Best Nail Drill For Home Use [2021 Buyers Guide]

If you are looking to do your nails at your home, then you are going to want the Best Nail Drill to work with. The better the drill, the better the results and the happier you will ultimately be.

Some of the best advice I was ever given was to invest in my equipment. Sure, it cost a little bit upfront, but the reputation of my salon, the number of recurring bookings and the satisfaction we are able to achieve on our clients has been worth it.

The added perks of using a better nail drill is that you, it will save more time and a lot of effort along the way. The result is that you can have better nails for it and ensure your nails can apply correctly.

The Nail Drill is a wonderful accessory; it can be used to clean up the nail, cut and smooth the ridge of a tip, smooth as well as shape an acrylic overlay. It can even clean underneath the free edge. It is one of the most versatile pieces of equipment, that quite frankly, everyone who likes their nails needs.

It is a mutli-purpose too that you should ensure you own if you are serious, If you are yet to invest in one this buyers guide is here to make that decision easier for you.

I undertook a lot of research, compared a lot of spec and scoured the market to find the best nail drill. Why? Because I was once in your very position; looking for a new set of drills for my Salon. The following is the result of my efforts, which hopefully will inform you and enable you to identify which is best for you.

But before we take a closer look at each drill, there is something in which to be aware:

Choosing The Best Nail Drill

Nail drills are typically categorized on three different elements of their specification:

  1. Rotational Speed (measured in RPM or revolution per minute) and
  2. Bit Heads (available in a range of shapes and sizes) allowing you to perform various manicuring tasks.
  3. Charging Type: some are constantly plugged in whilst others can be recharged.

All three will play a role on the performance and utility of the drill. But ultimately, you can use a nail drills to shape and buff your clients nails. They can also be used to remove dead skin, cut cuticles, remove calluses and ingrown nails.

Taking these three factors into consideration, I will now turn to the best drills which are most frequently purchased, respected and recommended. Whilst they are all excellent choices, my Editors Choice will be the one I decided to go with.

Best Nail Drill For Home Use

If you are in the market for a high quality Nail Drill, then look no further. There is not a drill in the list below that does not come with a wealth of positive reviews and recommendations on Amazon.

Whilst the decision will ultimately be up to you, I will start with the Editors Choice following my own positive experience.

At the end of the day Nail Drills are powerful and effective tools that every nail technician quite simply needs. Whether you are cleaning up the nails, smoothing and shaping an acrylic overlay, or cleaning underneath the free edge -.a Nail Drill will make that task easier and faster.

Beurer Electric Nail Drill and Professional Manicure System (Editors Choice)

The Beurer Professional Manicure System is the standout winner and the editors choice. Having used this for some time with great success, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to others.

With 10 high-quality attachments that can easily switched for different uses, its very practical and great for use in a busy Salon.

I love the fact that the drill fits comfortably in my hand and that each attachment holds solidly in place. This is a high quality one-piece tool that allows you to apply full force without risk of damage. The accessories are high-end and they enable you to grind away at nails quickly and safely. Beyond the Callus, you can use the other included accessories to shape cuticles, remove hang nails and buff/polish nail surfaces.

The LED Light is a fantastic feature for it enables you to shine light on hard to reach areas and ensure you have the visibility you need during a mani. It also ensures you can monitor the speed of the drill at all times.

It’s bar far the best mani/pedi set I’ve ever owned, and there are hundreds of other positive reviews and experiences of other users on Amazon.

This is a powerful, simple to use drill with more than enough attachments. It’s a real time saver and I couldn’t be happier. Highly recommend.


  • Sleek, easy to hold design
  • Powerful nail drill with adjustable speed & rotation
  • 10 high quality attachments
  • Integrated LED light for a precise finish
  • For use on both hands and feet
  • Dust shield for clean use
  • Includes storage case for both device & attachments.

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UTILYZE Electric Nail File Drill & Manicure System (Runner Up)

The Utilyze was a drill and system that I heavily considered during my own research and its excellent choice.

It is designed with a progressive 10 speed system so that you can choose a speed that is best for your client and the job at hand. Its also a lightweight drill, and users report it is very comfortable to use and provides enhanced precision on both natural and artificial nails.

The added bonus of this drill is that it has a one-touch selection system, which makes it very simple and easy to use and operate. Plus it has both a Clockwise and Anti-Clockwise rotation so you can use it in either direction to suit your style and preference.

I personally love that the LED Light is detachable so you do not need to have it on the drill at all times. which enables you to shine light on hard to reach areas and ensure you have the visibility you need. It also ensures you can monitor the speed of the drill at all times. Another beneift is the protective cover which collects skin and nail residue and stops it going all over the place!

Beyond this you get a nice travel case and 7 Interchangeable Sapphire Coated Attachments: Cylindrical Milling Cutter, Felt Polishing Cone, Fine Sapphire Shaping Disk, Flame Milling Cutter, Rough Sapphire Shaping Disk, Sapphire Callus Sander and a Sapphire Cone.


