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How To Get Sparkly Nail Polish Off

In this article, I am going to show you the best way that professionals and experts in the industry use to remove glitter polishes. This is How To Get Sparkly Nail Polish Off.

Now you might have noticed that there have been many new glitter nail polishes that have come out in recent collections, and whilst I personally really love them as they look really fun and sparkly,  they’re just really really annoying and difficult to remove.

If you ever have put on a glitter polish you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about!

The Traditional Method:

The Traditional method is to use Cotton Rounds with Regular Nail Polish Remover.

Basically what you do is apply nail polish remover to a cotton ball and press it down onto your nails.

From here, you scrub at your nails until your nail polish is weakened to the point where you can wipe off the glitter polish.

You can basically scrub and scrub and scrub and you’ll notice that you are going to really struggle to remove the polish.

Regular Nail Polish Remover on Cotton Rounds does not do a very good job of removing glitter polish!

Firstly, most Nail Polish Removers are created with cheap and harsh chemicals.

We’ve actually written a guide on the Best Nail Polish Removers

These are much more effective and promote the health, strength, growth, and natural shine of your nails.

Thankfully, there are a couple of others and much much better ways that you can use to take off glitter polish, so let’s get started.

Using Felt

The first way is using Felt. That’s right, the material that is usually used for arts and crafts!

It doesn’t have to be anything special, but just a regular Felt like this.

You can take the Felt and cut it down further into little sections and use that just as you would with a Cotton Round.

As stated above we suggest if you decide to use Felt that you invest in a Natural Nail Polish Remover.

You can then use that on the Felt and scrub like you would with the traditional method.

Felt is much more durable than Cotton Rounds so this holds much better against glitter polish and will help you to remove it.

Whilst this is better than the traditional method, unfortunately, some glitter polish is really heavy-duty so even with Felt material, you are going to struggle to get it off by scrubbing.

So I’m going to show you right now a trick that shows you how to get off even the most difficult to remove nail polish glitter.

Not only that, I will show you an alternative that mean you can remove sparkly nail polish without even having to do any rubbing whatsoever!

The Best Way To Get Sparkly Nail Polish Off

So you’re going to need some Cotton Rounds and you’re also going to need some Nail Polish Remover.

The recommended and remover I use is Pure Vitality Beauty

You’re also going to need some regular Tin Foil.

Now because I don’t like to waste a lot of Tin Foil, I often first cut some squares out which is going to be used for each nail:

Firstly you are going to take a Cotton Rounds and divide this in two.

Just so that it’s a little bit thinner because that means you can use less polish remover and also less Cotton Rounds.

how to get sparkly nail polish off

You can always fold your Cotton Rounds in half to make sure you get more use out of the packet.

Now, what you’re going to do is you’re going to just take your Nail Polish Remover and really douse your Cotton piece with a lot of removers.

Ideally, you want it to be really wet.

Then you’re going to put this right on top of the nail and then really quickly before the formula starts drying, you’re going to want to take the Tin Foil and just wrap it really really
tight your finger.

Once you’ve done one finger, go ahead and do this to all of your nails.

You’ll want to repeat the process:

  1. Soaking a half Cotton Round in plenty of Nail Polish Remover
  2. Apply Cotton Round with formula to Nail
  3. Before It drys, apply Tin Foil and wrap it tight.
how to get sparkly nail polish off

How It Works

The Tin Foil works because it keeps the Cotton pad doused with the nail polish remover.

It keeps it wet while the formula is working on your fingernail.

What To Do Next

Now that all of your fingers have Cotton Rounds applied and Tin Foil holding them down, you will then want to just let them all sit for around five minutes.

You also don’t want to do anything at this time; you can just meditate, or watch some TV, essentially you want to keep your nails relatively still.

After the 5 minutes is up, basically you just slip each nails’ Tin Foil and Cotton Roundoff. And this is where the magic happens!

The Sparkly Nail Polish and glitter will be in there and will have been removed from each of your nails.

It’s really really easy.

If any pieces of glitter/polish are still intact and remain on the nail, you can wiggle the Foil/Cotton Round a little ensuring that the Nail Polish Remover gets the last few bits.

Once you’re happy, then you can just simply pull off the Tin Foil/Cotton Round.

And that’s it!

Final Steps

Once all of your sparkly polish is removed, I would thoroughly recommend that you put on some Natural Cuticle Oil to ensure that your cuticle oils are well-nourished.

I would also advise that if you do decide to use just a regular Nail Polish Remover, you do not do this too often because using these formulas will dry out your cuticles, weaken them, and prevent them from growing.

Other Removal Hacks and Tricks

Using a Liquid Latex Base Coat

Other methods that we use regularly in our salon include using a Liquid Latex Base Coat; we stock and use Simply Peel by Bliss Kiss as it is the most effective solution we have used and have experience with.

This method is more about preventive measures and not getting your nails into a position where you cant remove your sparkly nail polish.

All you need to do is apply Liquid Latex onto your nails and let it dry completely.

Once that is completely dry, you’ll apply your glitter as usual.

So as you can see this method is actually something that you have to do beforehand so this obviously is not going to work if you are trying to remove nail polish that you had already put on without your Liquid Latex Base Coat.

So after you’ve worn in for a few hours or a few days you can just peel off the Liquid Latex with an Orange Wood Stick or even your finger if you don’t have one.

It should come off entirely and your nail will be totally and completely clean.

So the pros of this are that you can remove your polish very quickly and very effectively.

The cons of course are that you do need to apply Liquid Latex before you put your glitter nail polish on so this method is not going to be effective if you’ve already applied your glitter nail polish which is why it is not our recommended approach.

Apply Wet Nail Polish 

So as strange as this will sound, another useful method is to actually apply nail polish. This is an awesome trick that works very effectively!

Basically, you’re going to need to do this once your glitter nail polish is completely dry – it’s been on for hours or a few days.

But once you want to remove your sparkly nail polish, you then paint on a thin layer of any polish.

Then whilst it is still wet, you’re gonna take a Cotton Ball/Round soaked in nail polish remover and you’re just going to press down really hard and wipe it off.

For whatever reason this works – it removes the polish straight off of your nails!

It must be something that the wet nail polish does to the glitter polish underneath.

The pros with this are of course that it does remove the nail polish effectively and it works pretty quickly.

It’s a great backup if you know you’re in a situation where you don’t really have time to remove your nail polish and you’ve got all this glitter. It really just wipes off the nail polish really quickly.

The cons are that it does use up your nail polish; that’s some nail polish that you’re never going to be able to use because you wiped it off.

So if you don’t want to be wasteful this might not be the best method for you.

I recommend therefore you use a cheap old nail polish that you do not like or are happy to get rid of!

Final Words

I really hope you enjoyed this article on How To Get Sparkly Nail Polish Off. These are my most preferred methods because you don’t have to do any rubbing whatsoever.

Leave a comment for other article ideas that you may have and happy polish removing them!

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