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Acrylic Nails When Pregnant? [Can You Have This Manicure?]

Whether you’ve got that pregnancy glow or are still green from morning sickness, when it’s time for your next manicure, you might find yourself hesitating. Pregnancy can change a lot of things: No sushi, no cold deli meats. Could no acrylics be on the list, as well? Here is what you need to know.

So, can you get acrylic nails while pregnant? It is generally safe to get acrylic nails while pregnant. There are no dangers from the nails themselves. However, you will need to take some precautions. Fumes from the process can make you feel nauseous – so it is essential you visit a well-ventilated salon and limit exposure to chemical products as much as possible during your visit. 

Good news.

Acrylic nails are still in.

And thankfully, it’s not too complicated to get this manicure safely. 

Just be sure to keep on reading – it will put your nerves at ease, I promise!  

Are Acrylic Nails Safe During Pregnancy?

Acrylic nails are generally safe during pregnancy. However, there can be issues with how they are applied and time spent within the salon.

With pregnancy come a plethora of worries. Should you switch to decaf only? Are you drinking enough water? 

It’s only natural that your manicure is added to this list. 

After all, acrylic nails are applied using strong-smelling chemicals, and it’s not uncommon for the salon worker applying them to wear gloves.

 Could it be possible that you’ll have to do without until your baby is born?

The good news is that acrylic nails are perfectly safe for pregnant women!

There have been no studies showing that there will be any damage to the fetus from the brief exposure to chemicals used in applying acrylics. 

In fact, because pregnancy often results in stronger nails, you might even get better results than before.

Of course, there are some things to watch out for. 

Before you pack up and haul your belly out to the nearest salon, make sure that you do your due diligence. 

Acrylic nails won’t hurt you, but the environment you get them done in might.

First, only go to a salon that has good ventilation. 

That will make a difference to your overly sensitive nose. 

Likewise, if you’re in the midst of morning sickness, maybe choose one that has a readily accessible restroom. 

That way, you won’t have to wander through old boxes to get to a place where you can be sick in peace.

Second, only go to a clean, reputable, and hygienic salon. Check reviews for this ahead of time.

While a nail infection is unlikely to hurt your baby, you don’t want to take any chances if you can avoid them. 

Choose a salon that appears spotless and that doesn’t reuse tools without being sanitized completely first. 

Even if you’re only getting acrylics, germs could be anywhere. So give yourself your best shot at being healthy!

Third, be ready to take breaks. 

Sometimes, even in the most well-ventilated and spotless space, you’ll begin to feel light-headed. 

This could be from fumes or just from the smell.

Don’t be afraid to ask to take a break. A good manicurist will know how to accommodate you. 

And it’s much better than losing your lunch all over the table.

Are The Fumes From Acrylic Nails Harmful?

Fumes from acrylic nails can be harmful. While only being around them for a short time is unlikely to cause harm, extended periods of high exposure can. So, make sure that your salon is well-ventilated and do not spend too long there. And don’t be afraid to wear a mask or even goggles!

Here’s the part that the nail artist extraordinaire is probably not going to like: you do need to worry about the fumes. 

While it’s unlikely that you’ll be around them long enough to do any real damage, health problems from them are possible. 

Work in a salon, or spend a great deal of time where acrylics are applied? 

Then your risk of a bad reaction goes up. 

There are many different chemicals used in applying a set of acrylic nails, and almost all of them have some sort of warning about inhaling them.

And that’s if you’re not pregnant! 

For those that are, this becomes more serious.

As mentioned above, ventilation is essential. 

Having a salon that can quickly deal with fumes is a must when getting acrylics while pregnant. 

It drastically lowers the chance of ill effects and also cuts down on the smell that the chemicals might cause. 

It might take a little effort to find a salon like this, but it will be worth it!

The last thing that you want is to have your acrylic nails applied in a closed-off room with no circulation or windows. 

Before your actual manicure, ask to see where you’ll be getting your nails done. 

See if there is a strong chemical smell from the fumes lingering. 

