a career to worry about, a standard manicure once a week or so should be all that’s needed to keep your hands and nails looking nice.

And it’s easy to carve out the small amount of time that you’ll be spending at the salon.

For a deluxe manicure, you can simply wait until you’ve managed to secure a day off or choose to schedule an appointment for one of your vacation days so that you can truly sit back and enjoy being pampered.

How Long Does A Deluxe Manicure Take?

A deluxe manicure will take at least a full hour. It can possibly take longer, depending on the services offered and the speed of the technician. If you add in a matching pedicure, you’ll double this time. You can cut down on time spent waiting by making an appointment first.

So, how long does it take to get this level of service?

The answer: not as long as you think, but still longer than a standard manicure.

Because you’ll be receiving a lot of service from your technician, you’ll likely have their undivided attention as they work.

The general rule is that the more services you’re given, the longer the process will take.

If you don’t need your cuticles pushed, or your hands don’t need extensive moisturizing, you’re probably going to be out sooner than someone who needs this and more.

But that isn’t necessarily a good thing. After all, you’re here to relax!

Why should it be over so soon?

That’s what makes a deluxe manicure such a great thing: 

You get to take the time to breathe.

A lot of this is also down to the salon or spa itself. A salon is more likely to be working at a moderate, or even brisk, speed.

They’re trained to get the job done well, get it done quickly, and move on. A spa is different.

They’re all about relaxation and taking it easy. If you’re looking for a place to really kick back and relax, with no worries about time, see if your local spa offers a manicure service.

Some do, though it is more common at resorts.

There’s one way to really cut back on the time, particularly the time spent waiting: Calling ahead.

While many places will take walk-ins, for the fastest service, you need an appointment.

Instead of just hoping that a tech will be available during your lunch break, be sure by calling days in advance or even longer.

Appointments that are booked will almost always receive priority by any business, salons included.

Don’t let lack of planning ruin your manicure!

Pick up the phone and call ahead so that you can be there for a scheduled appointment.

Walk-ins might be welcome, but they’ll always come dead last!

How Much Does A Deluxe Manicure Cost?

A deluxe manicure will cost you between a frugal $30 and a posh $120. The total cost ultimately depends on where you receive your manicure. When you get one done at a salon, you’ll receive a price on the lower end. At a spa or resort, they will likely be a lot more expensive. 

So. for the rates as they apply to you, call around the businesses that offer them in your area.

There’s a pretty wide difference in cost when it comes to a deluxe manicure. 

For some, it barely costs more than a standard manicure. For others, it’s about four times as much as a standard.

The reason that these prices are so unreliable is because of the people performing the service.

You can receive a deluxe manicure in either a salon or a spa. When you choose a salon, you’re likely going to get one of the cheaper price tags.

You can bank on something around $30 to $60 for a deluxe manicure at a local salon.

But, for a spa, things change. More aptly, things become more expensive.

That’s because they’re going to be taking their time, and you’ll be paying for the atmosphere, not just the manicure.

But that atmosphere can be worth a lot of money.

A service you might otherwise receive for less than $60 will suddenly cost twice as much, with some manicures costing $120 or even more.

Because of this, a deluxe manicure isn’t something many people will be enjoying on a consistent basis.

It can be far too expensive to deal with weekly. However, if you do want to make it a normal part of your nail care routine, then you’ll want to find a salon that you like and stick to it.

You’ll be less likely to spend money on nothing but dimmed lights and faint music.

There are other ways to save money if you’re careful. Many spas offer group packages that cost less per person.

Finding a group of people willing to go with you might take some of the financial burden off of your shoulders.

You might also try staying local so that traveling expenses can be as minimum as possible.

Find a salon on your normal commute, and you won’t even use up any extra fuel!

Where To Get A Deluxe Manicure

Deluxe manicures are offered in salons, spas, and resorts. You can find them there, or you can even hire a tech to come to your home to provide your service there. Expect to pay what’s fair, depending on the location.

Where can you get a deluxe manicure? Your first bet should be a salon.

Many local salons, even small ones, offer a deluxe manicure for their customers.

This isn’t the same relaxing environment as, say, a spa, but it’s a great local choice when you’re looking to pamper yourself a little.

Here, you’ll be surrounded by familiar faces as you sit back and relax.

These are more likely to be people that have worked on your nails before, so you can be sure about the establishment’s quality.

You’re also likely to be in and out faster, making it a good choice for someone looking to finish the manicure and go about their day.

Some spas also offer these manicures.

It’s not as common as a salon, but you can find some that have it on their menu of options.

Here, you’ll be spending more time just sitting around and relaxing.

The environment won’t be full of hustle-and-bustle; it will be relaxed and sedated so that you don’t have to get wound up over anything at all.

This does come at a price, however, so be prepared to pay for this extra tranquility.

If you’re on vacation at a resort, or onboard a cruise ship with a resort or spa available, a deluxe manicure might be something you could look into.

While they’re not guaranteed to be available, many resorts provide them as part of a package.

You can call and ask about what is included, how much you can expect to pay, and when you can schedule an appointment.

There is one other option: Have it done at home! Some enterprising nail techs have begun offering service that comes to you.

If you know somebody doing this, then ask if they can perform a deluxe manicure. You won’t even have to leave your house!


Deluxe by name, deluxe by nature.

So, if you are really looking to treat yourself or a special someone, this is the manicure for you.

Hopefully, by now, you know everything you need to, so make some inquiries and go and spoil yourself or that special someone!  

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