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Best Nail Treatment For Damaged Nails – Restore Your Nails

As a Gel Manicure and Acrylic enthusiast who tends to neglect her own advice and experience as a Nail Technician, I have to utilize Nail Treatments fairly regularly to ensure that my nails remain strong, healthy and grow quickly. I know what makes the Best Nail Treatments for Damaged Nails, and I would like to bring to you today the one I often recommend.

The problem I have found is, that having tried the majority of Nail Treatment Products with bold promises on both myself and on my clients in the Salon, I always felt that these promises were never quite met…. Nails would remain damaged.

The thing I have learnt about Nail Products is, a lot provide you with short-term benefits that lead you into a false sense of security; whereby your nails begin to look and feel stronger following the first application; but in the weeks that follow nails begin to peel and split once more. The damage seems to ‘come back’ – in fact, it never truly went away in the meantime…

Thankfully for you, I have taken upon myself the task and spent countless hours researching and trialing nail products and treatments on myself and in the Salon. I wanted to overcome the difficulties that I witnessed, and have since been able to discover a number of beneficial options, that will help you to repair your damaged nails – not just in the imminent future, but in the weeks and years that follow.

So if you are like me, and like to regularly have a Gel Manicures or use Acrylics; then this article will help preserve and enhance your natural nails. But going a step further than this, even if your nails have weakened as a result of your daily lifestyle (Activities, Sports, Household Chores, Cosmetic Product Usage etc) then the products that I am going to recommend to you shortly are going to be of HUGE benefit. They will help to restore both the look, feel and comfort of your nails, and repair any signs of damage.

Here’s the short version of this article: the best nail treatment for damaged nails that I swear by and have used on myself and my clients with great success is the Organica Nail Guardian & Nail Strengthener. It is one of the most potent formulas available; 100% natural and free from any harsh cosmetics and ingredients. Using Organica, in as little as two weeks I was able to observe a noticeable difference in the look, feel and strength of my nails (splitting subsided and my nails had grown at a faster rate than previously). Onyx Hard as Hoof Strengthening Cream is also another product worthy of your consideration, and as a cream may be more suitable depending on how and when you intend on applying it.

Best Nail Treatments For Damaged Nails

It must first be stated that choosing a Nail Treatment will depend on the state and condition of your nails.

If you have signs of splitting or peeling, either Horizontally or Vertically, then the following treatments ware just what you are looking for.

If you have small signs of wear, or believe that your nails are only just starting to split, then a Cuticle Oil may be more appropriate and a full-on treatment may not be required.

Having said that, all the following treatment options be suitable and beneficial to all of you who suspect your nails are damaged.

This is because the formulations of the products listed below have been designed to be effective for a range of ailments, and include all natural and nail-health promoting ingredients that aim to address the root cause of your nail weakness and brittleness.

Whats more, the best nail treatments include a wealth and range of essential oils that promote nail growth and strengthening. So regardless of whether your nails have split, are starting to, or that they just feel a little bit weaker, then the products below will be of great benefit.

As I understand your budget may be limited, or you may like certain brands or have preferences depending on your lifestyle (e.g. travel often) I’ve pulled together a number of different options that have positive reviews on Amazon and have been beneficial in my experience and for my clients and friends in the industry.

The options below are only the very best products currently available.

Below is my comparison table which shows my favorites:

1. Organica Nail Guardian & Nail Strengthener (Editors Choice)

Best Nail Treatment For Damaged Nails
Best Nail Treatment For Damaged Nails

When you start researching for a nail treatment for your damaged nails, you soon begin to realize that for the most part, formulations are loaded with a number of chemicals. Discovering Organica was a revelation.

Organica has been crafted with an impressive list of ingredients that dermatologists recommend. Its actually why I decided to purchase this treatment in the first place.

The formula exclusively consists of the following natural oils: Tea Tree, Leaf, Lavender, Jasmine, Lemongrass and Eucalyptus which provide a whole host and range of nail-health restorative abilities.

To start, these oils will work to replace the natural oils that should subside on your nail beds which help the nail to grow. Moreover, these oils work to fight fungus and remove any bacteria that is causing your nails to weaken and become inflamed and damaged in the first place.

