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How To Choose An Electric Nail File [Factors To Consider]

How do you choose the best electric nail file for yourself? If you’re curious about the answer to this question, then keep reading to learn everything you should know about picking the right one out.

Electric nail files are also known as electric nail drills. Whatever you personally call them, I’m going to offer you plenty of insight and advice on how to get not just a great model, but one that is specifically great for your circumstances, needs, and budget.

You might be familiar with the models that professionals use in salons. Fortunately, there are home versions of many of these models so you can get salon-quality results in the comfort of your own home for a fraction of the price.

Here, I’m going to cover what these machines do, the specific factors you should be mindful of, and how to select a good brand. Let’s drill down to what you need to know!

Trying to select the best electric nail drill can be a daunting task considering how many of them are available on the market.

What you should first focus on is the features common to them.

That will help you figure out what they can do, as well as being able to ascertain the differences between them.

What Do Electric Nail Drills Do?

You might know that your nail technician at the salon uses one every time you go in. However, do you really know what it does?

In short, these are just electric tools that replace manual files.

If you’ve never used an electric one before, then I promise you’ll be quite delighted in seeing how effective one is in keeping your nails professionally tidy.

They work for both acrylic and natural nails, although they do get used a bit more frequently for acrylics.

Depending on the specific model, they can do far more for you. Some can repair cracks that occur in acrylic, and others can sand your nails in order to get them ready for a full set of artificial nails.

You can use them for the removal of calluses or other rough spots that are on your hands and feet.

You can also use them to remove any lifted acrylic if you file down the regrown acrylic prior to a refill.

As always, use these electric nail drills to shape, smooth, and even buff natural nails and to fix cuticles.

When an electric drill for nails is powered up, it turns at high speeds and does all the filing for you.

Using a standard or manual nail file means going back and forth, but here, the spinning head does everything for you.

That might take some time for you to get used to it, but nail drill sets targeted at beginners give you all you need to learn and get proficient with their use.

What Kind Of Nails Do You Have?

Are you planning on using an electric nail file for acrylics, natural, nails, or even both?

This is the first of many considerations I think you take into account, as it can determine what kind of electric file set you wind up buying.

Electric nail drills are equipped with a variety of different bits, which all do specific things, be it shaping or buffing.

They also come in a variety of power levels. More power usually means more expense, but it also means they can easily shape acrylic nails.

Feel The Power

The number of revolutions per minute, also known as RPMs, is something else I urge you to consider.

Some of the higher-rated models land between 20,000 up to 30,000 RPMs. That’s a good range for acrylic nails giving the power necessary to cut through them.

Even if you’re not sure you need to go that high, there’s a good argument for it.

Your car probably can do 100 MPH or more. You don’t drive at that speed all the time, but the power is great when you’re going up a mountain.

If you’re only going to be using an electric drill for your natural nails, then you get a chance to save some money.

Natural nails need far less power so you can get a model that does 10,000 RPMs, or even less.

Are There Forward And Reverse Modes?

Doing refills and manicures is going to mean needing to work in both forward and reverse. This lets you work in a variety of different directions without having to hold your hand in some really twisted positions.

Is The Variety of Nail Drill Machines Broad Enough for You?

This can be a tricky balancing act. If you’re a beginner in terms of electric files, then you don’t want to drown yourself in a multitude of tools you’ll never use. Then again, you want to have enough options to get things done.

The first thing that you should look for is a bit size of 3/32″. That’s not hard to find since it’s the industry standard for most models.

The reason it’s helpful because if you ever need to replace the electric file you get, you can do and still keep your bits.

Here is a list of other parts I consider important enough for even a starter set to have:

  • Natural Nail Bit: This kind of bit is usually made out of a material that’s either rubber or like it. Shaped like a cylinder, it’s useful in the removal of dead cuticles and also buffing natural nails so you can later add artificial nails.

  • Barrel Carbide Bits: There should be both a small one and a large one. Use these to shape acrylic nails, thin their surfaces, and shorten them. You can also use them to make backfilling cuts.

