Best Nail Strengthener After Gel Nails – (That Actually Work)

If you are in the market for a Nail Strengthener after Gel Nails, then you have come to the right place. This article today will be presenting and comparing the options on the market so you don’t have to. By the end, you’ll be in a position to know what the Best Nail Strengthener to get is and why you need it.

Having Gel Nails is great. But once you remove them, sometimes your Natural Nails are not so glamorous. If you have noticed signs of wear and tear, or that they have become weaker or more brittle, a Nail Strengthener can make all the difference.

Unfortunately, weakened nails are a known side effect following a period of wearing Gel Nails. If you think about it, they have been covered from natural light. They have been starved of the very nutrients that they need to stay strong and to grow.

Just like any other part of the body, Nails require certain nutrients, vitamins and minerals to thrive. Its important that you provide your Nails with the right environment, or Nails become weakened, brittle and can even start to peel.

Thankfully, there is a range of Nail Brands that provide Strengthening Polishes to replenish your Nails and restore the more optimal condition. They are formulated with essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients that Nails simply depend on.

If you are in a hurry, here is the short version of this article. In my opinion and experience, the Best Nail Strengthener available is the Organica Nail Guardian and Strengthener. Not only is it perfect for Nail Restoration, but it is equally as effective of Nail Maintenance. Its 100% Naturally Formulated with a wealth of positive reviews from hundreds of satisfied users. This is the product that’ll restore the strength of your Natural Nails in no time at all. However, there are also quite a few other great options that you can use instead of or alongside that should be considered, like the NailsINC Overnight Detox Mask.

What is to follow are my go-to Nail Strengtheners. This collection includes only the very best; identified through countless hours of research, experimentation and review. I’ve tried several of the products below, and used many in my Nail Salon on Clients. I’ve even consulted with celebrity manicurist Julie Kandalec, who has confirmed the the effectiveness of each of the Nail Strengtheners.

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Best Nail Strengthener After Gel Nails

1. Organica Nail Guardian & Nail Strengthener (Editors Choice)

Organica Nail Strengthener

Just like any product that you place on your body, it is always preferable to seek those that are chemical free. Its always best to work with natural ingredients that will not cause further damage, irritation or other side effects. The Organica Nail Guadian & Nail Strengthener is the perfect example of a well-formulated product that follow this principle.

This is the #1 Nail Strengthener that I regularly use and recommend. Its ingredient list is outstanding, and is suitable for all even those of you reading who have very sensitive Nails/Skin. This is because the only ingredients in the formulation are essential oils.

The soothing formula (that includes Tea Tree and Eucalyptus Oils) is excellent for restoring damaged tissue. It also fights any bacteria or fungus that is present in the nail bed.

Considering its a Strengthener and a Guardian, its a very affordable solution because it doubles up in terms of usability. Not only are you restoring an optimal environment for your nails but you are moisturizing them at the same time. Its therefore excellent for both Nail Restoration and Nail Maintenance.

I have always been incredibly impressed with the results of using this Strengthener. Within days you can expect a noticeable and visible improvement.

I’m not alone, this is one of the highest rated products on Amazon. There’s a lot of users who report fast results.

It is the most gentle formulation available, and the perfect product to start using to retore the vitality of your natural nails.

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2. CND RescueRXx

CND RescueRXx Nail Strengthener

The CND RescueRXx is a brilliantly formulated product. There’s only minimal ingredients and this Strengthener works fast. With daily use its been clinically proven to provide visible improvements in just one week.

It contains a unique blend of Almond Oil, Jojoba Oil and Hydrolyzed Keratin (Protein) which work synergistically to strengthen your nail beds, regardless as to how weak they have become.

The Jojoba and Almond Oils are great for penetrating to the core of your Nail, moisturizing and conditioning in the process. It also helps the Keratin Protein reach the root of your Nail Plate, creating a better bond with your Natural Nail.

CND have also publicly released the results of their Clinical Studies and Research:

  • In Week 1: 80% of users noticed improvement and 80% saw less white spots
  • By Week 4: 80% observed less peeling  and 73% less splitting

These are really favorable results, and a number of my clients have reported similar results.

This is a fantastic option and solution if you want to strengthen your Nails – particularly if you are experiencing white spots and peeling.

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3. NailsInc Overnight Detox Mask

NailsInc Detox Mask Strengthener

If you regularly follow Health and Nutrition circles then you have heard all about the benefits of Detoxing. NailsInc have designed a range of products that do just this… for your nails!

The Overnight Detox Mask is a great way to provide your Nails with the nutrients, vitamins and minerals it needs during the night. This is an ideal time to put on a Strengthener, as you ensure that the formula can work its magic and you are not going to remove it accidentally.

This Formula will repair and regenerate damaged, brittle and weakened nails.

Its a water-based formulation that contains high levels of detoxifying ingredients that penetrate deeply into your nail bed. This ensures that the Antioxidants are able to work from the bottom up and ensure that your Nails are strengthened, particularly at where they are at their weakest.

The antioxidants, which have a wealth of health boosting effects include: Green Tea, Acai Berry and Spirulina. The high chlorophyll content of these ingredients are also proven to stimulate healthy nail growth. It is therefore an ideal product for recuperation after a period of Gel Nail wear.

I love how easy this product is to use. All you need to do is apply the ‘Mask’ and massage it into your nails. Then in the morning, simply wash it off with water. You’ll notice how hydrated your nails feel! The Green Tea also makes this product smell really nice. The perfect start to the day!

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4. Onyx Professional Hard as Hoof Strengthener

Onyx Nail Strengthener