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Best Nail Glue For Press On Nails – For Perfect Results…

If you like to wear Press On Nails, then having a good, strong and reliable Nail Glue can make all the difference. This buyers guide will be taking a look at the best nail glues currently available and helping you to select the right one from the options available.

Not just for making sure that they last and your false nails remain strong, but for also preserving the health of your natural nails and preventing damage to your nail beds and cuticles.

There are many different brands of nail glue that you can use to apply your Nails.

Then there’s a range of Glues with different ingredients, which may or may not be suitable depending on whether you receive any allergic reactions to the chemicals that can be included in Nail Glue. Thankfully there are options either way.

Finally there are glues that are more appropriate depending on what you are looking to do. Whether you just want to apply your false nails, or apply extras like rhinestones and jewels. Whether you need your nails to be hard wearing, or work closely with water.

Either way, this article will outline the best Nail Glues currently available.

If you are running short of time, here is the quick overview. The Best Nail Glue for Press On Nails depends on what you need it for. From experience, research and review, the Nailene Ultra Quick Glue is the best for most uses and for most people. If you are looking for a chemical free alternative the Mia Secret Strong-Jet Clear Nail Glue with Calcium and Vitamin E is another great alternative. Finally, if you are looking to add Nail Art (like Jewels, Rhinestones, Diamonds or Glitter,) then the NYK1 Nail Bond Super Strong Nail Tip Glue Adhesive is most ideal.

Best Nail Glue For Press On Nails

1. Nailene Ultra Quick Nail Glue 

The Nailene Ultra Quick Nail Glue is my personal favorite the one I work with the most. Its an Amazon #1 Best Seller, so this is not just my opinion.

This is one of the Best Nail Glues if you are looking for longer wear from your Press On Nails. I regularly recommend it to clients in my Salon. 

Before I routinely used this glue, my Acrylic nails typically lasted between 3-6 days. 

As a Nail Technician and Manicurist, due to health and safety regulations and the amount of products that I have to work with, I need to regularly wash my hands. I find that with a lot of Nail Glues, they are just not strong enough to keep my false nails on. This is not the case with Nailene.

Instead, this keeps my nails on for at minimum 7 days, and usually longer. I’ve even used it to apply Nail Art and it works really well. 

One of the major benefits of this glue is that a little goes a long way so the bottle seems to last. 

But perhaps the standout feature is that as it is ultra quick drying, it sets in just a few seconds. This completely eliminates the need to wait around, and wave your hands around aimlessly trying to get the glue to dry!

This is one of the strongest holding glues, and one in that I would strongly recommend.

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2. Beauty Secrets Drip & Clog Proof Nail Glue

Beauty Secrets Nail Glue

If you are looking for a Nail Glue with premium ingredients at an affordable price, then the Beauty Secrets Drip and Clog Proof Nail Glue is for you.

Its completely Sulfate, Gluten, Paraben, Alcohol, Phthalates, Soy, Petrolatum, Silicone Free making it a fantastic choice if you are a Vegan, sensitive or want to avoid chemicals. 

What I love about this Nail Glue is the design. It comes in a tube-like bottle with a neat applicator at the top. This makes it really easy to work with and stops glue from spilling and dripping. 

This is a great product for mending nails on the go, and I like to carry a small bottle around with me in my bag in case this happens. It sets and dries very quickly and provides a strong lasting hold for your fake nails.

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3. Mia Secret Strong-Jet Clear Nail Glue with Calcium and Vitamin E

Mia Secrets Nail Glue

Having a nail glue that doubles up to look after, preserve and improve the health and appearance of your natural nails is in my eyes, a winner.

Mia Secret has done just that – designing a brilliant product that ensures that your fake and press on nails are not damaging the natural nails that they lay on.

This Nail Glue is enriched with Calcium and Vitamin E, which are two really effective Minerals and Vitamins that promote and ensure nails grow strong and healthy.

This is the Nail Glue that we regularly stock in our Salon and use on clients who order Acrylic Nails. The only reason in why I personally do not use it at home, is because I apply Vitamin E and Calcium through regular use of a Cuticle Oil and Cream. I therefore do not feel the need to apply any more.

This is a great glue for even those of you who routinely knock your Acrylics and you can expect them to last for a week absolutely minimum.

Finally, the glue has been formulated not to “clog up” in the bottle to ensure that you can use it over time. It also means that you do not have to throw away and buy a new glue every time!

