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How Much Is A French Manicure? [The Costs To Expect]

The French Manicure is by far one of the most classic and timeless nail art designs you can get. There’s a reason it never goes out of fashion. If you are thinking of getting a French manicure, also called French tips, you may be wondering how much money you will need.

So, how much does a French manicure cost? A French Manicure can cost anywhere from $15-$100. This wide variation is due to the fact that prices can range depending on the application method, the salon’s reputation, and even where the salon is. Those are just salon prices; if you plan on doing your own French Manicure at home, it can cost less, especially if you already have all the equipment you need.

Keep reading to find out how much your French Manicure is going to cost you, the things that can influence the cost, and also how to keep your French Manicure looking clean and polished for even longer.

How Much Is A French Manicure At The Salon?

A French manicure can cost anywhere from $15 to $100, on average, at a salon

If the salon you have enquired about is a little out of budget, there are a few things you can do to lower the cost and make it easier on the wallet.

On the higher end of the budget will be artificial nail applications such as dip powder nails and acrylics. 

Not only do they cost more, but they take a lot longer to create. 

So, be prepared to set aside a couple of hours in a salon as well as a little more cash.

However, these nail applications can last, on average, a month without having to be retouched.

If your budget is a little tight, a traditional nail polish French manicure does the trick beautifully. 

Although everyone is hooked on artificial gel or acrylic nails, the classic nail polish manicure is still a stunning option.

It may not last as long, but it also is going to be on the more budget end of the cost scale. 

Even better, every single salon can quite easily recreate the French manicure look with nail polish. 

It’s unlikely they will need to special order in the colors as nude pinks, beiges, and whites are commonly stocked nail polish colors.

If there is a new salon opening in your area, this can be the perfect time to try a more expensive application method, as newly opened salons often put on discounted deals to get their name out. 

Another way to get your French Manicure at a discounted price would be if you have a beautician school in your area. 

The students need a good supply of people to actually practice their skills on, and because they aren’t qualified beauticians yet, their prices are highly discounted.

Don’t be put off because they aren’t qualified yet. They are closely watched by their teachers, and you’re bound to get a beautiful set of nails for a fairly respectable price.

Factors That Can Influence French Manicure Cost

There are so many things that can influence how much your French Manicure is going to cost. 

So, let’s go over the top four things you’ll need to be aware of when planning your French Manicure.

Salon Reputation

The reputation of your intended salon will have a massive effect on the cost of your French Manicure. 

Now, I’ll note that not all salons that have an incredible reputation will put up their prices just because they can, but it is a fairly common thing for salons to do.

Salons with a less than good reputation will always have lower prices.

This is mainly just to get customers through the door in the hopes that they come back, but if the result is less than good, it’s unlikely. 

So, how can you tell if a salon has a good reputation? Firstly, ask around. 

Anyone who gets their nails done regularly can be relied upon to tell you who to go to and who to avoid. 

Google is another great way of seeing online reviews for different nail salons in your area.

Salon Location

Where your salon is located can also influence the cost of your French Manicure. 

All the salons in one town will usually have fairly similar prices, but if you’re looking at the difference between a salon in New York versus a nail salon in Missouri, you’ll find that the average cost for nails in New York is going to be far more expensive. 

That’s not to say there aren’t budget options in a more affluent state, but it is something to be aware of. 

If you live in a city or a large town, you may find that traveling a little further out of town or the city center can lower the cost. 

This is because rental prices are more expensive in high foot traffic areas. So, it makes sense that these salons will have higher prices.

Application Method

How you decide to get your nails applied will be a deciding factor in the final cost of your French Manicure.

If you are just going for a traditional and simple nail polish finish, it won’t cost as much as a full set of brand-new acrylic nails. 

Also, if you have acrylics already, it’s going to cost you less to have them filled rather than all removed and replaced. 

Extra Additions

If you want any pretty additions of embellishments, this may end up costing you more.

Such as foil additions, extra painted artwork, multiple tip colors, and gem or bead appliqués. 

Although a traditional French manicure doesn’t include any of these, you might decide to spice up your nails a little so being aware that these extra accessories could increase the cost of your nails.

How Much Does A DIY French Manicure Cost?

If you’re on a really tight budget, a DIY French manicure can save you a lot of money, costing as little as a couple of drugstore-bought nail polish bottles. However, it can also cost you a lot more if you are planning on doing acrylics at home and have to purchase all the equipment.

Many people choose to do their nails at home because, even if the initial costs are a little higher than a single nail appointment, over time, it can cost as little as $5 to craft a set of nails at home.

Average Costs For Basic Dip Powder Tools

  • Manicure Tool Kit – $10-30
  • Dip Liquids Kit – $30-100
  • Nail Buffer – $5-50
  • Dip Nail Powder – $10-20
  • Acetone – $5-15
  • Nail Dehydrator – $5-15

Average Costs For Acrylic Nail Tools

  • All-Inclusive Acrylic Nail Kit – $20-200

Average Costs For Gel Nail Tools

  • Cuticle Nipper – $5-15
  • Cuticle Hydrating Oil – $10-20
  • Gel Polish – $7-20
  • LED Lamp – $15-$30

Average Costs For Nail Polish Tools

  • Nail Polish – $10-40
  • Top Coat/Bottom Coat – $5-10
  • Cuticle Oil (optional) – $5-10

Average Costs For Nail Stickers/Wraps Tools

  • Nail Sticker/Wraps – $5-20
  • Topcoat Polish – $5-10

How Long Does A French Manicure Last?

Your French Manicure can last anywhere from 5 days to 8 weeks, depending on what nail application method you settle on. How long your Manicure lasts will depend on a few things, such as how you care for them, and there are lots of things you can do to squeeze as much time out of your beautiful new set of nails as possible.

Here is a rough guide and estimation for each nail application:

  • Acrylic Nails – 3-4 weeks
  • Gel Nails – 3-4 weeks
  • Dip Powder Nails – 6-8 weeks
  • Nail Polish – 5-7 Days
  • Nail Stickers/Wraps – 7 Days

There is something you can do to make your French Manicure last long such as:

  • Ensure your nails are healthy by having a good diet, taking vitamin supplements for nails, and using a nourishing nail oil regularly.
  • Follow all nail application steps perfectly.
  • Use suitable products intended for your nail application use.
  • Keep your hands out of water or wear rubber gloves to keep them protected.
  • Make sure products are in date and free from any impurities.
  • Use high-quality products.

Are You Ready For A French Manicure?

The best thing about a classic French manicure is that it never goes out of style, and it matches every outfit, especially if you go for a traditional nude and white color palette. 

You’ll never have trouble finding a nail salon that can create this stunning look because it’s one of those nail art styles that every nail technician learns during their training. 

In recent years the French Manicure has had a little bit of an update, with many using a variety of contrasting colors to create a more modern version of the French Manicure, so there’s no chance of you getting bored of this versatile manicure style. 

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