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When You Get Your Nails Filled Can You Change The Color?

Manicures are great, but they typically only last for a couple of weeks before an infill is required. Your natural nails will grow, and a gap will start to appear. But what are your options when it comes to an infill? Can you change the color of your nails during the process? I spent some time researching the topic and will be sharing with you all the information you need to know here today.

So, when you get your nails filled, can you change the color? Generally, you should be able to change the color of your nails when you get them filled. It is especially likely if clear acryl has been used. However, if the acryl used is glitter or a dark color, you will not be able to change color. Instead, you will need to get a new set.

The acrylic technique consists of two layers – one base (the color of the acryl itself) and then the actual color of the design (single color or a patterned design).

If the acryl itself is clear and you have, let’s say, a red color on top of it, then your technician will simply file the red off and apply a new color.

If the acryl is glitter or dark, then you will have to get a new set. With such a base the new color will not look right – it will seem a little unprofessional, untidy and would look better if changed.

The good news is that dark acryl or a glittery one is not so common and is not often used by salons.

Therefore, for the most part, you should be able to change the color without any problems when you go for a refill. You can also alter the nails’ shape and length!

Let us know take a closer look at some of the other commonly asked questions about this process. You’ll learn about when an infilling is required, how much will a change of color cost and other things to consider.

So, be sure to keep reading to the end to get all the information you need!

When To Get Your Nails Filled

You have to get your nails filled every two weeks. This is the average amount of time that passes, before you will start noticing a more visible growth gap. Of course, it does depend on the individual.

Always remember that acryl is the material thanks to which artificial enhancements are constructed. You nail underneath is still alive and well and does not stop growing.

Everyone’s nails and body systems are different and nails may grow with various speeds.

Observe your nails and take a note of the time it takes a see the growth gap more obviously. It may be longer or shorter periods for each individual before their nails are ready for a refill.

Can You Change Color During A Nail Infilling?

Yes, you can. Generally, you should not have any problems asking your technician to apply a brand new color when you go for a refill.

It will be more difficult to do so only, if the base of the acryl is glitter-ish or dark.

However, most professionals never apply anything but clear. They know that the client may ask for a change of color when they come back for a refill.

To make this easier to understand, here is a brief break off of the materials needed to do acrylics:

  1. Prep Work
  2. Application of nail tips
  3. Applications of acrylic powder
  4. Application of color

To begin with, your technician will do some prep work. It includes pushing back the cuticles and removing the natural shines of your nail. Some brief shaping can also be done.

Then, your manicurist will apply the nail tips, followed by the acryl powder. And this is when we are talking about a clear base.

Both the nail tips and especially the base must be clear. Most brands produce only clear acryl powders, so you do not have anything to worry about, really.

Besides, most technicians always apply clear powders, anyways, in case their client wants to change the color later on.

After that, a color of your choice is applied. When you go for a refill, your manicurist will simply file it off and apply a new one.

Only in cases when the base underneath (the acrylic powder) is not clear it will be advisable to get a whole new set.

How Much Is It To Change The Color Of Your Nails

How much it will cost to change the color of your nails will depend on a number of factors, including: where you live, the reputation of the nail salon, quality of the products used, and the number of salons in your area.

Beyond this, the choice of color can be a major influence on the price of nail polish change.

On average however, a simple single color will cost between $10-$35. A blend of different colors can cost up to $120.

In the UK getting acrylics typically costs between £25 – £50.

Can You Change Your Nail Shape When You Get A Fill In?

The answer to this question is simply yes. It is one of the most common requests clients have when they go for a refill.

You can choose to change the shape of the nail and take the length down.

What your technician will do is simply file off the edges with a ceramic electric file and bring them into the new shape.

Can You Shorten Acrylic Nails During A Fill?

Absolutely, yes! You can ask for a change of length, change of color and change of shape!

Don’t worry Nail technicians are used to such requests, usually expect and know how to perform them.

Things To Consider

If you are planning to only get refills for as long as possible without getting a new set, have in mind a couple of things, regarding your natural nails health:

Look Out For Fungus and/or Infections.

Moist is retained between the acryl and the natural nail. When it has nowhere to escape, the moist creates conditions for fungus.

Look out for signs like green spots, discoloration or unusual thickening. If you observe any of these symptoms, get the acrylics removed immediately and start treating the fungus.

Also, keep an eye out for other inflammations and infections. Signs include redness, swellings and sometimes even bleeding.

Keep Your Natural Nails As Moisturized As Possible

Dry skin and chipping cuticles are enemy number one for a damaged manicure.

Apply daily hand cream and/or your favorite moisturizer.

One product that can go a long way to supporting the health of your natural nails is cuticle oil.

This is my all natural go to from Amazon. Its absolutely amazing and works to hydrate nails in just a couple of uses!

Remember That You Need A Break From Acrylics

Acryl is actually quite damaging for your own nails, especially if you have them multiple times in a row.

Have a break every couple of months and let your nails breathe freely!

In Summary

If you have opted for acrylic nails, then you will should enjoy a couple of weeks of a strong and impeccable manicure – assuming they were applied properly!

They’re also great if you are suffering from short, weak and brittle nails. Acryl is an excellent salvation!

This style of manicure is very strong and long-lasting and you can choose from countless of designs.

The one downside, is that you will need to go for a refill every two weeks, when an obvious gap does begin to show. A refill is performed when the growth gap between your natural nails and the fake one starts to be more noticeable.

You should not need a refill more often than that, unless the acryl pulls your nail up and the gap seems deeper than it actually is. However, this happens rarely.

You may want to go for a new color the next time you visit your technician for a refill, and this is a fair question to ask.

Thankfully and to sum up, changing the color of your acrylics when you go for a refill is completely possible, so long s the base underneath is clear.

Otherwise, you your manicurist is simply going to file off the old covering and apply a new one.

Together with a brand new color you can also request change of length and shape. All these are some of the most common requests clients have and professionals expect them.

If you do not get new sets too often, keep an eye on your natural nails’ health.

Watch of fungus, inflammations and infections. If left untreated, they can cause permanent damage to your nails. Always keep your skin moisturized and have a break from acrylics every couple of months.