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What Is A Pearl Manicure? [All You Need To Know]

Are you on the hunt for a new manicure to try? Perhaps you’ve seen a pearl manicure on social media, or it has been recommended to you from a friend. They may have even gotten one and your intrigued about it. Nevertheless, you want to know what this is, right? Well thankfully, I’ll be sharing with you all you need to know about this manicure trend here today.

So, what is a pearl manicure? A pearl manicure is a manicure that involves a reflective, luminous nail polish that appears to change color, depending on the angle you look at them at. Some pearl manicures may include pearl-themed nail art, but not always.

As such, not all pearl manicures will look the same. They can actually be very different.

Different colors, products, styles; all of which could theoretically still be a pearl manicure.

So while you may instantly think of that off-white color commonly associated with pearl (and that could be the color chosen for a pearl manicure), it could very well be a shade of green, peach, pink, etc.

And at the same time, they offer a lot of versatility.

If you opt for art, you could opt for a single pearl on one nail. Or you could opt for gem-encrusted nails on every finger – or one hand only.

You have options, and that’s one of the benefits of this particular manicure.

With this all in mind, let us continue to explore the pearl manicure and what’s involved with getting one.

What Does A Pearl Manicure Consist Of

A pearl manicure consists of a iridescent polish, and/or pearl nail art.

In the case of the former, this is essentially where the polish will appear luminous, and the color will  seem to change when seen from different angles.

For the latter, this is essentially 3D nail art, that will pop out and add an extra dimension to your nails.

This nail art is often in the form of stickers, designed to look like pearl decals.

Although, small pearl ‘gems’ are sometimes used in a pearl manicure too.

How Long Do Pearl Manicures Last?

A Pearl manicure will typically last for between 1-4 weeks. The longevity will ultimately depend on the product used, application technique, how well the nails are taken care of, and whether any pearl nail art is applied.

If we are just talking about a iridescent polish, you may be able to get some extended wear.

Even more so if the product is cured (such as is the case with gel polishes) or designed to be longer-lasting.

It is for these uses cases you are more likely to get around 2 weeks of wear, on average.

In the case of 3D nail art, it’s unlikely to last as long – where getting a week of wear is what you can expect.

Either way, how you look after your nails, the activities you engage in and what your hands/nails are exposed to will all influence these timeframes.

Where To Get A Pearl Manicure

Most reputable salons will be able to offer a pearl manicure. That being said, if you are looking for 3D nail art (such as pearls), you may want to contact the salon ahead of time to ensure they have this décor available.

One of the best things you can do here is to research for salons ahead of time.

Using Google or another search engine can be your friend here.

Find salons in your area and then contact them ahead of any visit.

Enquire into their services to find out whether they can offer a pearl manicure.

They will likely have polish available for this particular look, but it may be that you need to bring specific décor along with you (such as stickers, pearl pieces) etc.

Can You DIY A Pearl Manicure?

You can DIY a pearl manicure, so long as you have the required products and the application know-how.

Thankfully, all of the products you will need can easily be found online, whether you go through a retailer such as Amazon, or an independent specialist nail store.

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How Much Is A Pearl Manicure?

A pearl manicure can cost as little as $9-15 (if you are doing one yourself), or it can cost between $30-$75, if you opt for one in a salon.

Ultimately, it depends on what you are getting, and where.

It is always cheaper for a DIY manicure, but do consider there are various different costs to consider.

For instance, you may already have a number of items required for a manicure already.

If not, you may have to purchase these too, which will add to the cost.

Additional nail art will also come at cost too, if you are looking for pearl décor.

When it comes to a salon, the average price for a manicure is between $30-$75, depending on salon location and reputation.

It is likely to cost more should you need a previous manicure to be removed, or you opt for any optional or additional services.