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What Is A Pink And White Manicure? [Everything You Need To Know]

Visited a nail salon only to notice a pink and white manicure being advertised? Or been recommended it? Not sure whether to get one, what is included, and whether it is right for you? Not to worry; you’ve come to the right place. Today, I’ll be outlining all you need to know about this particular type of manicure. 

So what is a pink and white manicure? A pink and white manicure, or French manicure, is just that: a manicure consisting of a pink base with a white tip, resembling a very pretty “natural” nail. These often include fake tips to lengthen the nail. This is often what the “pink and white” refers to. 

This is the classic manicure.

It’s a timeless style that’s not going away anytime soon. 

More commonly referred to as the “French manicure,” this is a classy manicure option that suits everything from Fortune 500 board rooms to a church on Sunday to a steamy date night. 

This is the manicure choice for those who want to be able to rock their look wherever they go and always have it fit in.

So let us now take a much closer look at everything you need to know about this particular service.

What Does A Pink And White Manicure Include?

In most salons, it consists of the traditional “French tips” manicure: a nude or pink base polish with white tips. Often, the tips are artificial to lengthen the nail. Shaping and cuticle-pushing may sometimes be included but aren’t required. Different salons may offer different options.

While different salons will offer different things as part of their manicure package, we’ll go with the most common type: a basic pink and white manicure. 

There isn’t a lot of frills with this one. 

Most salons don’t include a lot of extras, such as massages and scrubs, though some will. 

We’ll assume that you’re getting the bare-bones variety.

How the manicure itself is done depends on the type of polish that your salon will be using. 

Because this manicure is mainly characterized by the colors, not the actual type, there are many ways that you can get French tips. 

Whatever the case, you can count on a soak in lukewarm water (or even something like milk or olive oil), then an application of cuticle oil before the polish is added.

In this case, you’re likely going to have your nails shaped. 

From there, you’ll have a base coat put on, followed by a color coat in a nude or pink. 

The tips are almost always false, usually acrylic, though not always. For it to be a pink and white manicure, there must be artificial tips. 

Whatever your tips are made of, they will be painted white. 

That’s where the “pink and white manicure” name comes from!

Now, other things might be included in this package. 

As with other manicures, it’s common for cuticle pushing and nail shaping to be a normal part of the process. 

You might even luck out and get a salon that does the entire forearm massage, followed by a sugar scrub. 

If you do, lucky! 

If you don’t, you can still walk away with fantastic nails. 

Massages and scrubs are nice, but they’re not a requirement for a killer French manicure!

How Much Does A Pink And White Manicure Cost?

Most salons will charge an extra $10 or so for a French manicure. If the average manicure is $25, a French manicure will be $35. Acrylics are, on average, $35-$45. Pink and white acrylics can be expected to cost approximately $45-$50, or even more. It depends upon the salon and the type of manicure.

Pink and white manicures always cost more than the standard option that you’re choosing. 

If you’re getting pink and white on your natural nail as part of a manicure, you’re going to pay more than if you chose a basic polish. 

The same is true for acrylics. You will always pay extra for the French manicure look that you’re going for.

The average price is about $10 more than the service that you’re choosing. 

So, if your basic manicure costs $25, one that includes pink and white polish will be expected to be roughly $35. 

This is just an average, of course. 

You should always double-check with your salon before you decide exactly how much money you should be prepared to spend. 

Some might charge more, others less. You won’t know until you ask!

There are some options that are cheaper than others. 

When it comes to a salon, the pink and white manicure that is the most affordable is the basic kind, without any tips or false nails. 

It won’t look as good, particularly if your nails aren’t very long. But it is affordable and looks natural. 

There are at-home options and many different varieties of French tip kits on drugstore shelves and online. 

They run the gamut of decent to laughably bad. You’ll always get what you pay for.

The best choice is to get the basic French tips.

It might cost a little extra, but the quality and beauty will make the extra $10 or so worth it in the end.

Why Are Pink And White Nails More Expensive?

Pink and white manicures are more expensive because they require more talent, more product, and more overall effort. You’ll also need the pink and white nail extensions.

When things take more effort and product, they’re going to cost more. 

It’s simple, right? 

Still, many people can’t wrap their head around why something that seems as natural as French tips cost more than painting your nails a neon orange. 

It can sometimes seem like it should cost less to go natural, not more.

The first thing to understand is that, though the pink and whites look more natural, they aren’t actually natural. 

It takes a talented nail technician to get the nails to look as natural as they do. 

This look doesn’t hide flaws as readily as others, so it has to be done very carefully. 

A steady hand and a keen eye are required here.

This look also tends to require more products. 

While a normal manicure might only need a base coat, color coat, and top coat, a pink and white manicure requires at least two different colors, along with the base and top coat. 

