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Best Chair For Nail Tech [And Why I Recommend It]

Are you looking for a new chair for your salon? Perhaps you’re just setting up shop, maybe you are looking to upgrade what you currently have.

Either way, as a nail technician you are simply going to need a good, reliable chair.

Besides, you spend enough time on it! (or you will!)

And not only has it got to be practical, but it’s also got to look good too – you’re offering a service, after all.

The problem is; that there are so many different chairs on the market. And most of them are not designed or appropriate for salons.

It can soon get overwhelming.

I know, I’ve been there.

So, I decided to research the market to curate a list of the best options. Besides, I’m due an upgrade soon!

Without further ado, let us look at the top picks before running through why I rate them so highly and recommend them:

Saddle Seat

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Ballo Stool

Ballo Stool by Humanscale
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Tractor Seat

Tractor Seat Stool
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Why I Like These Chairs For Nail Techs

These chairs are comfortable, practical, provide proper lumbar support and ensure you maintain a good posture while working on your client’s nails.

They are also of excellent value and are all available in a range of different colors that can match your salon aesthetic.

Let me now walk you through each of the different options and why I like them specifically.

Saddle Seat by Humanscale



  • Available in a 22″ wide or 16″ wide version
  • Available in a variety of height options
  • Unique seat encourages healthier posture and spine position
  • Optional foot ring provides extra comfort
  • Available in a variety of upholstery options.

Pros of the Saddle Seat by Humanscale

This is one of the most comfortable, versatile, and ergonomic stools currently on the market.

It’s ideal if you need to sit for a long time, and you can easily move it around.

The triangular cushion encourages you to sit in a “saddle” posture. Sitting on stools in this position lowers the thighs, opens up the hips, and allows for increased circulation.

The posture also reduces pressure points on the tailbone, enabling long-term comfort.

You can also adjust the height to accommodate all of your manicure tasks.

Equally, the ergonomic design of the cushion allows for multiple sitting positions that you can quickly move into.

I also love the fact that the cushion is replaceable should you need to, and there are a variety of colors and fabrics available when doing so.

This chair comes with a five-year warranty too, making it a great long-term investment.

Click here to check the price, reviews, and availability.

Buoy by Steelcase


  • 17-22.5″ adjustable height x 18″ diameter
  • Polypropylene shell and base
  • Polyurethane seat foam with Cogent Connect upholstery
  • Many bright seat pad and shell colors to match any decor
  • Base tapered away from the center slightly so that the stool wobbles soothingly
  • Perfect for impromptu seating in the home or office
  • No assembly necessary

Pros of the Buoy by Steelcase

This is not just a comfortable stool, it has a range of added features and hidden “bonuses”.

For instance, it has a side lever that allows you to adjust the height, from 17″ to 22.5″ depending on what you need.

Equally, it has balance readjustment so if you shift your weight, the stool will wobble underneath you until you find an angle most comfortable.

You can literally rock in any direction, should you need to.

This also helps encourage movement and prevents your legs and bum from going dull after a long-time of sitting.

This Buoy also comes in a variety of great colors; 6 in total for the base and a further 11 for the cushion. You can make your own design and mix and match as you like!

Click here to check the price, reviews, and availability.

Ballo Stool by Humanscale

Ballo Stool by Humanscale


  • Made from non-slip TPV material, the stool is both durable and simple to clean.
  • At 13.5 pounds, Ballo stores and travels with ease.
  • Net Positive certification means every Ballo produced helps actively offset climate damage.

Pros of the Ball Stool by Humanscale

While it may look like a mushroom, there’s a lot more to it than that.

This dynamic multipurpose stool will encourage movement and ensure ultimate comfort when seated.

It’s compact and lightweight, yet sturdy all at the same time and provides ergonomic support.

It has a counterweight base to ensure it remained upright which also helps with storage, too.

It only weighs 13.5lbs and has handholds on the side which you can use to pick this up and move it around the salon.