If there are lingering odors, consider going to another salon for your nails. 

Or, ask if they have an exhaust fan or other ventilation system.

Then there are steps that you can take to protect yourself. 

One is something you’ve probably grown used to doing: wear a mask! 

The same kind that you’ve worn during quarantine can help, but a dust mask is even better. 

If you don’t mind looking like you stepped out of a maternity fashion shoot for Science weekly, you can even strap on some goggles. 

You can never be too careful of your cargo, right?

How To Keep Safe While Having Acrylics While Pregnant 

Start by choosing a good salon. It should be clean and well-ventilated. Let them know that you are pregnant when booking the appointment. Make sure you come in just to give it a once-over before you get your nails done. Bring a mask (cloth works, but a dust mask is preferable) to protect you in case of fumes. Feeling bold or extra-worried? Bring goggles!

There are many ways that you can get around the potentially dangerous fumes so that you can get the nails you’ve been waiting for. 

Even when pregnant, it’s possible to get them done right. 

All that it takes is a little extra effort before you get started.

To start, make sure that you’re choosing a high-quality salon to do the work. 

This isn’t the right time to go for the bargain nail salon in your area. 

You want a place with experts that have experience in working with pregnant women. 

In fact, be sure that you mention your condition when making the appointment! 

Some salons have special accommodations for pregnant women. 

If nothing else, they can be sure the path to the restroom is clear, in case you have to make a run for it.

As previously mentioned, the salon should also be clean and well-ventilated for your comfort and safety. 

Dropping by before your appointment can show you exactly what you can expect while having acrylics applied. 

Because the fumes can be dangerous or make you sick, particularly early in pregnancy, you should avoid them as much as possible.

When you walk into the nail salon, you shouldn’t be immediately overcome by the smell of fumes. 

If you are, you need to pick another one.

Of course, there are things that you can do to protect yourself. 

Wearing a mask is great. 

Wearing a dust mask designed to catch small particles is even better. 

Both of them will offer some protection against fumes. 

Feeling paranoid? Don’t be afraid to wear goggles! They’ll protect your eyes.

Other Manicure Options To Consider While Pregnant

Almost anything is safe! For the top in safety, looking for manicure options that don’t cause a lot of fumes. With nails that are longer and stronger, it might be the right time to go natural, or maybe add a little polish to the mix.

What are other manicure options out there for pregnant women? Basically, all of them! 

There aren’t really any truly dangerous nail choices that a pregnant woman can make. 

Fumes remain the biggest problem but aren’t normally bad enough to cause any real problems. 

Smell, when you’re particularly sensitive, can be a pain. 

But, other than that, you should feel free to experiment!

Are your nails growing faster than before? Pregnancy often leads to longer, stronger nails than you’ve ever experienced. 

This is the time to take advantage of this! 

Why not skip falsies altogether and just enjoy what you have? 

Grab your favorite shade of nail polish, and get to work. 

With a little creative shaping and a glossy top coat, you might not miss your acrylics at all.

If you want to avoid salons and their fumes, you can also try a DIY nail kit. This one from Amazon is particularly good!

They don’t last as long, but you’ll be limiting your exposure to fumes. 

Just make sure you let the glue dry in a well-ventilated space. Or even work outside.

The safest of all? Learn to love the nails you have for the next nine months or so. 

If you’re getting acrylics to look like long, healthy, natural nails, why not see if you can grow them yourself? 

Nourishing base coats and things of that nature might only add to the glow you’re feeling. 

And you won’t be bothered by a nail popping off while trying to open the bathroom door for the eighteenth time that day.


Getting an acrylic nail manicure while pregnant is possible.

But there are certain ways to go about it; the safety of you and your unborn baby should always take priority.

So that means doing all you can to minimizing chemical fume exposure.

While some exposure is inevitable – masks, goggles, limited time in the salon, sticking close to the windows, and taking frequent breaks to go outside – all these can help tremendously.

Sure it may make you feel a little inconvenienced, but it’s the least you can and should do. 

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