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What Is A Double French Manicure? [All You Need To Know]

The French manicure has topped the list of popular nail trends for decades, and for good reason. This classic, sleek, minimalist nail art design has stood the test of time. However, the French manicure has been shaken up with the arrival of the double manicure trend.

But, what is a double French manicure? Instead of one white arch at the tip of your nails, the double French manicure boasts two arches. Giving the French manicure a stunningly simple updated twist.

But if you are just thinking of the traditional nude and white collar combo, think again.

The double French mani is fresh and bold and comes in all colors of the rainbow.

The only limit to this modern nail art design is your imagination!

If you want to find out more about this bold new nail trend, keep reading.  

What Does A Double French Manicure Consist Of?

The double French manicure is a really simple way of giving your regular manicure a bold twist, and it takes very few extra steps than the traditional French mani. 

Perfect for any nail application – acrylic, gel, dip powder, and even traditional nail varnish designs – the double French manicure appointment won’t take much longer than any of your previous nail salon visits. 

The only difference you’ll notice during your monthly beauty salon trip is that when it comes to painting your nail tips, your beautician will take an extra 2 minutes or so to paint an extra tip arch just above your traditional French manicure tip.

Is that it? Yup, it is indeed. Who knew that creating a bold and fresh nail look required no extra time at all?

And your double-tipped French mani can come in a variety of different styles. 

You can go for a single-colored double arch with a gap between, or even go for contrasting colors.

Perhaps you love the double arch look but don’t quite love the gap in between. 

Choose alternate colors and keep your arches snug and close together.

Another double French manicure trend that’s really popular at the moment is to top and tail your arches.

So, as well as your traditional French mani tip, you paint a mirror image arch along your cuticle line as well.

How Long Do Double French Manicures Last?

On average, you can expect a double French manicure to last from 1 week to 6 weeks. The actual design of a French manicure doesn’t affect how long it will last but rather the method of your nail application and how kind you are to your hands after they have been finished.

Here’s a list of the most popular nail applications and roughly how long they can last on average.

  • Acrylic nails – 4-8 weeks
  • Gel nails – 2 weeks
  • Dip Powder nails – 2-5 weeks
  • Press on nails – up to one week
  • Nail varnish – 1-2 weeks
  • Nail stickers/wraps – 5-7 days

Factors That Can Influence The Longevity Of A Double French Manicure 

Now, the thing to remember when it comes to your nails is that they only last this long, sometimes even longer, if you care for them properly.

Some things you may be doing daily can actually cause your nails to break, lift, or fall off entirely. 

Water Contact

If you spend a lot of time with your hands in water, this can severely affect the staying power of your double manicure nail art. 

Now, it’s impossible to avoid contact with water all the time, especially if it’s part of your job, such as a hairdresser who will be regularly washing their clients’ hair.

However, wearing rubber gloves whenever you have your hands in water for a prolonged period can help to reduce the risk of ruining your nails. 

As for bathing, as long as you are not soaking your hands in the tub for an hour-long, your nails should be just fine but keep your baths and showers short and sweet if you want to get the most life out of your double manicure nails.

Harsh Chemicals

It’s no secret that harsh chemicals, even those you use to clean your home, can be pretty nasty if they come in contact with your skin. The same goes for your nails. 

If you have forked out close to $100 on a beautiful set of double French manicured nails, the last thing you want is for them to be defeated by your weekly toilet bleaching and for them to fall off before they got a night out. 

The best piece of advice I have for you would be to avoid harsh chemicals coming into contact with your fresh nails as much as possible.

If it’s not something you can avoid completely, make sure you are wearing a good quality pair of rubber gloves. This not only keeps your nails safe but also your hands. 

Badly Prepped Natural Nails

The state your natural nails are in and how they are prepped before your brand new double French manicure is applied will influence the length of their life span. 

The healthier your natural nails are, the better base they will provide your double French manicure with. Some things you can do to keep your natural nails are:

  • Eat a healthy protein-rich diet
  • Take a multi-vitamin that includes biotin, B12, and Folate
  • Give them a regular breather from false nails
  • Use a conditioning nail oil.

Any nail technician worth their salt will follow a pretty rigid nail preparation routine for each of their clients.

Usually, nail preparation will include buffing, wiping down dust and particles, conditioning, and filing. 

Where To Get A Double French Manicure

Most salons will be more than capable of creating a beautiful set of double French manicured nails, especially as it doesn’t require any more equipment or accessories than usual. 

However, if you are a little unsure that your regular nail technician will be able to do double manicure nail art, ask. 

When you make the appointment ask if they can paint this kind of design, or if it’s a change of mind, you can give them a call to find out. 

I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised that your nail technician will be more than happy to paint a double French manicure. 

Can You DIY A Double French Manicure?

Yes, you can definitely create a stunning double French manicure at home. You may need a steady hand and a couple of extra tools, but creating a double French manicure at home is considered easy.

Now, if you are planning to apply your own acrylics, gels, or dip powder nails, this will cost a little bit more. 

Especially if you haven’t got any equipment just yet, so, make sure to factor that into your decision as to whether you want a DIY double French manicure. 

Doing your nails at home won’t require any more steps than usual.

However you choose to do your nails, you should always start with all of your nail prep, including any base coats that may be necessary. 

Once you reach your nail art stage, this is where you will create that stunning double French manicure design, and as I said before, there are so many different ways to create a double French manicure arch. 

Hit up Google or TikTok if you need some inspiration. You will need a steady hand, a super fine nail art paint brush, and maybe even a stencil if you struggle to keep your hands steady. 

Once you have decided upon your design and painted it to your liking, finish the last sealing steps of your nails.

Now, if you have shaken hands or you just don’t have the time to paint your nails, you can get nail stickers or wraps.

They are just as they sound, stickers that bond with your nails and can last for up to a week.

The perfect way of recreating this design if you don’t want to commit for a few weeks.

How Much Is A Double French Manicure?

Depending on your nail application, a double French manicure can cost anywhere from $30 to $100 on average, but different salons will vary in price. Even your area can dictate the cost of your nails. 

Luckily for us, a double French manicure doesn’t require much more work than your usual nail application. So, it won’t cost much more than you are used to paying. 

Are You Ready For A Double French Manicure?

The double French manicure has taken the nail art world by storm, and for good reason. 

It’s such a simple update to the traditional and classic French manicure we’re all used to.

It doesn’t require any extra special care methods and doesn’t cost much more than your usual nail care costs.

So if you’re ready to make this bold nail art statement with a double-arched French manicure, make an appointment with your nail technician right now. 

However, if you have a steady hand and a little extra time, this stunning style can be recreated at home so easily.

Plus, it will save you a few bucks in the process because we love a DIY nail queen.

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