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30 of the Hottest & Must Have Almond Nail Designs for [year]

If you’re looking for Almond Nail Designs then you have come to the right place!

Here you will be able to look through my personal favorites and my well-researched curated list.

Here, you will only find the most creative of designs that you can try to replicate yourself at home; or request at your next visit to the salon.

I’ve spent time looking across all the options so you do not have to. You’ll find those that meet every occasion.

So without further ado, onto the list!

The Definitive List of Almond Nail Designs

Beautiful Blue

Best Almond Nail Design

The first Almond Nails on our list comes from our Editor herself. We thought we’d start this article with a celebratory glass. 

This simple blue is subtle but radiates elegance. Also, these are shellac almond nails.

These can be particularly useful if you plan on growing your nails but still want to look the part whilst they grow.

Pink Sparkles

Pink and Sparkles Design

The transition between the pink and the glitter goes so well with the almond shape!

You can personalize this design by changing either the base color (pink) or the glitter color, depending on your preference or event.

This will really accentuate your nails. You also have the ability to edit the ordering between the base color and glitter. But remember – less is more!

Gorgeous Glitter Feature

Gorgeous Glitter Design

For some people, having a number of colors can look tasteless. For others, it can look mesmerizing!

Learn what works with your skin tone and the colors that go best with it. Like these almond nails above, if you have tanned skin, darker colors seem to work particularly well.

Using the sparkle version of the color on the ring fingers is a wonderful way to make your ring stand out!

Be Creative

Floral Almond Nails

Your nails do not need to be an abstract color or glittery or a mix of the two.

Depending on your level of nail art skill, you can apply (or get others to) unique and jaw-dropping designs.

You can see that the artist has spent some time on the design above, but it has paid dividends.

The poppies over a dark black work really well together, bringing out the fine detail of the flower. A great set of creative nails.

Be Unique

Unique Deisgn

This almond nail design is very unique in nature and you do not see many with it.

The contrast between the light blue and black cuticles really makes the design pop whilst the central line provides a more rounded aspect.

Glittered Tips

Glittered Design

The use of the glitter tip is really quite something with these Almond Nails.

The remaining plain nail gives it even more prominence. It’s completely sassy, and that’s why we love it!

It can be quite difficult to pull off so make sure you know exactly what you are doing before you get started!

The Eggsellent Design

Eggshell design

We might have just had Easter, but that doesn’t mean Easter wont come around again!

Why not design your nails for the occasion by making use of several bright and light colors.

This Easter Egg design has us inspired to try it out for next year!

Classy Shine

This design is perfect if you want almond nails that will work with most outfits but want more excitement.

The use of glitter really helps these nails stand out. Plus, the combination of white and pink makes this design extra playful!

Add Some Crystals

Crystal Nail Design

Adding some crystals is an easy and surefire way to give that 3D effect and look.

Just like the design above, be selective on your crystal placement.

We like the way the crystals have been applied just to one nail and make them look even more impressive. 

Just make sure you or your salon have all the materials required for these almond nails before you begin!

Orange is the New Black

Orange Nails

Orange is one of those colors that doesn’t suit everyone nor every occasion.

But if you get the right shade, like in the design above, it can look like the real deal.

It’s a color that is not usually used, so it makes a great change from the traditional color sets.

Go Tribal

Tribal almond nail designs have become very popular of late, and many who are interested in fashion like to wear them.

There are many types of Tribal Designs, and you can even get your nails painted to match.

Our design above is one of the most stunning we have been able to find, but a quick search of “Almond Nail Tribal” in Pinterest will provide you with many alternatives.

As these almond nails are tricky, you would need to be quite the artist to pull them off yourself at home.

Therefore, it may be easier to go to a Salon. We suggest you take a photo of the design you want so that the nail technician will know exactly what you are after.

Cool Toned Pallett

Some of the most creative nails on the list. This nail design is great because it makes use of three colors that go really well together.

And because of this, its not too over-complicated. 

When trying this design yourself, you’ll want to be really selective on your colors and the ordering; put too many together or in the wrong order and this can become quite overwhelming.

Brilliant Black

Brilliant Black Almond Nails

There is something rather sexy about the color black on nails.

Despite the darkness, it looks sleek and stylish.

It’s also quite the fashion statement. It also looks really classy just having the Matt black color without the need for any other colors/effects.

Black Glitter Fade

Black Glitter Fade

Carrying on with our Black Almond Nails theme, we also couldn’t ignore this design above.

It’s not too much, and the gold glitter just finishes it off.

We also recommend, just like in the picture above, you use top polish. This  top coat will ensure your nails have a polished, glossy finish.

