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How To Dry Nail Polish Faster At Home – In 1 Minutes or Less

I know exactly how you feel. Waiting for nail polish to dry is the worst. You want to know how you can dry your Nail Polish Faster At Home.

To be able to paint your nails, and for them quickly dry and look beautiful without the need to wait around.

Besides, we’ve all got busy schedules and we want to get back to doing other things that we love and that we enjoy.

And we’ve all tried the traditional method which is tedious to say the least! Paint, blow, wait. Paint, blow, wait – and repeat, and repeat again.

And then we get impatient, we move… and then… smudge. All of that hard work and in an instant we’ve just ruined our brand new design, and wasted some nail polish in the process (and perhaps, ruined some clothing or other item around the house!)

There has to be a better way doesn’t there?

Correct, and there is…

It can take anywhere between 15-45 minutes for nail polish to totally dry – that is if you leave them to naturally air out. If you want to know how to dry nail polish faster at home, then the best three methods to speed up the drying process are: dipping your wet nails into a bowl of Ice Water, using quick-drying nail products and using cool air from a hairdryer. Every one of these options are great and recommended.

In this article today, I’d like to outline these quick, easy and cheap tricks to Dry Nail Polish Faster At Home. I’d like to outline how to do them so that can start doing this from this moment forward.

So without further ado, lets get to it…

How To Dry Nail Polish Fast

Now, the wrong advice right now would be to blow each and every nail or to wave and flap your hands around.

Instead, you can instantly dry your nails by following one of these three methods:

Method One: The Ice Bowl Technique

Step One:  The first thing you’re going to need is a bowl – it doesn’t have to be a fancy bowl either. Just a regular bowl that you have lying around the house.

Step Two:  Fill the bowl up to around halfway with cold water. You are going to want to make sure that you are not adding warm or luke-warm water or unfortunately this method will not work.

You need the water to be nice and cold.

Step Three: Add some Ice Cubes to the bowl of water (around four or five will usually suffice) but it does depend on your bowl size.

Essentially, you want to make sure that there is enough Ice Cubes to cool the water and make it very cold, but not so much that they Ice Cubes take up all of the room. (You want to leave a little bit of room for the next step)

Step Three: At this point, you are going to want to set the bowl aside and let it cool. Whilst it does this, in the interim you are going to move on to painting your nails.

The reason in why you want to prepare the bowl first is that because if you was to do it after painting your nails you risk smudging your nails (which this tutorial sets out to try and avoid!)

Step Four: Now paint your nails using the Nail Polish of your choice, being sure to create an even coat. I would advise that you do one hand at a time, so that you have your other hand freely available for use moving the bowl etc. If you struggle with this, I’ve actually written two guides that may be of help:

How To Paint Your Nails Perfectly For Beginners

How To Paint Your Nails With Your Left Hand – The Easiest Way…

Step Five Now whilst they are still wet, you are going to want to stick them right into your bowl of ice-cold water. Leave them there for around a minute. What is going to happen is that your Nail Polish is going to freeze directly onto your nails, and fast.

Once you take your nails out of the bowl, you will notice that they are completely dry.

To completely ensure that they are dry, you can even rub your nails to see how dry they are. You’ll notice that no polish comes off whatsoever and that they will not smudge or smear.

Step Six: At this stage, you can move onto your second coat and then repeat the ice cold water trick, to set the nail polish onto your nails really quickly

Step Seven: The final step is to simply repeat for your second hand, both for your base coat (or first layer) and then your top coat (or second layer of Polish if required).

This is literally all there is to it!

Method Two: Use Quick-Drying Nail Products

Now if you are yet to purchase your polish, or are looking to prevent the need to use the Ice Bowl Method in the future, a great way around this is to use Quick-Drying Nail Polish Products. There are actually a number of brands and products out there, which will be marketed as being “quick drying” for you to be able to identify.

There are actually two different options for you. You can purchase Quick Dry Drops (like these). All you need to do is once you have applied your top coat, just apply a couple of drops per nail. From here, your nails will dry in about a minute! The added benefit of these products, is that they contain a wealth of beneficial ingredients to help protect and promote the health of your nail (Jojoba Oil, Vitamin E, etc.) These have all been scientifically proven to help restore the natural strength of your nail and help them to grow out.

Alternatively, you can actually purchase fast drying Top Coats themselves, which you can apply to your nails following your first coat, and that have been formulated to dry your nail through in just a couple of minutes. I use Seche, which has thousands of positive reviews on Amazon.

By starting to purchase quick drying nail products, and to over time, replace your nail polish collection with these, you will be able to have instant drying nails in a range of colors without the need for the other two methods I have brought to you today.

Method Three: Use a Hairdryer

This is another very useful method, particularly as you probably have a Hairdryer laying around and you may be out of Ice Cubes (or not have any at all).

Here is the process of using a hairdryer:

Step One: Firstly, you will want to paint all of your nails on one hand with your Base Coat/Color Polish (depending on your preference).

Step Two: Now, use the cool air setting on your hair dry for roughly 1-2 minutes directly over your wet nails. The cool air will quickly dry your nails and as the air is cool it will prevent the polish from drying out.

Step Three: Simply repeat the process for your top coat and second hand.

Word of warning: If you decide to go with this method, first check that your dryer is set on the cool air setting before you start. You will want to roughly hold it around 10 inches away from your nails (above if possible) so that you don’t come into contact or smudge your polish accidentally.

Using warm air, or by holding your dry too close will cause your nail polish not to set right, or cause potential damage or irritation to your skin.

Final Words

If you are really impatient like me, or you have a busy schedule, these are perfect techniques to speed up the drying process of painting your nails.

In an ideal world, you would have a collection of fast drying nail products.

I understand however that you may be on a budget, or that you just want to quickly dry your nails right now with the nail polishes that you currently have.

I hope you liked this article and give this method a try. Let me know what you think and discuss your results in the comments below.