Best Nail Growth Serum [Grow Your Nails In 5 Days or Less]

Getting a nail serum is one of the most effective strategies for speeding up the growth rate, strength and condition of your natural nails. But what ones are the best to buy? I spent some time researching the marketing and testing formulations to find out for good.

So, what is the best nail growth serum? The best nail growth serum available right now is the Sally Hansen Nailgrowth Miracle. It works in as little as 5 days, is cost-effective and it has been widely reviewed and positively received by thousands of users.

In this post, I hope to share all of the information I’ve researched over the last few weeks.

Please note: All the serums listed below are the best currently available. As a Nail Technician and Manicurist myself, I have accumulated feedback from a wide range of client experiences and recommendations.

This list is partly composed of these suggestions, and partly composed on my experience and research.

What Does a Nail Growth Serum Actually Do?

With a Nail growth serum, the clue is in the title. It helps nails grow! A Serum is actually a formulated, and quite thick mixture and blend of ingredients that are scientifically proven to improve the rate in which your nails can grow.

In other words, its a professional-strength treatment that promotes speedy nail growth, eliminates brittleness and protects nails against splitting, cracking and tearing.

The Best Nail Growth serums are ones that include ingredients such as: Protein Peptides, Biotin, Keratin, Vitamin E and other minerals and oils that provide the raw building blocks that nails need to thrive.

The reason in why a Nail Growth Serum is usually required, and where it can provide a whole host of benefits, is that it counteracts the daily lifestyle habits, and routines, which inadvertently cause your nails to weaken and become brittle.

Nails in this state are unlikely to grow, and if they do it will take a lot longer than if they are strong and healthy, and may even break when you get to your desired length.

Unfortunately, a lot of Beauty products and Nail Products contain a lot of harsh ingredients and chemicals which do not promote a healthy environment for your nails, and an environment to grow strengthen and thrive.

Products that are notorious for causing damage which is likely why you have arrived on this article today are Traditional Nail Polish Removers, Nail Glues, some Moisturizers, Soaps, Creams and many more.

But all is not lost. This article today will bring you only the best natural formulations that will bring your natural nails back to state where they can grow, much more quickly and effectively.

So aside from looking for other safer nail product alternatives altogether to prevent your nails from damaging in the first place, you can quite simply purchase a reputable Nail Growth Serum to get your nails back to optimal health in as little as a few days.

So without further ado, lets get started.

Sally Hansen Nailgrowth Miracle Serum (Editors Choice)

Best Nail Growth Serum
Best Nail Growth Serum

The Sally Hansen Nailgrowth Serum is the serum that I purchased after hours of research, comparison and investigation.

Since starting to use this product over a week ago, I would have to agree with the name of the product, it can provide a “miracle”.

One of the standout reasons in why I purchases the product in the first place was because of the promise to have 30% longer nails in 5 days.

I can confirm that from my experience, my nails have met this bold claim.

I’ve seen my nails grow several centimeters this week, all from a small daily application of this serum.

I tend to use the serum on my naked nails, before bed each time.

The reason for its effectiveness is due to the formula; it includes a number of reputable and nail health-promoting ingredients including: Concentrated Peptides, Biotin, Keratin Amino Acids, Hydrolyzed Collagen, Soy Protein and Calcium – its a formidable partnership which work incredibly well alongside one another.

Best Nail Growth Serum

I particularly like how as soon as applied, my cuticles begun to feel a lot smoother and softer.

Moreover, once applied, my nails appeared to be more resistant to day-to-day damage and the general wear and tear of day to day life.

Another telling sign that this is a great product, is the wealth of positive reviews on Amazon.

A lot of users report that this is the only product that has been able to help grow their nails out, and that it has done this in an incredibly quick manner (2-5 days on average!)

Another major benefit of this growth serum is the price point. Its very competitively priced, and being 0.37 fluid ounces, you are getting quite a lot of formula for what you are paying.

Lastly, the bottle just looks terrific, and is easy to transport and use on the go. The screw on lid and bottle design makes it very easy to apply.

All in all, the Sally Hansen Nailgrowth Miracle Serum is one of my new favorite products, and is my recommendation if you want to grow your nails, and fast.

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Adesse New York – W3 Peptide Nail Growth Serum

Adesse Nail Serum

I love the brand Adesse; and we stock a lot of their products in our Nail Salon.

