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Where To Buy Nail Glue – This Is How Professionals Purchase…

Looking for where to buy nail glue? Do you want to find the best nail glue for your gel nails, acrylic nail tips or natural nails? Then you’ve come to the right place.

If you dislike having to go to a nail salon every few weeks, spending anywhere from 20-80 dollars, then be sure to read on. This Is How Professionals Purchase, and how they obtain their nail glue for their salons and their own designs.

Finding the best Nail Glue can be a difficult ; particularly if you want a glue that will look after your nails and keep them strong. It is even harder when you consider where is it best to buy them from and then the number of options there are to choose from. That’s why Almond Nails outline the best places to buy nail glue, and then then the best options. Here, you can can quickly identify and purchase the nail glue you need for your nail designs and demands.

That’s why we have researched, trialed and investigated on your behalf. We want to provide you with our results and introduce you to the best formulations.

After spending over $200 testing Nail Glues (and building on the experiences and expertise of our Nail Technician Editors and Friends over the past seven years), we think the Nailene Ultra Quick Nail Glue is the best for most people.

So without further ado – these are the best nail glues and where you can buy them:

Choosing a Nail Glue

We must state that choosing a Nail Glue is a personal decision. If we are being honest, there is not one best nail glue that is most suitable for everyone.

What the nail glue is used for will make the difference between individuals.

There are some factors to be considered before purchasing a Nail Glue. Those factors include the the purpose of use, how many times you expect to use the glue, and your budget. That’s why we’ve pulled together a number of different options from our experiences that are available across the market. Our list only includes the best products currently available.

Below is the table which shows our favorites. Each and every one listed has been chosen by our specialist reviewers.

1. Nailene Ultra Quick Nail Glue (Editors Choice)

where to buy nail glue

The The Nailene Ultra Quick Nail Glue is our all time favorite nail glue. As the name suggests; it is one of the quickest drying glues that we have used. It literally sets in seconds when applied, and it has been designed to work with both artificial and natural nails. We’ve used Nailene on both our own artificial and natural nails, and we have been equally impressed at the strength of the hold for both. It keeps nails on for long periods and we are yet to lose a nail when we have applied this glue. 

A major bonus of this nail glue is that you do not require much with each application, so the the bottle will last you a long time (added to the fact that the glue is so strong that you will not need to keep reapplying). We found the nozzle fantastic for quick and easy application.

Lastly, the price cannot be rivaled and is incredibly affordable. As such, this nail glue is our firm recommendation.

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2. 5 Second Nail Brush On Nail Glue

brush on nail glue

The second nail glue on our list is the 5 Second Nail Brush On Nail Glue – its a very affordable yet premium option. Like Nailene above, The 5 Second Nail Brush On Nail Glue is incredibly quick to use in terms of application and time to dry – taking only 5 seconds.

The primary benefit of this nail glue is that the formulation has been derived from gentle & hypo-allergenic ingredients. This will ensure your nail health remains in peak condition and you can prevent nail damage that some of the cheaper glues are renowned for. Similarly, the formulation instantly repairs & strengthens natural nails which gives this nail glue a distinct advantage over others available. 

This makes this nail glue ideal for use on split, cracked, damaged nails. This is the formulation we use whenever we break a nail, and we are able to quickly renovate and strengthen the nail.

The small and petite brush enables you to easily and quickly apply the glue to your nails, and we’ve found the small brush to be perfect for preserving the glue and not using too much at a time.

As Nail Technicians ourselves, we regularly wash our hands (up to 30 times per day!) When we have fake nails, this glue has kept our nails on for between 11 to 20 days.

Finally, another reason in why we have selected the 5 Second Nail Brush On Nail Glue and featured in our list, is because the price is also fantastic and provides real value, with a bigger bottle than others on the list!

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3.  IBD 5 Second No-Clog Nail Glue

The last nail glue to make our list, and where you can find it, is the IBD 5 Second No-Clog Nail Glue. Stylist approved, this bottle is perfect for travel due to the shape and size of the bottle.

This formulation is strong and works quick; not as quickly as the others on the list but definitely in good time (15-30 seconds at most). Due to the strength of this nail glue, we suggest you are very careful if you are applying acrylics because once you’ve applied it, it will be very difficult for you to move/remove it!

The application is more difficult when using IBD and is the principal reason in why it lies in third place. When applying nail glue, you’ll always want to ensure that you do not apply too much on the nail bed or on your fingers, but the design of the bottle makes this more difficult to apply than the other options we’ve featured above.

This is an excellent nail glue, but as it is slightly more expensive and more difficult to apply, we would rather recommend the Nailene or 5 Second Glues instead.

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How To Best Apply Nail Glue

So once you buy your nail glue you are probably then wondering how to best apply it? Here is our quick and handy guide to get you started:
For best results: Always start with clean, dry, polish-free nails. For nail tips and full cover nails: Apply a thin, even coat of glue to the overlap of nail tip or the natural nail. Apply slight pressure to hold the nail in position. Hold 5-10 seconds.
For repairs: Apply a single drop on split, broken, or soft nail; Apply slight pressure to hold nail in position. Hold 5-10 seconds; Let it set for 45 seconds or more. Gently file or buff until smooth.


By now you would have read through our researched, trialed and tested Nail Glues. If Almond Nails was to pick only one, we would have to go for the Nailene Ultra Quick Nail Glue. With great results on our own/clients nails and a sound reputation along nail professionals and nail technicians alike, it commands first place and is our recommendation of choice.