Best Nail File For Weak Nails [2021 Buyers Guide]

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If you have weak nails, that are likely to snap and to break, then buying the right nail file can make all the difference. The Best Nail File for your Weak Nails is one that not only protects your nails, but is easy to use, cost-effective and long-lasting.

Ensuring that you have the best tools for your nail care when your nails are brittle, will be dramatic, and will ensure that you can continue to file them, strengthen them and grow them in the process.

Purchasing a nail file sounds relatively straight forward, but with so many different options available – ranging in material and price, it can be difficult to identify which one is best for you.

Here, we take a look at some of the best files that you can currently buy.

I recently purchased several different nail fails for specific use on my own weak nails.  I have done a ton of research into the different types and brands available to see which one was the best.

In the end, there are several nail files which can do an excellent job and there are very few differences between them.  While there are a few files in which you will want to avoid which I’ll highlight in this post, your decision will likely be made by which one you find most suitable and preferable at your most affordable price. Having said that, my favorite nail file is the Zeva Austrian Nail File, followed by the the Malva Belle Crystal Glass Nail File and the Diamancel Diamond Nail File (very expensive),

If you want to take care of your nails, strengthen/grow them, and impress your friends, you’re going to need to have a file that you can rely on.

Files are, of course, a fantastic way to keep your nails in tip-top condition.

So I would like to outline to you in this post the very best nail files for your weak nails, so that you can shape your nails without any risk.

Best Nail File For Weak Nails

While there are many different nail files available to purchase, you can breathe easy knowing that I’m about to give you the benefits and drawbacks of a few options to guide your search.

Be sure to take a look at all the filed listed below. All of which are from reputable and proven brands whose products come with sound and solid positive customer reviews. #5 may very well be a better option for YOU than #1.

1. Zeva Austrian Crystal Nail File (Editors Choice)

Best Nail file For Weak Nails

If a friend were to ask me what file to get, my short answer would be to get The Zeva Austrian Nail File. Its my personal favorite.

Unlike the other files on the list, the Zeva Austrian File is made from Ceramic and Aluminum Oxide (commonly known as Austrian Crystal).

I’m very impressed with this file due to its dual-purpose usage – brought about by its material.

Not only can you use the Nail File to shape your weak nails easily and effectively without causing damage and pain, but the Ceramic and Aluminum Oxide has the unique ability to promote Nail Growth.

It does this by creating a seal on your nails (and in turn strengthening them) minimizing any risk of potential splitting or cracking.

I’ve noticed that my nails are considerably stronger since using this file.

Just like all the files that I have reviewed and included here, the Zeva file is very durable and can be used for long periods before needing replacement. In fact, I am yet to replace the Zeva File that I bought 2 years ago and have left in my salon.

Because it has rounded ends, it is also very easy to clean your cuticles which aids in the usage of this file.

The added benefit of purchasing the Zeva file, is that your nails will be able to get stronger with more frequent and regular use, so I would advise that you use daily or every other day (or as required depending on your nail health and length).

Additionally, due to the unique material that makes up this file, you can use more force, and get more out of less force, when filing. This minimizes the risk of causing damage to your nails, or potentially breaking and snapping them.

Finally, to round of this complete file, it comes with an eloquent storage case, making it a terrific file for use on the go.

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2. Malva Belle Crystal Glass Nail File (Best Bargain)

Crystal Nail File

If you’re limited on budget but want a premium nail file for your weak nails, I would suggest without hesitation that you get a Malva Belle Crystal Glass Nail File. It comes with a immensely favorable collection of positive reviews on Amazon.

The file itself has been designed with finely-ridged edges on both sides – it feels incredibly smooth and really helps to quickly and effectively file your nails.

Its not only slim but a great portable size (just 5.5 inches long) making it super easy to transport (comes in a beautiful Matte Pastel Pink protective travel case).

I have personally used this file on my own natural, acrylic and gel nails, and have been equally impressed as to how it performed on all three!

As a result I have less peeling, breaking, and less issues with my nail cuticles since I began using it.

Its simple to use and provides you with tan easy to use tool to create a great manicure from the comfort of your own home.

I like to use this file to gently shape and eliminate ridges, whereas I know of others who use this file to to smooth and buffer their nails.

For me, the best part is the price, the Malva Belle cannot be rivaled or beaten – its a incredibly cost effective file that will last you for years to come, and will not set you back to much initially!

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3. Diamancel Diamond Nail File (Premium Choice).

Diamancel Nail File

The premium choice on the list is the Diamancel Diamond Nail File – its the most costly file that I have personally used but it is a brilliant choice is you can afford it.

