How To Heal Cuticles Overnight [This Works Incredibly Well]

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Having dry and cracked cuticles is one of the worst things. Not only visually, but they can be quite painful too!

Knowing how to heal your cuticles quickly, literally overnight, will help you to get your nails back to their best.

There’s actually a number of reasons why your nails (and cuticles) can dry out and become weak and brittle. Cold weather, frequent water exposure, use of harsh chemicals, dry indoor heat, dehydration and a number of other factors all can contribute.

While it may appear that it is not possible to return the strength and appearance to your nails and your cuticles, there’as actually a number of things you can do.

So, how do you heal your cuticles overnight? The best way to heal your cuticles overnight is to use a combination of specific treatments. The first should be an anti-inflammatory, anti-biotic and pain revealing cream to reduce the trauma. From there you will want to use an effective and natural cuticle product to restore a healthy nail environment.

If you are struggling for time and would like a quick overview of what is to follow in this article below, here it is:

I recommend that you apply a liberal amount of Neosporin (available for a great price on Amazon) to your damaged nails. It works best if you apply the ointment after a shower and just before bed.

Once applied, cover your nails with Band-Aids to keep the ointment on your nails whilst you sleep and then remove them in the morning.

From there, it is advised to apply a nutrient and mineral rich cuticle oil and/or cream in the days that follow and daily thereafter.

You want to apply a Cuticle Oil and/or Cream that includes an abundance of essential and vital compounds that promote a healthy nail environment. From experience, research and with great recommendation, the Bee Naturals Enriched Vitamin Cuticle Oil is ideal for healing and strengthening cuticles fast. I was surprised at how cheap I was able to get the Bee Naturals Cuticle Oil from the listing on Amazon).

Let us know take a closer look at why this works and why you should opt for these products.

How To Heal Cuticles Overnight

Ok, so your cuticles are damaged; cracked, dry, and may even be painful. In more severe cases, they could be bleeding.

You may have struggled to heal them up to now, or you may even be a serial picker and biter (I know how you feel, I was there once too).

The first thing you need to acknowledge, is that if you have damaged cuticles, you are dealing with an acute injury. There is localized trauma on your nail bed and your cuticles.

This is not really that different to any other injury that you can incur elsewhere on your body, so it is advised to apply the best treatment that you can to support and fasten the repairing process. This way, you can ensure that it heals quicker, better and far more effectively than just by hoping they will naturally and on their own.

As a Nail Technician and Manicurist, I always recommend a two-staged approach. It starts by applying a maximum strength ointment, and then is followed up by applying a specific Cuticle Oil and/or Cream to fasten the process and keep your nails strong and looking great.

Here’s what you need to do:

You want to start out by getting some Neosporin, which is a topical antibiotic ointment. (Ointments are tare great for what we are trying to achieve because they really penetrate the nail beds and cuticles and get to the root of the problem).

Put on a generous amount of Neosporin on your cuticles, especially where they are most damaged, cracked and/or broken. Let this sit for a few minutes to ensure that it soaks in. Once you have applied the ointment onto all of your nails, you want to cover each affected finger with a band-aid.

The best time to do this is at night just before you go to bed. For optimal results, I would suggest you take a warm shower (or bath) just before you apply the ointment. This will soften your cuticles and ensure the ointment reaches the root of the nail.

When you arise in the morning, gently take off your band-aids. You will be shocked with the results – even after just one night! You’ll notice less signs of inflammation, soreness and small signs of growth.

Whilst you will notice improvements doing this just once, you should repeat this process every night for at least a week to ensure that your nails and cuticles are able to fully heal. This will also ensure that any bacteria/fungus is completely eradicated.

What I like about this ointment: Neosporin dramatically increases healing time, reduces pain and also clears away any lingering infection, bacteria and fungus. What the majority of people do not realize is that damaged cuticles usually fail to heal because they are usually infected.

To enhance your recovery, reduce the time it takes for your cuticles to heal and to prevent your nails from peeling once more, you need to protect them, keep them well hydrated/moisterized and give them the Vitamins, Minerals and Essential Oils that they need to thrive.

For this, I would strongly recommend that you get a reputable Cuticle Oil like this. If you want more potency, you can always combine it with a Cuticle Cream.

The Bee Naturals Enriched Vitamin Cuticle Oil is brilliant because it is an all-natural formulation with no harsh chemicals. All the ingredients included have nail-health promoting properties not just for hydrating your nails but for repairing them too. I love to work with it, and a lot of my clients in the salon do too!

In terms of Cuticle Creams, I personally use the Onsen Secret Cuticle Cream ConditionerThis is another mineral rich formula that is really good at restoring an optimum environment for your nails.

The benefit of working with creams, like Onsen, is that they are thicker and therefore will sit on top of your nails for longer and protect them from external stimuli.

If you decide to combine a Cuticle Oil and a Cream, first apply your Oil, and then shortly after apply your cream. This will ensure that the Oil is sealed and that your nails have the best chance of recovery.

If the weather is particularly cold or windy, you are going to want to ensure that you apply your Cuticle Oil and/or Cuticle Cream before you go outside. It should also have a chance to fully dry and that you do not frequently wash your hands throughout the day.

I would actually suggest you go a step further and wear a pair of warm gloves. By doing this you will ensure that the Cuticle Oil and/or cream can work its magic and prevent your nails from becoming dry, brittle and likely to break.

Here’s another quick tip. If you find yourself frequently picking your nails, now is the time to stop! If you find that your routinely pick at your cuticles, you need to make the effort to change this habit. Every time you pick at your cuticles you are causing damage and preventing them from healing. I know this is difficult, especially if you notice loose nail; there’s always the urge to pick it off! Just try to remember that this will cause more problems in the long run.

If you do find excess nail or skin, be sure to use cuticle scissors instead. Never bite or pick because this usually causes imprecise ripping and damage!

In my own personal situation, and when my nails and cuticles were at their worst, I decided to pack a pair of cuticle clippers in my makeup bag. This way, I could always cut away any loose nail or skin wherever I was, and stop myself from picking at my nails and making them sore,

Final Words

If you want to heal your Cuticles Overnight you first need to improve the environment of your Nails. You need to give them resources they need to recover and strengthen.

More often than not, dirt, infection and fungus is at the root of the issue. A product like Neospiron is one of the most effective treatments for removing it fast. From there, a reputable and award-winning Cuticle Oil and/or Cream will take you the rest of the way.

Having nice nails is by design rather than by chance. If you want to keep your nails strong and healthy, then be sure to follow the recommendations above.

If you have any other tips, suggestions or recommendations that you think will benefit our readers, be sure to drop a comment below.

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