Best Nail Art Kits [Buyer’s Guide – Reviewed 2021]

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Nail Art can transform your nails. There are a tonne of potential designs  and styles that you can try. However, researching to find the Best Nail Art Kits takes a considerable amount of time and can be quite overwhelming. Almond Nails have done the hard work so you dont have to.

Today we are going to reveal our recommendations following hours of research (building on the experiences and expertise of our Nail Technician Editors and Friends over the past seven years), including working on our own nails, and thousands of clients and customers.

While nail art can look impressive,  it can be difficult to apply and attending a salon regularly is expensive. Most nail art kits are difficult to apply and require a nail technician to put them on for you.

Thats why, we’ve rounded up and reviewed the best options available  so you can create your own perfect nails in your very own home and save you a lot of money in the process.

Our Top 5 list are all available for under $15! Thats right no kidding. But this doesn’t mean that they are not high quality – they most certainly are:

So without further ado – these are the picks!

Best Nail Art Kits 2021

Choosing a Nail Art Kit depends on a number of factors and there is not one Nail Art Kit that would be be best for everyone.

These factors include the shape of your nails, whether you have natural or acrylic nails, what design you are hoping to achieve and your budget. Because of these reasons, we’ve taken a look across the market and at the various options available.

Our list below only includes the best currently available.  Each and every one listed has been chosen by our specialist reviewers.

1. Pixnor RUIMIO 5 Proffessional Nail Art Kit (Editors Choice)

Best Nail Art Kits

The Pixnor RUIMO 5 Proffessional Nail Art Kit tops our list.

There is no denying that the Pixnor RUIMIO series have become sort of a benchmark for the top of the line consumer nail kits. Although they are made with beginners in mind, they are equally alluring for the most professionals out there.

Why? Because it is the most practical nail art kit and is available at an incredibly affordable price.  The Professional Nail Artist includes a complete palette of tools and all the materials that you can use to create stunning designs.

We were particularly impressed with the tools included:

  • 15 nail art professional brushes in a range of sizes – easy to clean, durable and suitable for a wide range of nail-decoration tasks and effects. 
  • A full suite of 3-D decorations, including gold and silver studs.
  • Nail Art Kit case with a rotating lid that only exposes one small compartment at a time so you never have to worry about accidentally spilling hundreds of tiny items all over your floor.
  • A selection of 5 different size of dotting pens create many forms of dots.
  • 12 colors of nail-art rhinestones in different colors

One of the best features of this kit are the range of dotting tools which come in different sizes. These are particularly useful for designing.

    • This is one of the most affordable and complete Nail Art Kits
    • Particularly good for a beginner
  • Great for Natural and Acrylic Nails
  • No Nail Glue, Stickers or Glitter provided in the Kit

2. Beaute Galleria Nail Art Kit Bundle  

Best Nail Art Kits

The next Nail Art Kit on our list has everything you need to get started. It includes over 50 pieces from brushes, to dotting pens to stripping tape.

We have owned the Beaute Galleria Nail Art Kit Bundle for quite some time, and it is as good now after a lot of use as the first time we used it. Why? Because the quality of the materials.

There’s a wide range of brushes including stripping brushes which can be very useful useful. Further the striping tape they provide is very generous and lasts a long time. This ensures you can do your nails over and over again.

The Beaute Galleria Nail Art Kit Bundle  is similarly affordable, just like the Pixnor above. It also comes with a pouch for storing your brushes and travelling on the go.

  • Over 50 Items including high quality brushes and tape.
  • Travel and Storage Pouch
  • No Tutorials/DVD or application documentation.

3. Nail Art Tools Manicure Kit 

Best Nail Art Kits

This kit is one of our favorites, despite being unbranded like the others on our list.   The reviews on Amazon fully reflect how great this kit is, most likely because you not only receive beautiful decorative rhinestones, but elegant Tape Line stickers too.

The 15-piece brush set is diverse, helping you to design with finer detail. Included are flat fan brushes, line-drawing brushes, dotting brushes, fan brushes and angled brushes.  You will also get the dotting tools (x5) to help with your designs.

Where this Nail Art Kit really stands out is the 2 boxes of multicolor nail rhinestones accessories
and the nail striping tape sticker rolls. This kit really does offer endless designs.

This is a great set and is suitable for a range of ages, but would be a fantastic choice for younger girls.

  • Wide range of Rhinestone Accessories and Stickers
  • Easy to apply.
  • Brush quality not as good as others on our list
  • Not as well packaged when delivered as others on our list.

4. Mudder Nail Art Kit

Best Nail Art Kits

At number 4 we take a look back at another branded option. The next offering we have at our hands is the Mudder Nail Art Kit.

The Mudder Nail Art Kit is capable of letting you easily create a variety of nail art designs with a great all-in-one set of brushes and nail art supplies. The 15 Pieces brush set covers the range of brushes you’ll need, including flat fan brushes, line-drawing brushes, dotting brushes, angled brushes, etc. The brush set can be applied to create different shapes, lines, designs and writing. You’ll also be provided with double-ended dotting pens to use for different marbleizing desires, one end with a larger ball and another end with a smaller one, 10 different sizes ranging from small to large dots. It can be applied to natural nails, false nails, acrylic nails. If that inst enough you’ll get 12 colour rhinestones that you can apply. Finally the kit comes with Soft gradient nails sponges that you can reuse as many times with the colors that are applied. They’re great for getting hard to access areas!

From the looks, it may seem that the Mudder Nail Kit is actually better than the competition, especially with the competitive price, but it doesn’t exist without its flaws. In case you are wondering, there are some obvious flaws to the drone, and we are going to see which ones there are.

While the kit itself looks pretty complete, there’s no r case making it not so travel-friendly.
  • Wide range of  colour Rhinestone
  • No travel case
  • No glitter or stickers.

5. VAGA Proffessional Nail Art Kit

Best Nail Art Kits

Despite being last, the Vaga Proffessional Nail Art Kit remains as one of my favorite Nail Kits in the list.  The minimalist design makes this kit really stand out.

Now as you can tell by the name, this nail kit is more inclined towards professionals. However, you should be glad to know that this kit is incredibly suitable for beginners too. The reason in why it appears to be for professionals is because it has over 3000 rhinestones included! Now thats a lot of rhinestones for a beginner!

Now before we start digging deeper into the details, you should know that the Vega Proffessional Kit shares a close resemblance to the Mudder kit listed above. As much as they seem alike you can easily differentiate the two, and its primarily due to the fact that the Vega doesnt contain sponges, but instead contained a lot more rhinestones. Although the affordable price tag may lead you to believe that the Vega isn’t the best quality, this isn’t true. The Vega professional kit happens to have some of the best brushes available.

This set includes: a white wax rhinestones picker pencil, 2000 2mm round black and silver rhinestones in storage case, 3000 rhinestones in mixed colors in storage case, 15 nail art brushes with white handles and 5 double ended dotting tools with 10 different dot sizes.

Its clear to see that it isn’t the biggest nail kit on this list but it sure does provide quality. The Black and Silver rhinestones look elegant when applied, and these are the kind of colors that will transform your designs.

  • Black and Silver Rhinestones
  • High Quality Brushes
  • Less items, such as Sponges, than provided with other kits on the list.

Top Rated Nail Art Kits

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We hope you enjoyed this buyers guide and wish you all the success with your Nail Art, Designs and Styles!