If you are very serious about restoring your nail health, or if you have some extra money to spend, then it’s tough to beat the Diamancel Diamond Nail File. It’s an incredible file, but you have to pay for the quality.

It was designed specifically for weak nails in mind, because it shape enables you to work finely on short and thin nails.

I love the way that you can smooth out nail edges easily, and the way in which you can file precisely on your target areas (without filing away parts of your nail that are seeing growth). I’m yet to experience any rips or hangnails when using this file.

This file is very easy to clean. I have found that the best way to clean this fine file is to use a soft nail brush, dampen it slightly in water, and go smoothly over the file to remove any residue. Once its dry its good to reuse or put away.

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4. Leighton Denny Crystal Nail File 

Leighton Denny File for Nails

Leighton Denny is an industry-wide renowned name. She has won Nail Technician of the Year four times, and as such she is considered a true expert in her field. Her professional Crystal Nail File is one of the best products across her collection and has been positively received in terms of the reviews.

For starters, I love the strong and portable aluminium case the file is presented it. Its great for travelling and transporting on the go, and is small enough to put in your handbag, and big enough to find!

In terms of performance, its considerably better than a standard emery board, and you will have a lot greater control and ability to file your weak nails without the risk of breaking your nails.

Its slim in structure, but also feels sturdy and comfortable in the palm of your hand when you file away at your nails.

Its great for particularly tough and brittle nail tips, leaving you with clean and neat finish.

Its also incredibly easy to clean, and can be done so with just a rinse under hot water.

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5. Bona Fide Beauty Crystal Nail File

Bona Fide Crystal Nail File

The Bona Fide Beauty glass nail file was brought to my attention by the sheer number of positive Amazon Reviews it has (over 2700!) These reviews are all highly positive, and this file is being used by thousands on their weak nails to help shape and strengthen their nails back to good health.

The file itself is made from strong Czech glass, which is notorious for it durability and long-lasting capabilities.

I love the fact that this nail file is built to last and can be used hundreds of times without wearing away – its regarded for its consistency and ability to be used frequently without losing its effectiveness.

An additional benefit to this file, is that it has been designed with a non-porous surface. This stops bacteria growing which is crucial in helping you to restore your weak nails.

Its very easy to clean and store, as it comes in an excellent and nimble storage case.

Being made from glass, its an excellent file for soft, brittle and weak nails. Unlike traditional emery boards and paper files, you can even use a Glass file with more force and power without causing further damage to your nail.

One of the things I did not particularly like was how it actually looks. I’m not quite sure I like the red color, but this may be just me so don’t let me put you off!

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6. OPI Crystal Nail File

OPI File

If you haven’t yet heard of OPI, then you will do from this moment forward. In fact, you are likely to purchase their nail lacquers at some point because these are truly brilliant.

Down to their name alone and notoriety across the nail industry, I just had to take a look at the OPI Crystal Nail File.

I don’t personally have much experience with the OPI file, but it’s well-reviewed.

Marginally bigger at only 5.6″, the OPI Crystal Nail file is brilliant for smoothing your nails. It has a great thinness, which will enable you to get to the corner of your nails with relative ease.

If you are yet to use a glass or crystal file, I would recommend that you choose a slightly cheaper alternative (i.e. the Malva Belle above).

But if you are happy to pay a little bit more, then it is worth investing in this one. A lot of reviews outline that the OPI Crystal File lasts from anywhere between 1-5 years!

The only real downside, and one of the reasons why it doesn’t make the top 3 is due to the case. Whilst it does come with one, and can be used for transporting the file, it isn’t particularly strong nor glamorous.

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Nail Files To Avoid

Now we have discussed the Files that you want to consider, there are also a number of files that you want to avoid.

For the most part, you want to avoid any traditional Metal Nail File and any Emery Board.

These are widely renowned for leaving your nails thinner and vulnerable. They are too rough and harsh on your nail tips, which will cause them to either split or effect their future growth. They can create small tears in your nails which not only will feel immensely uncomfortable, but this can create an environment where bacteria can grow and develop (causing nail fungus and other unhygienic pathogens).

Moreover, when using a traditional Metal Nail File or Emery Board, you need to be a lot more precise and gentle. This can become rather tedious and mundane, which in my eyes, is just not worth it!

However, glass nail files actually seal in the keratin layers of your nails to prevent chipping and peeling for stronger, smoother nails.

The Verdict

Overall, the Zeva Austrian Ceramic Nail File came out as our deserved winner and is our prime recommendation. I have been blown away by how effective the file has been, and being able to not only file your nail but to help strengthen it in the process is a fantastic benefit.

By choosing the correct nail file and perhaps investing in a natural nail repair product, you’ll be able to strengthen your nails in no time. Let us know what you think, and drop a comment below!

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