I have a really positive experience with Adesse, and they are respected in the field for their formula innovations and ability to revolutionize traditional formulations.

The Addesse nail serum prides itself on being a targeted treatment that contains a powerful blend of peptides to promote the ideal conditions for healthy nail growth.

This is exactly the kind of product you want to seek out; one that actually helps to restore your nail to its healthy and natural state.

You don’t just want to apply a product that only works when its applied, you want to use a product that has the ability to work long after use.

That’s exactly where this product is useful because it doubles up twofold:

1. It fosters the ideal environment for healthy, stronger nail growth when applied, and

2. It helps replenish your nails with the essential building elements to grow well beyond use.

I was very close to purchasing this particular product.

Whilst I would definitely recommend it – it has great ingredients (containing all the peptides and natural oils you need), I decided that down to price I would rather start with Sally Hansen.

Still; if you’re not on a strict a budget as I was at time of purchase, this would be an ideal option.

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Nutra Nail Mineral Care Power Growth Serum

Next up on the list, and worthy of your consideration is the Nutra Nail Mineral Care Power Growth Serum.

This is from a brand that has been around for over 40 years; so they clearly understand what works and what doesn’t.

Whilst slightly different in nature to the others on the list, as it is a water based growth formula, its ability to regrow your nails in as little as 5 days (and as confirmed by many reviews on Amazon and elsewhere online) is impressive.

I loved the formula and ingredients list, which comes with the important minerals: Caclium, Potassium, and Sodium whilst it also includes the powerfully effective Hydrolyzed Gelatin, Keratin Amino Acids, and Vitamin E.

Its formula is renowned for being strong, and that you do not have to apply very frequently to get quick and long-lasting results.

Where I see a downfall with this product, and why I decided not to purchase it, was because of its water-based nature.

Whilst there is nothing inherently wrong with this, it would be easy to go through the bottle quicker and lose some of the product through application.

I would therefore strongly recommend if you opt for this you be extra careful, but nonetheless a great product

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4. Barielle Restorative Nail Serum

Barielle Nail Serum For Restorative Nails

Barielle are another well-known company in the nail industry space, just like like Sally Hansen.

Barielle’s reputation is making reliable and effective nail products, at affordable prices.

I’m very impressed with the way that you can use this serum as a nail cleaner and primer prior to a manicure.

Its formulation is also very impressive, and ingredients of note are the Alpha Hydroxy Acids which are particularly useful for nail restoration as they promote growth.

I’ve seen these in a lot of great nail products.

Whilst the reviews are widely positive on Amazon, and whilst Barielle have proven time and time again with their other nail products that they work, there are limited reviews.

This made me opt for the Sally Hansen instead, but I am tempted and may give this a try in the future because of how it has been positively received and how many people have had success with it.

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Lauren B. Beauty Nail Growth Serum (Premium Choice)

If money is no option for you, then you should consider the Lauren B. Beauty Nail Growth Serum. Its the premium choice on the list because it is essentially 10x the price of the Sally Hansen Serum.

But whilst at first glance this may seem extortionate, as the saying goes, you get what you pay for.

The Lauren B Beauty Nail Growth Serum is incredibly high in nail-health promoting compounds.

There is a massive range of amino acids, antioxidants, vitamins (E and C), peptides and biotin in the formula which means you do not need to apply as much, or, if you apply more you are getting a stronger treatment.

Where this product makes the list, despite its inflated price, is because it simply works and that it is abundant in natural ingredients, and there is no sign of harsh-chemicals that can cause irritation and further exacerbate the inability to grow your nails.

If you really want to take your nail growth seriously, then this is it.

Users report that in as little as the first use, nails started to hydrate and appear less flakey.

They also are positive in the respect that you can use this serum very easily, and you can use it before using polish or on your bare nails. For best results they recommend that you use it twice a day.

I would advise this Serum if you have a higher budget, and if you need to be selective on what you apply to your nails.

This is the Growth Serum that I would move onto, if a cheaper alternative did not work.

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Final Thoughts

When your nails just will not grow, or appear flakey, brittle or weak, a growth serum can be an excellent, quick and effective way to promote natural nail growth.

The long-term health of your nails is of utmost importance if you want to create beautiful nail designs.

From my positive experience and research, and if I was to pick only one, I would have to go for the Sally Hansen Nailgrowth Miracle.

Nonetheless, there are plenty of other alternatives that I have introduced you to today.