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What Is A Luxury Manicure? [All You Need To Know]

A trip to the beauty salon has been the epitome of self-pampering for decades, and for good reason. With so many different services to choose from, you are bound to feel relaxed and rejuvenated once you leave your salon and reenter the world. One particular service these salons typically offer is luxury manicures. But what are they exactly, and how do they differ from other manicures? Well, here is all you are going to want to know.

So, what is a luxury manicure? A luxury manicure is not one specific type of manicure. Instead, it refers to the extra services you get around your chosen manicure. It can be extra nourishing products for your nails, a hand mask, and even a hand and arm massage. A luxury massage turns a regular manicure service into a luxurious experience.

If a basic and bog-standard manicure doesn’t fill you with ethereal calmness, maybe a luxury manicure is just what you need.

So if you think you need the extra pampering that a luxury manicure brings, keep reading to find out everything you need to know. 

What Does A Luxury Manicure Consist Of?

Generally, a luxury manicure will include a super nourishing nail and cuticle treatment, nail and cuticle trimming and shaping, as well as a hand massage.

Some salons even provide a softening hand mask but the different steps after your luxury treatments will differ depending on your chosen nail application.

However, it’s more common to get a traditional nail polish manicure during a luxury manicure, thanks to all the moisturizing products used.

A lot of extra attention is spent on moisturizing your nails with either a cream or lotion.

This is an incredible service if you are a regular false nail wearer because your nails could be crying out for a little more attention.

False nail applications are notoriously harsh on our natural nails.

Another service that some luxury manicures include is heated mittens.

Not only does this give you a really relaxing sensation, but it can also help any moisturizer or cuticle oil to really work into your nails and skin. 

Some premium manicures will also consist of an exfoliating treatment and some sort of hand soak, usually in a moisturizing solution.

However, because luxury manicures take longer to do than regular manicures, you’ll want to make sure you have rebooked these treatments with your nail technician and checked that they actually offer them.

Because of the extra time involved, many salons don’t offer these kinds of treatments, and you may even have to go to a more premium salon or a spa to get a luxury manicure. 

How Long Do Luxury Manicures Last?

As luxury manicures usually include a traditional polish paint service, they can last up to a week, maybe a little longer, with really good care.

However, the aim of a luxury manicure isn’t how long the manicure itself lasts but the enjoyment of the additional relaxing services.

How To Extend The Longevity Of a Luxury Manicure

But, if you want your manicure to last as long as possible, here are a few things you can do to help it keep its clean and shiny look.

Use High-Quality Products

High-quality, professional products are specifically designed to last longer than cheaper brands you may find in your local pharmacy.

So, it’s the best place to start if you want to get a good week out of your luxury manicure. 

Most nail salons already use premium products, but if you’re not sure, all you have to do is ask what brand they use.

Once you know that, you can do a little research of your own to see if they really are reliable products.

Keep Water Contact To A Minimum

Prolonged contact with water will soften your nail polish, make it expand, and then retract, which turbo boosts the risk of peeling, flaking, and cracking.

Avoid having your hands in water as much as possible.

However, if you can’t avoid this completely, you should invest in a good quality pair of rubber gloves to protect your hands while they are in any water. 

Warm soapy water is even more troublesome, so washing the dishes can be your manicures kryptonite. This is where your rubber gloves will come in very handy.

Keep Applying Your Top Coat

Most nail polish manicures use a top coat to seal the color.

By repeating this step, which is just a quick swipe of the top coat over the edges and the tip of your nails, your manicure will last even longer. 

I suggest purchasing the same top coat that your salon uses, as you will know that these products work well together.

Some nail varnishes and topcoats can actually work against each other due to their chemical makeup. So, it’s always best to stick to the same brand.

Where To Get A Luxury Manicure?

Most salons provide a luxury manicure service. However, each salon may offer a different variation on their luxury treatments. Some don’t provide a full arm massage and just focus on the hands. Other beauty businesses may not have an exfoliating service. 

If you have a particular luxury manicure service you would like, it is best to call ahead and make sure your chosen salon provides these luxury manicure services on its menu.

If they don’t, you will know before it’s too late to scope out some of the other salons in your area to find one that really suits you and your needs.

In my opinion, the best place to get a truly luxurious manicure with all the trimmings is at a spa.

These businesses thrive off premium services that give you that deep relaxation you have been looking for.

Yes, they may be a little pricier, but it’s so worth it.

If you are unable to actually get to any of these places, some businesses provide a service where you can hire a nail technician to come to your home.

This is definitely the more expensive option, but if you really want a luxury manicure and can’t go to them, you may need to pay for them to come to you.

Can You DIY A Luxury Manicure?

It isn’t really possible to DIY a luxury manicure; you can definitely DIY the actual manicure part, but the relaxation aspect is hard to achieve on your own hands.

In fact, it’ll just feel like you’re rubbing your hands like you usually do. 

The whole premise of a luxury manicure is that you are being pampered by someone else. You get to sit back, relax, and get a truly premium experience as you get your nails done. 

Now, if you don’t mind missing out on the massage, exfoliation, nail treatments, etc., then, by all means, you can paint your nails yourself with nail polish.

In fact, this is the cheapest way of getting your nails done, as you can purchase a decent nail lacquer at most pharmacies for a couple of bucks a bottle.

However, if it’s the luxury manicure you want with the atmosphere and pampering, you won’t want to DIY this one.

How Much Is A Luxury Manicure?

A luxury manicure can cost anywhere from $30 to $120, depending on where you go to get it done and the services offered.

The cost of your luxury manicure will depend on where you actually get it done.

At a salon, you’ll typically spend a lot less than if your luxury manicure is booked at a spa or a luxury resort. 

Because it’s such a wide difference between the cheapest and the most expensive luxury manicures, it’s always best to decide what your budget is and then ring around to see what places fit your budget before you book your appointment. 

But I bet you’re wondering why luxury manicures at a spa are so much more expensive than at a salon.

Well, there are a few things. Firstly, Spas are just more expensive. They have higher running costs and larger staff bodies to pay for. 

They also tend to use top-end brands, which are naturally going to cost more.

On top of that, when you go to a spa for a luxury manicure or any other service, you are paying for the atmosphere, the music, and perhaps even those super fluffy white robes. 

Going to a spa for a luxury manicure is a whole experience and not just a service. This also means it’s usually not something you’ll indulge in every week. 

Are You Ready To Get A Luxury Manicure?

A luxury manicure is a really special experience.

Designed to leave you feeling relaxed and pampered as you get your nails done.

However, it can be a little pricier and take a little longer than a regular manicure.

So, a luxury manicure is more of a once-in-a-blue-moon type experience rather than a weekly one.

However, if you can budget for a weekly luxury manicure, I’m insanely jealous, and nothing is stopping you from treating yourself right.

Get on the phone and book that premium service because you definitely deserve it. 

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