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What Is A Manicure For A Guy? [All You Need To Know]

Manicures are no longer a pampering service for women; they’re for guys too. Although the industry is still predominately geared towards females, many guys are now enjoying the luxury of a manicure. Although it’s completely acceptable for men to wear all manner of colors and art styles on their nails nowadays, the general men’s manicure is a little bit different from a more traditionally female-orientated manicure. But how so; let’s find out!

So, what is a manicure for a guy? A traditional man’s manicure is very much similar to a woman’s; however, it doesn’t usually include bright polishes or adhesive nail tips. It’s more about maintaining the health and nourishment of your nails using nourishing nail serums and shaping tools.  

If you’re considering getting your very first men’s manicure, I say do it!

You’ll wonder what took you so long, but if you want to learn a little bit more about what’s involved and how much it might even cost you, keep reading.

What Does A Manicure For A Guy Consist Of?

A general men’s manicure consists of shaping and buffing the nails, applying a nourishing serum, and a clear top coat to protect your nails.

However, this process can vary from one establishment to the next.

So, I’m going to break down some of the services you may have.

Manicures are a great thing for anyone to enjoy; there’s nothing worse than craggy-looking nails to bring down any look or aesthetic you are trying to portray.

A manicure will give you that sleek and classic, polished look. 

Most manicures for men begin with a hand and nail soak.

Not only is this relaxing, but it helps to soften the cuticles to make them easier to work with.

Now, if a nail soak has you squirming, you can ask for this step to be skipped; it’s not necessary for a stunning manicure.

Next, your nail technician will begin to trim your nails and cuticles, as well as filing your nails into your desired shape.

Not sure what shapes you can even choose from, you can always ask your technician for their advice on the perfect nail shape for you.

They are professionals, after all.

This next step isn’t always automatically offered, but if you want one, don’t be shy and ask.

It’s the hand massage.

So soothing, and there’s never anything wrong with having a nourishing hand lotion applied.

Once this has been done, your technician may buff the surface of your nails.

This helps to smooth the nail out and get rid of any imperfections that could make the next step a little tricky to get perfect.

Many men shy away from manicures because the idea of brightly colored nail polish really isn’t their thing, and that’s okay.

A general manicure for a guy tends to include a few swipes of a clear topcoat.

Much more subtle, and you still get to benefit from a protective layer or two of top coat polish. 

This whole process is unlikely to last any longer than 30 minutes at the most, so you could even squeeze it into a lunch break for a quick pamper session during your hard day’s work.

How Long Does A Male Manicure Last?

A men’s manicure lasts around a week.

However, because of the lack of any color polish, it can be tricky to work out exactly when your manicure needs a top-up.

Most men who get manicures regularly will go by nail length and how tidy their cuticles are to decide when it’s time to hit the nail salon once again. 

With regular manicures, we usually get them done as a way of decorating our nails, maybe even matching an outfit or an event, so once they start chipping or flaking, we know it’s time to get them redone. 

A men’s manicure is all about nourishment and keeping the nails healthy and strong, so they don’t have to be done as often – unless, of course, you want to go in once a week.

Even if you decide to treat yourself once a month, a manicure for a guy is a lot less maintenance than a traditional colored polish or false nail manicure.

Where Can A Guy Get A Manicure?

Most nail salons or establishments that offer manicure services will be more than happy to accommodate anyone looking for a manicure for a guy.

The products and steps involved in a men’s manicure are all used with most other manicure services, so making a booking won’t involve your nail technician having to order any extra special products. 

When thinking about where to get your men’s manicure, I bet your first thought is a traditional nail salon, but that’s not the only place you can get a manicure.

Many boutique hotels provide beauty services that can be booked even if you’re not staying in the hotel itself.

Many freelance nail technicians who aren’t tied to a brick-and-mortar business can come to your home, saving you time having to go to an actual salon.

If you are looking for a little extra luxury with your manicure, you can even look at going to a spa, they will be a little pricier, but you are paying for the whole experience here.

Think included tipple, fluffy robes, and a soothing atmosphere. 

Can A Man DIY His Manicure?

A man can definitely DIY their manicure; it may even work out cheaper in the long run if you’re looking to keep within a pretty tight budget. 

Even better, you don’t even need too steady of a hand here like you would with a more colorful manicure style or application.

So, first up, let’s start with the products you’re going to need to buy.

Most of these can be found at any local pharmacy at an affordable price, but if you can stretch to it, I always recommend opting for high-quality products that are going to give you the best results.

  • Nail clippers/scissors
  • Cuticle clippers
  • Nail file
  • Nail buffer
  • Nourishing hand lotion (optional)
  • Clear topcoat 

I bet you’re wondering what to do now; that’s okay; I’ve got you covered.

First, you’re going to want to wash your hands with warm soapy water.

This helps to remove any dirt and soften up your nails and cuticles to make the next few steps more manageable, especially if this is the first time you are giving yourself a manicure.

Once that’s done, use your nail clippers or scissors to gently trim your nails to your desired length.

Don’t worry too much about a perfect shape, right?

We’re just focusing on length.

You can take this moment to trim your cuticles as well.

Just be careful to only cut a little at a time; if you go too far, you can end up with some very sore and bleeding cuticles.

Now, take your nail file and make smooth motions along the tip and corners of your nail in just one direction.

You are going to file down any jagged edges and create the nail shape you would like.

I know in the movies you’ll watch people file their nails in a back-and-forth sawing motion – DO NOT DO THIS.

You want to go in one direction, or you can cause more harm to your nails.

Once this has been done, you can rub in some soothing hand lotion.

This step is entirely optional, but since you are pampering yourself, you may as well look after the skin on your hands while you’re at it.

After you have finished applying your hand lotion, you can give your nails a layer or two of a clear topcoat.

Make sure each layer dries properly before you apply the next and before you do anything with your hands, or you could rub off this protective step.

How Much Is A Manicure For A Man?

Men’s manicures are relatively inexpensive; they can cost anywhere from $15-$30.

So, why are they so inexpensive?

Well, because a men’s manicure uses very few products, it also takes far less time than a manicure that needs colors and nail art. 

However, there is still variation when it comes to the price of a men’s manicure.

The more established the business you go to is, or the more luxurious it is, you’ll find the prices can increase dramatically. 

Remember when I mentioned the spa earlier?

Yup, this will be a bit pricier than a nail salon and may even cost over $30 for a basic manicure for a guy.

Make sure you know the price of your manicure before you book, and if your budget can’t stretch to having a professional give you a manicure, an at-home DIY manicure can cost as little as $10.

Are You Ready To Get Your Male Manicure?

Men are really catching on to the benefits of a regular manicure of a guy, so don’t get left behind.

As well as helping you maintain some sophisticated and classy nails, it’s also a little time just for you to be looked after by someone else.

A short 30 minutes a week is no sacrifice for a smart set of nails.