This is a very well-made stool made from durable materials; it should last you a long time.

It’s also nonslip and easy to clean too!

Click here to check the price, reviews, and availability.

Vibrant Tractor Seat and Chrome Stool

Tractor Seat Stool


  • Overall size: 20.25 – 25.75″ h x 17″ w x 15″ d
  • High-density polymer construction
  • Chrome frame and base
  • Pneumatic seat height adjustment
  • 5.5” height range adjustment
  • Dual wheel carpet casters
  • Weight Capacity 250 lbs

Pros of the Vibrant Tractor Seat

The Vibrant Tractor seat provides a perfect combination of comfort and maneuverability.

It offers dual casters and full swivel capability – make it great for turning around quickly and reaching for behind you should you need to.

It’s very versatile and has over 15 colors to choose from.

It’s also one of the most cost-effective on the market, which always helps if you are on a budget!

Click here to check the price, reviews, and availability.

What To Look For In A Chair As A Nail Tech

With countless brands and designs of chairs available, it’s essential to be able to know how to differentiate them and compare them side by side.

Below, are the factors and criteria you absolutely have to consider as a nail tech.

These are the factors that have gone into my selections provided here today.

Each chair scores incredibly highly against each one.


First and foremost, you are going to need a chair that offers sufficient support.

Sitting down all day can easily lead to a bad back, and other issues resulting from it.

So ensure your chair has sufficient support, should you need it.


Naturally, you are going to want a chair that is comfortable.

You’re going to spend a lot of time sitting down during manicures and you may not get many breaks during the day.

Get this wrong and it could be a recipe for achy legs/an achy bum or regular pins and needles.


Chairs are costly, and you don’t want to have to keep replacing them.

So, it may actually pay you to invest in a slightly more expensive chair (should you have the budget).

Nevertheless, what is most crucial here is you buy a chair that is going to last.


There are various different chair designs out there; which can influence the angle you are sitting, how high you are sitting etc.

As a nail technician, you need to ensure you are at a sufficient height and can easily lean forward.

The best designs are adaptable or allow you to be able to change position/angle quickly and easily.


If you are getting chair(s) for the salon, you’ve got an image to uphold.

So, you are going to want your chair to fit in with your salon’s aesthetics. It’s important for your brand identity.

Even if it’s just for home use, you are going to want to ensure your chair fits in with the style of your home.


The size of your chair is essential; it needs to be able to fit comfortably behind your working desk and you should be able to store it away, if necessary.


Again, a crucial factor. It should be sufficiently heavy to be sturdy, but not too heavy that it cannot be moved around should you need to.

Other Seating Tips For Nail Techs

Many nail techs find that they get a bad back, neck, or legs from inappropriate seating positions when working on clients.

The result can be pain and hunching over; two things you are going to really want to avoid.

So, before buying a chair it is essential that you can:

  • Maintain correct posture; keeping your back straight and leaning forward from your hips without huddling over your client. The best chairs will help you maintain this position naturally,
  • Keep moving regularly, whether that be on your chair, or getting up in between manicures,
  • Working square with your client, so you do not have to work at an angle. Ensure client’s hands are placed where you want and need them to be,
  • Ensure you set your chair at an appropriate and comfortable height.

Final Verdict

Any one of the four chairs recommended here today is a brilliant choice for a nail technician.

You really won’t go wrong with any one of them.

Really, it’s going to come down to preference and what you like the look of.

Other than that, rest assured these are the kind of chairs you need.

They all are designed with not only comfort in mind, but practicality too. They are all made of premium materials and will last you a long time.

They are very versatile, aesthetic, and practical.

So, take a look at the chairs below and see for yourself 👇

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Ballo Stool by Humanscale
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Tractor Seat Stool
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And if are to proceed with a purchase through any one of my links, add code “SFNEW10” at checkout, and you’ll get an extra 10% off your order!

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