  • Pedicure Bit: These have materials and shapes designed for the removal of hard spots and calluses near your toenails.

  • Under-Nail Cleaner Bit: This is a thin and distinctly shaped bit which helps shape and clean the underside of your nail.

  • Ball/Round-Tip Bits: Use these from trimming the edges of your cuticles.

How Often Will You Use Your Electric Nail Drill?

How frequently you’ll use your tool should determine how much money you sink into it.

Salons use high-end professional models because they use them all day long on many people.

If it’s just you, a few times a week, you don’t need to do that. Then again, splurging an extra $20 can give you something more durable.

Choose a Nail Machine With Low Vibration

If you are a shop owner (also maybe a nail techie), you will be using these machines for an extended period of time while working on your clients’ hands and toes.

So it’s obvious that you need compatibility if you want to work for a long time while holding a tool with more than 3000 rpm speed.

Because in this profession patience and precision is of utmost importance.

One of the most important factors to look for while choosing any nail machine is their vibration output.

The lower is their vibration the better will be your work time.

Furthermore, vibration doesn’t only cause sweat in your hand but can also damage the nails of your client thus leading to bad customer satisfaction which undoubtedly is a nightmare for any business owner.

Look for Better Grip

It’s quite common to get sweaty hands while using any type of drill because first, they vibrate and second they release heat due to the friction. Combine both of them and you get swept on your palms.

Now, the only possible way to have better control on your device while your hands are soaked in sweat ran your drill has proper gripping on it.

Today you can find various nail machines which come with either rubber grips or with contours carved on the body of the machine.

In either case, you will have better control but you will feel more comfortable with those drills which have rubber grips.

Do You Want To Deal With A Cord?

A corded model will always be plugged in so it won’t quit in the middle of the manicure, whereas a cordless model (portable nail drill) might only last an hour or so before needing hours to recharge.

Cordless models don’t always last long enough for acrylic work. The batteries also make them more expensive and heavier to hold, which can impact your comfort level holding the unit.

Is The Warranty Right?

Look at the warranty of any model you consider buying. You’ll see that they range from around 90 days up to multiple years. The peace of mind that your purchase is protected can be worth it.

Where’s Your Budget At?

You don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars, even if you could. A good starter model nail drill can be purchased for between $40 and $100.

Click here to visit my Best Nail Drill Buyers Guide to help find the best options currently available on Amazon.

Important Note: Always Maintain Proper Hygiene

Every male techie must remember that hygiene is the most important of all. You should never be in too much a hurry to neglect proper hygiene as it can cause serious infections.

According to a study conducted by Robert Spalding, around 75% of nail salons in the United States alone don’t sterilize their tools properly.

This is a serious issue because no one knows what he is 75% of individuals may suffer in the future.

Using nail drills can be fun but it’s necessary for you to sterilize them after every usage no matter how busy you are your shop is.

One of the best and most efficient way to sterilize your tools is to use acetone.

Some of the nail drill bits come with manufacturer guidelines on how to sterilize them properly.

It’s quite common to soak the bits in acetone or any other chemical for at least 20 to 30 minutes to properly dissolve the date particles are better to say tissues in the bits.

After 20 to 30 minutes all you need to do is wipe them with clean clothe and let them dry naturally.

In Conclusion

Now that you’ve read all this, you know what electric nail drills do and what you should look for in picking one out.

If you’re still wondering why you’d even consider one over a salon, think about how much cheaper buying an electric nail file once costs versus all the trips you might make to a salon.

Two of the cheapest salon manicures can be more than an entry-level model. Also, a home model you keep sanitized is likely to be far more hygienic and safer for your immune system.

Once you use all these factors to shorten your list of potential models, you still have to just choose one.

I’ve written a comprehensive Best Nail File Buyers Guide to help you get the best for your money. Hopefully, you’ll have the best electric nail drill for you after it’s all said and done.