The oils also help to soothe your nails which is a lovely side-benefit (as damaged nails are often sore).

I have been impressed with the the bottle size, and the amount of nail rejuvenation formula that is provided. As per the instructions, following a month of application, I no longer needed to continue treatment so just one bottle sufficed. However, I could see this being a sensible and effective product to apply to your nails every week or so to ensure that your nails remain in optimal health.

When you compare the cost of the product to other expensive pedicure treatments, its actually a no brainer.

Now onto My Personal Results:

I have been incredibly impressed with the results of using this nail treatment on my own nails, and in just a few days I noticed that splitting has dramatically reduced.

There is also considerable positive reviews on Amazon really support my experience. One user reports that in as little as three weeks her nails were pretty much restored, and that her nails were longer than she has managed to get them in years.

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3. Julep Oxygen Strengthening Nail Treatment

Julep Nail Strengthening Product

Another treatment that comes with a great write-up, is the Julep Oxygen Strengthening Nail Treatment. If you haven’t heard Julep yet, then this is a name that you will see very regularly when conducting any research into nail restoration. They have a strong reputation in this market.

This treatment relies on patented Oxygen Technology, which essentially lets your nail beds breathe when it has been applied. This will help to speed the healing process because the Oxygen and the formulation work together in to work their magic.

This is a nutrient-rich natural formula that includes antioxidants, cell-regenerative keratin, and a protective UV filter.

To continue with my recommendation for always seeking out and using natural and chemical free products, Julep meets this strict criteria through its “5-Free Formula”. The formula is free from the five harshest chemicals known by dermatologists and those in the industry that cause harm to your nail beds and cuticles if used for an extended period of time. These include formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, toluene, DBP, and camphor.

We often stock this formula in our Salon because it is so easy to apply and the results are very effective. The principal reason in why its a great option is because it stays on and sticks to your nails effectively. Therefore its either great to apply as an undercoat to your nails if you do decide to go ahead and paint over them, or you can simply just wear this and it will improve the look and appearance of your nails on its own.

Its a great option if you want to give your Gels/Acrylics a break but do not want to compromise how your nails look.

In regards to the products effectiveness, this formula is guaranteed to make your nails stronger, and grow much quicker in as little as 7-10 days. Results which, can be confirmed by many users on Amazon:

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4. Barielle Nail Strengthener Cream

Barielle Nail Strengthener Cream

Back to an easy to apply and use cream, the Barielle Nail Strengthener is from Americas original Nail Treatment brand.

This is a high quality product that works to restore nails, whilst also preventing you from incurring further damage and reducing the likelihood of your nails breaking, thinning, and cracking following application.

It has been featured by Khloe Kardashian’s through her Official App, due to how effective it is and how easy it is to use. The real benefit of using this cream is that you can use it alongside your nail polish and it will not prevent or reduce your results or your treatment.

The packaging also makes it suitable for both women and men, and the small pot makes it very easy and suitable for travel on the go.

For best results, you will want to use this between 2 and three times a day, but in as little as 3-4 weeks you will see considerable improvement. I like to apply my creams in the early morning and just before I go to bed. This routine ensures that the cream can penetrate deeply enough and is used regularly enough for it to yield the best results.

Finally, and as part of my natural and safe commitment and consideration, the Barielle Cream is Pregnancy Safe and is free to the following harsh and damaging chemicals that are so often used in these kind of products: Formaldehyde, Dibutyl Phthalate, Toluene, Formadelhyde Resin, Triphenyl Phosphate, Xylene and Camphor.

Regardless of how you decide to apply it and use it, the Barielle Strengthener Cream will provide you with maximum protection against breakage for healthy nails. Like many others on the list, its formula includes Vitamin E and natural proteins that are scientifically proven to help restore and build healthy nails.

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Final Thoughts

If your nails are damaged and you are looking to help restore them to their strong foundations, using a chemical-free treatment will be a useful and easy way to help get them back to their natural best.

If you landed on this article in the first place, then chances are that there is something you are applying to your nails or that is occurring in your lifestyle that is causing them to weaken and become brittle.

Using a product like Organica Nail Guardian & Nail Strengthener will not only be able to remove and negate the root cause of these issues, but will set your nails up long term for permanent strength and growth.