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How To File Almond Nails – The #1 Technique Used By Professionals….

You’ve seen the elegant Almond Nails Shape and are wondering How To File Almond Nails yourself.  In this article, we will explain how. If your nail length is already sufficient, you can go for the almond nails shape straight away through this guide and tutorial. For those of you with short nails, we suggest that you wait for couple of weeks and let your nails grow out. This way, you’ll be in prime position and can create the curves with ease.

So without further ado, here is how to file almond nails.

What You Will Need

For Nail Preparation:

For Filing

How To File Almond Nails

Before you start, you will want to sanitize your nails and make sure that they are clean. We advise that you use a soap and/or hand wash and make sure to scrub away any dirt that may be lingering under your nails.

Now you can begin with your nail prep. The first thing that you will want to do is push back your cuticles with a cuticle pusher. The reason we do this is to get any  dead, dry skin away from the nail bed.  A benefit of using a cuticle pusher, as opposed to cutting the cuticle, is that this will prevent you from cutting living tissue. If you was to use a cutter, you can cause damage to the cuticle (causing the nail to grow out incorrectly) and harm yourself in the process.

After pushing back the cuticle, you should next use a file sander to lightly buff the nail plate.  This will remove the natural shine  from your nail.

So when you are filing of the natural shine, you are going to want to use a low speed on your E-file. You will want to lightly kiss the top of the nail. Although we recommend using an E-File because it is much easier to shape, you can also do this with hand filing. You will want to make sure that you are using a 180 medium-grip file – the 240 buffer would be a little too fine and you dont want to use your coarse grip file on top of your nail as this will cause the nail to shred. Be careful and try not too apply to much pressure so take it lightly.

Now always remember to dust off your nails so that you have a clean surface to work with. Your nails are now perfectly primed and ready to create the Almond Nails Shape.

The number one reason why you are probably asking the question: How To Shape Almond Nails, is because symmetry is not easy. We are going to show you how to create a symmetrical shape by using a guide.

Take your white acrylic paint and draw a central line down the middle of your nail.

Then you want to align your brush from the sidewall to to the centre line:

How To File Almond Nails
How To Shape Almond Nails

Then, take yoursecond 150 coarse grip file. You are using the coarse file to eliminate the side of your nails quickly and easily – the coarse providing the rough texture to be able to do this.

File the side of your nails, going in the same direction and following the same angle as your guide. You will of course do this on both sides of your nail.

From here, move onto your 240 coarse file to finish filing the edges. The reason for this is that by using a 240 you can smooth and seal the nail so it doesn’t get caught  or snagged on anything.

Before, and with the 150 file, the idea is to remove and eliminate most of the nail.

Once you move onto the 240 file, you are really shaping the nail. So once you get to the end of your nail, swoop the tip. This will give you a nice curved edge and create that Almond Nails Shape.

Whilst filing, the idea is to stay away from your guide (acrylic white painted almond shape) – you do not want to get too close until you are finished.

Once you have finished filing, clean the paint of your nails with rubbing alcohol (or suitable equivalent) and clean once more under your nails. Remove any excess.

And that’s it – you now know how to file almond nails! You can get started right away 🙂

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