If you want to include tips (such as the all-important pink and whites) or false nails, as most people do, even more products are needed for the final look. And more products mean a higher cost.

It also takes a lot of skill and time to get the perfectly polished look of French tips. 

As we said before, there are no disguising flaws. You have to do it perfectly, or you have to start again. 

This means that only nail artists with a lot of skill can apply these. That means paying for that person’s time and efforts. 

With every step, you’ll be paying just a bit more.

There are ways to cut back on costs. However, there’s a caveat: You’ll also cut back on quality. 

Nails that you do yourself will never look as beautiful or refined as those done by a nail artist. 

You’d do better to find a middle-ground nail artist than try to find a deal at the drugstore nail aisle.

Where To Get A Pink And White Manicure

You can get a pink and white manicure at almost every salon. Call ahead to be sure, but you’ll find that most places offer them. Independent nail artists also frequently offer this selection. You can even find at-home kits, though they aren’t on the same level as a salon.

Luckily, French manicures, along with pink and whites, can be found at almost every salon.

It’s one of the most popular types of manicure, so you’re more likely to find a nail salon that offers it. 

Calling around can help you find a business that offers this service. But you should also call around to review prices. 

With a lot of competition, some salons move heaven and earth to stand out from the crowd. 

And this can mean extra services or savings!

You can also get this service from independent nail artists. 

Normally hired for events such as weddings, these professionals are usually well-versed on how to do pink and white manicures. 

If you’re looking for a new look for an event, or don’t mind paying that little bit extra, then this might be the best choice for you. 

You’ll have your nail tech all to yourself, and you’ll be able to get your nails done outside of a strong-smelling salon.

The last option is probably the worst: You can do it yourself. There are DIY kits available for both standard French manicures, as well as pink and white manicures. 

Some are very cheap; some are more expensive. None are as good as a salon. 

This isn’t something to trust a big occasion to. 

It’s better to go to a salon than it is to try to do it yourself with a cheap drugstore kit.

How Long Does A Pink And White Manicure Last?

Your pink and whites should last about 4 or 5 weeks before they need to be refilled.

Once they’re applied, pink and whites tend to last for a long time. 

While other manicures might be gone by the end of the week, pink and whites can make it until the end of the month, and even beyond that! 

It isn’t out of the question for them to last for as long as 5 weeks, and, with normal wear and tear, they should certainly last at least 4. 

After that, or after they begin to look worse for wear, you should head back to the salon to get them refilled.

Again, you’ll get what you pay for with your manicure. The better-done the nails are, the longer that they’ll last. 

Enough cheap kits to give you a month’s worth of pink and whites might be more expensive than just having them done at the local salon.

It’s usually worth paying a little more, in the beginning, to get more out of your manicure later on. And nothing is quite as long-lasting as a salon manicure.

You should also take care not to be too rough with your nails, as that can shorten the lifespan of your manicure. 

Try not to bang them against things or use your nails as tools. Both of these can cause your manicure to chip, and you’ll have to head in for a refilling early. 

At the same time, avoid harsh chemicals and hot water. These can damage your manicure.

By taking care of your manicure, you can be sure that it will last the full month or even longer than it was intended to last.

How To Make A Pink And White Manicure Last Longer?

Choose a quality salon, make sure that the application is done correctly, avoid chemicals, avoid the sun, avoid hot water, and avoid being rough on your nails.

Since pink and white manicures can be more expensive, it makes sense to try and make them last longer. 

The good news? It’s absolutely possible! 

With a little extra tender loving care, your nails can last longer than ever before.

First, start off strong. Make sure that you’re getting quality work done at a quality salon.

It doesn’t have to break the bank, but it should have reliably good work and plenty of good reviews. 

While you’re there, watch how they apply your nails. Does it follow the instructions that you’d read about? 

Are they careful to be sure not to hurt your nails? If so, you’re on your way to long-lasting pink and whites!

Once you’re home, you’ll want to look out for household hazards. Strong chemicals, such as those used for cleaning, can cause real problems with your nails. 

The same can be said about hot water. 

If you’re going to be dealing with either, be sure that you’re wearing gloves. There’s one more place you might consider wearing gloves: 


Sometimes, the sunlight can cause problems with nails.

You should also be careful with how you use your nails. 

With pink and whites, you shouldn’t be using your nails as a tool. 

Instead, use the pads of your fingers. 

Take care not to let your nails bump or scrape against surfaces that could mar the polish. 

Whatever you do, don’t pick at the polish yourself if it starts to chip!


So that’s a pink and white manicure; an elegant, natural-looking option for you certainly consider.

And the fact that they are available in most, if not all, salons and do not cost that much more, on average, they are a real possibility for you.

If you so wish, of course.

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