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4. NYK1 Nail Bond Super Strong Nail Tip Glue Adhesive 

NYK1 Nail Glue

The NYK1  glue is my go to whenever I am looking to apply Nail Art.

If you are looking to add Diamonds, Rhinestones, Gems, Jewels or Glitter, then this is ideal for you.

This is because it comes with an ultra fine precision applicator, making it very easy to apply the right amount of glue for such applications.

Beyond this, this glue is formulated to be a super strong nail tip adhesive so that accessories cannot come loose and break off.

Where this Nail Glue is really unique, is that it has anti-fungal ingredients included so its brilliant if you suffer from fungal infections (yellowing of the nails). Not only will it fight off any lingering bacteria and fungus, but it ensures that your nails are protected the entire time your press on nails are applied.

This is a really strong glue, so you can expect to see some great bonding by using it. And this will not be a thick layer of glue, because it is thin in consistency when wet and when it dries.

This is a fantastic glue for applying Nail Art, regardless how small and detailed it is. 

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5. KDS Nail Tip Glue-Adhesive Super Bond

KDS Nail Glue

The KDS Nail Glues are the ‘Single Use’ alternative in the Nail Glue Market. So instead of having one bottle that you have to ensure you close tight, with KDS you get individual bottles.

You are essentially getting 30 mini bottles of Nail Glues that you can use when and where you need to. They are great for leaving here there and everywhere; some at home, some at work, and some in the car. 

They are Super Bond, meaning, they provide great adhesion for your Acrylics. This makes them very durable, even if you exercise or have to use your hands for chores and tasks. 

When I’ve used these, my false nails have never actually fallen off. 

Its great value, and is a nice way of stocking up on Nail Glue for extended periods of time. I personally prefer working from the same bottle as I tend to lose these little mini bottles. However, if you are more organised than me and want a strong hold then these could be for you.

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6. 5 Second Brush on Nail Glue

5 Second Brush On Nail Glue

Last but not least is the 5 Second Brush on Nail Glue.

This is another excellent glue for creating a strong, and sturdy adhesion.

The bottle comes with a handy little brush applicator which makes it easy to ‘paint’ onto your natural nails. This ensures that there are no sudden drips and drops of glue falling out of the tube. Its great for preventing waste and causing a mess as you work.

The bottle design further makes sure that you only use what you need – nothing more and nothing less. All you need to do is dip the brush in the bottle and let it soak briefly.

One bottle of 5 Second Brush on Nail Glue will be enough for two applications of press on nails, so its very good value for the price. Esepcially when you compare this to the costs of the Salon!

Like every Nail Glue featured on this list, its very durable and you should not expect to have your Nails fall off!

This glue is ideal for covering and resolving cracks and breaks in nails.

To summarize, its a great nail glue product that is easy to apply and work with. If you like to apply with a brush, then this could be your glue.

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Final Words

Working with the Best Nail Glue ensures that your false nails look and feel the best they can. It also ensures they are strong, last a long time and do not damage your natural nails.

The glues found above are some of the most recommended and respected on the market. Whilst they are all reputable and all do a good job, perhaps the best advice I can give you is to seek a Nail Glue that is most appropriate for your lifestyle.

So, here’s a quick recap and summary:

If you are looking for a chemical-free glue, then I can only recommend the Beauty Secrets Drip and Clog Proof Nail Glue to you.

If you are looking to promote, improve and restore the health of your nails then the Mia Secret Strong-Jet Clear Nail Glue with Calcium and Vitamin E is another great alternative. It is actually my personal favorite as you  will be enriching your nail beds and cuticles with Calcium and Vitamin E at the same time you wear your press on nails.

If you are looking to add accessories like Jewels and Rhinestone and other forms of nail art work, the NYK1 Nail Bond Super Strong Nail Tip Glue Adhesive is ideal – its so easy to work is far more appropriate for even the most precise of applications.

Alternatively, if you want a Nail Glue that will be specifically resilient to water and frequent water exposure, then the 5 Second Brush on Nail Glue will be most appropriate. It ensures your nails can remain strong regardless of the amount of water, both cold and warm, that your Nails come into contact with. 

Finally, if you work in an Office, or are prone to knocking your nails, the KDS Nail Tip Glue-Adhesive Super Bond for Acrylic Nails is going to be for you.

A last, final tip (no pun intended) that I can give you, is to always keep a spare bottle of glue in your bag, at home or in the office. Its the best way to ensure that if a nail is to break you are prepared and can get it sorted quickly! This will ensure you press on nails look amazing, regardless of any mishaps!