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What Is A Collagen Manicure? [All You Need To Know]

Have you come across a collagen manicure? Perhaps you’ve read about it in a magazine, seen it on a spa/salon menu, or even heard friends talk about it. It’s a relatively new thing, so in this article, I will talk you through all you’ll likely want (and need to know ), so you can decide for yourself if you want to get one!

So, what is a collagen manicure? A collagen manicure is a regular manicure with the added process of applying collagen serum or cream to your hands and nails. Often the collagen product is contained in gloves that you have to put on for transfer/soaking. Some collagen manicures are extra luxurious and involve things like hot stone massages. 

So, in essence, a collagen manicure could be an acrylic, gel, shellac, dip manicure, or just one with regular nail polish.

Essentially, you’re paying for the added service of this collagen soak! That’s how to view it.

With this in mind, let’s find out more about what a collagen mani involves, what it costs, and where to get one if you like the sound of it!

Why Is Collagen Used In A Collegen Manicure?

Collagen is used in a collagen manicure to improve, moisturize and rejuvenate skin and nail health, helping to nourish them and provide them with elasticity, hydration, and the raw building blocks to grow and strengthen. 

Collagen is the main protein found in your skin (and nails), and as such, a collagen manicure sounds like just the ticket, doesn’t it? 

Interestingly, collagen molecules are too big to be absorbed by the skin. That means that most collagen serums actually contain products that help promote collagen in the skin, as opposed to collagen itself. 

These ingredients usually consist of peptides, hyaluronic acid, glycolic acid, antioxidants, and bakuchiol. Retinol is very good, but some people can be sensitive to it. 

But then, why apply collagen to the skin if we cannot absorb it? Well, putting collagen on your skin and nails will help moisturize and hydrate them.

But wait, there’s more. 

All collagen serums don’t contain collagen. They contain ingredients that help your skin to produce more collagen. As such, they may be very beneficial in the anti-aging process! 

Some collagen serums contain both collagen and ingredients that will help your skin produce more collagen on its own. 

You can ask your nail technician or spa professional what collagen serum they will be using and what ingredients it contains. 

What Does A Collagen Manicure Consist Of?

A collagen manicure involves the preparation of your nails, a nail style, and a design of your choosing before you finish up with a collagen soak.

One thing to consider here is exactly what you get, and the order of a collagen manicure does vary.

The collagen is usually applied in the form of a serum, gel, or cream, but sometimes that’s incorporated into a glove. 

Meaning that the person giving you a manicure may put gloves on your hands at some point during the manicure. 

Other spa professionals prefer to massage the serum into the hands and nails, then wrap the hands in warm towels. 

Yet other professionals will offer other takes on how the serum is administered on the skin–perhaps it’s simply massaged into the skin. 

Obviously, the application of collagen is not the only part of a collagen manicure! 

Normally a manicure involves a hand massage–sometimes also a forearm or even a shoulder massage. 

Usually, your hands are soaked in a nice hand bath for a while, too. Perhaps it contains essential oils, like lavender. This tends to happen before applying hand cream. 

The manicurist will also file and shape the edge of your nails, buff your nails, and treat your cuticles. Lastly, they will apply polish if this is part of the manicure. 

How Long Do Collagen Manicures Last?

Your hands will likely remain hydrated for a couple of hours–depending on your normal skincare routine; this may last longer. The effect on your cuticles will last longer–not only have they been hydrated, but they have also been tended to. 

As for your nails, it depends on what polish is used (if any). 

A regular polish will last three to seven days; gel polish lasts two to three weeks (maximum), hard gel nails four to six weeks maximum (though you likely need a refill after three weeks), and acrylic nails for about six to eight weeks, though you’d need refills long before then! 

Where To Get A Collagen Manicure

Collagen manicures are still pretty new on the market, so not many spas and nail salons offer them. They’re actually pretty hard to find!

When I had a look around, only about three results came up for spas offering collagen manis. 

However, as we all know, Google favors spas near you, and I’m not in an area where there any many active spas or salons that offer this.

Chances are upscale spas, and nail salons are more likely to offer collagen manicures than small salons that offer limited services. 

Likewise, somewhat cheaper, but larger spas may offer them.

You’ll have to shop around to see what local spas offer them–pop it in Google (hint: if you allow Google to access your location, you’ll get more local results). 

Can You DIY A Collagen Manicure?

You can absolutely do your own collagen manicure. You just need to apply some collagen serum at the end. 

Though having a manicure at home just isn’t the same, is it? As you won’t have anyone else massaging your hands unless you get together with friends to do it!

That said, it can be relaxing to soak your hands in warm water, prep and paint your nails, and apply a nice collagen hand cream or serum. 

You can also try buying collagen gloves. 

As mentioned previously, check the ingredient list. Some say they contain vegan collagen, but that doesn’t exist.

Usually, the vegan versions contain amino acids found in collagen or ingredients that promote collagen production. 

How Much Is A Collagen Manicure?

A collagen manicure can cost anywhere from $40-$100 (and sometimes more). The total price depends on what’s included, the kind of package you are after, the expertise of the manicurist, the location, and the quality of the product used.

Just consider the price for a regular manicure usually sets you back anywhere from $10-$40, with the average landing somewhere around $25. 

However, with polish, the price goes up. 

And with something extra like a collagen treatment, the price will be more too.

Chances are it will cost more than $50, but in a small town, or a cheaper district of town, it may also be less.