Add Some Text

Add some Text

Whilst the bow and the love heart really stand out in this design, there’s no denying how striking the word love is.

We really like this design, it’s relatively unique and you don’t see it too often.

What’s more, is that you can simply type the text to any word that you like; whether something personal or more standard like the word love.

Either way, your almond nails will look great.

Luna Cycle

Try the Moon

If you or your nail technician at your salon can pull this off, then you/they have done a great job!

Whilst the possibilities to add images are endless, this design focuses on the moon and the eclipse.

It’s incredibly impressive and the black/white contrast is striking. We liked this one a lot.

Wishful White

Wishful White Idea

We’ve included some impressive almond nails but now its time for some which are based on white.

Whilst incredibly simple, its a design that will never go out of fashion. Its a very tidy and clean look, and the white will make your nails pop.

Because it is basic it is likely that you’ve never tried it before. So do yourself a favor and give it a go, you will be very satisfied.

Marble & Red

Try Marble and Red

Red and White just pair well. 

It’s as simple as that.

Even more so when the red is subtle, and the white has that bit extra. Just like this design above.

The gold-plated bar on the backdrop of the marble white just screams out class. Give this one a try and you’ll be sure to get some heads turning.

Turquoise Pop

I love the Turquoise design

The color turquoise is not for everyone, so you may or may not like these on your own nails.

But if the color works for you, we suggest you give this almond nails style a chance.

These almond nails are particularly great for bright summer days.

Yay for Yellow

Yellow Nails

Another underappreciated color makes our list at number 20.

This design is just so easy to replicate on your own nails and really looks the part.

Yellow is another color that suits the warmer months. – you wouldn’t want these in the winter!

Floral Green

Floral Idea

This is the second Floral design on our almond nails list and for good reason; we expect the floral design to be huge over the upcoming year.

Combining the pink with this light green really seems to work; particularly when only 3 colors have been used in total.

Moreover, you have many options as to how many floral nails you paint – having this interchangeable style or just having one nail, etc.

Nail Love

Heart Tips

One of the easiest designs to do on our list but also one of the most exciting.

All you would need to do is paint your nails a light pink to cover the base.

From there you just need to replicate the heart shape using a prominent red. Let them dry and you’ve got yourself these stunning nails.

Purple Shine

It’s hard to really describe what this nail design actually is.

But it looks great nonetheless. The simple but edgy shine gives this design an added edge.

Better yet, you could replicate this using any color as the base.

We recommend a darker color to keep the shine and to keep the contrast, however, this is a great design to experiment with. We will leave this with you.

Pink Ink

Almond Nail Design

The way the metallic grey has been applied to this nail gives off a dripping ink look and feel to the design.

It’s really cool and looks very effective against the pink.

By mixing up the positioning of the metallic grey from the bottom of the nail to the top you get a more effective design.

Beige Patterns

Beige Patterns

This is another design for the nail artist but the choice of colors is immaculate.

It’s one of those designs you would just want to replicate with the exact pattern and the exact colors. 

A little tricky to pull off but worth it if you or your nail technician can.

Trio of Blue

Trio Design

What we particularly like about this almond nail design is the number of different styles combined together. You have the subtle color, with the pattern, with the glitter.

The choice of colors makes this nail design light and refreshing.

Purple Feathers

Purple Feathers

Another image almond nails design, this time with a purple feather.

The artist behind this design has used a fine nail brush to create the effect of the feather, whilst seamlessly transitioning the feather into the white base color. Very well done.

Golden Spots

Golden Spots

The circle spots of white and gold really work well on the almond nail’s shape.

Having the larger circles towards the nail cuticle, and leaving the circles away from the nail tip is recommended just as shown in the design above.

Half and Half

half and half

Who said you have each nail in one set style, why not go half and half Almond Nails?

This design is the perfect illustration of that and just goes to show that the glitter finish can work very well alongside a more solid color.

We really like the pink/silver combo, so suggest you give this a go!

Christmas Nails

Christmas Design

We just had to finish our list of almond nail designs with one specifically for Christmas. Its a fitting way to round off.

The design above seems to capture the best of Christmas, from Candy Canes to Snowflakes.

Pull the Almond Nails off at Christmas and you’ll gain plenty of plaudits.

Over To You

This article has provided you with some of the best almond nail designs.

Whilst this list is pretty extensive, with a range of styles to suit preferences, proficiency, and budget, there are thousands of more possibilities for you and your almond nails.

The best thing about this creative nail list is that you can even use them as inspiration and experiment a little. So, over to you.

If you’re not quite sure how to shape this nail yourself, then be sure to visit our how-to guide here.

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