  • Touch selection display,
  • Powerful nail drill with adjustable speed & bi-directional rotation
  • 7 high quality attachments
  • Detachable LED light for a precise finish
  • For use on both hands and feet
  • Dust shield for clean use
  • Includes storage case for both device & attachments

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PureNails Electric Nail File Drill & Manicure System

Another versatile and powerful nail drill comes from PureNails. This 7-piece manicure system is another complete kit that includes seven attachments, all of which are coated in sapphire. Users report that this is a very easy to use nail drill, regardless of whether you are filing, shortening, buffing or shining nails.

Unlike the other drills above, it has only a two-speed setting (either slow or fast) which makes it more limited and more difficult to use. Nonetheless, you are able to adjust the speed when you are treating different areas that require different levels of pressure.

The best Nail Drills come with LED light attachments, and this is another reason why the PureNails model enters the list. This in my opinion, is one of the best features to look out for.

The AC adapter provides additional power than a typical battery operated drill and it also comes with a long cord, making this very practical and preventing the need to regularly charge. I’ve been there and forgot to do this. Trust me when I say that removing this obstacle is worthwhile!

Despite the limitations stated above, this is a widely used and loved Nail Drill Kit.


  • 7 interchangeable sapphire-coated attachments
  • LED grooming lights
  • AC Adapter and Long Cord
  • Vinyl Zipper Carrying Case included.

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Makartt Electric Nail Drill

The Makartt Electric Nail Drill is a lot more clunky and robotic looking, but despite its somewhat ugly appearance its a very good drill – especially for the price point.

As it is attached and designed to work alongside a larger unit and motor, it has a continuous and variable speed (that you can customize all the way from 0 to 30,000 RPM). You can do this easily by moving the slider on the unit. This makes it very easy to manipulate whilst you or one of your nail technicians is working on a client.

It has been designed in such a way to provide both forward and reverse rotation and it also comes with high-speed bearings if you intend to use more power. Its great that this is an option and its just not automatically and constantly on full power.

Despite having a high twisting force, the drill is not overly noisy, nor does it vibrate excessively. An added benefit to this is that the drill does not overheat after constant use, which means you can use it for longer.

The LED display ensures you can monitor the speed of the unit, and it even comes with a foot pedal so you can control the speed of the unit without your hands. This can be really helpful when working on a client.

This drill does not come with any accessories so you will need to buy them separately. However, this is a great drill that comes with a lot of positive features.


  • Foot Pedal included for hand-free operation (if required)
  • CE Certificate High-Speed bearings
  • Low heat, noise and vibration
  • 6 Month Money Back Guarantee/12 Month Warranty.

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Belle Professional Nail Drill

Another standalone Nail Drill, the Belle model comes with a powerful maximum setting of 30,000 rotations per minute. Using the speed control knob, you can easily adjust the speed.

Considering the power of the drill, Belle have ensured that all wires inside the unit are UL-certified. This provides an extra level of safety as short circuits, overcurrent and voltages cannot occur.

Plus, there are limits in place to prevent the internal temperature from going beyond a certain limit. One of these is a Silicone Heat-Resistant Sleeve which ensures it is more comfortable, works smoothly, reduces heat and ensures minimal vibration so that you can provide the best service possible.

This multi-purpose electric nail drill kit also comes with 6 interchangeable bits. that you can use for filing, buffing, smoothing nails and removing calluses and excess cuticles.

This drill can be used with Clockwise and Anti-Clockwise rotation, and a foot pedal if you prefer this form of control.

If pink is not the color for you; it is also possible to buy this drill with the unit in a darker purple.

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Nail Drill Bits (Accessories)

One final thing to consider when you are buying an Electric Nail Drill are the bits that work with it, or come included in any set.

The bits are in many ways, as, if not more important than the drill itself.

For me, choosing a Nail Drill with the best bits already included makes it all a lot easier, which is why I like the sets/systems. However, this is just my personal preference. This is why I have included both kits and individual drills above.

Note, that not all drills above do come with the Nail Bits, so if you opt for one of these options it is important to consider what bits you need to get.

Here’s the things to look out for when identifying the bits to get: the size, coarseness and the material they are made with.

  1. Size of the shank
    The traditional and typical measurement for a nail drill shank is 3/32″. Make sure you consider the size a file takes before you buy any bits.
  2. Coarseness
    This is essentially how rough the drill bits are; this is determined by how many rough partials are in each square inch. The higher the number of partials on your nail drill, the smaller your bits will be.
  3. High-quality bits
    Consider buying only the best and highest quality bits because they will provide a better end result; they’ll also be easier to work with. Make sure you regularly replace your bits to ensure that they stay effective and provide the best finish possible.

Here are the 3/32″ Drill bits that I recommend if you opt for a Nail Drill that does not come with any included. Note: these will fit all of the Nail File Drills mentioned in this review.

Nail Drill Bit Maintenence

Lastly is you plan on using a Nail Drill on several clients it is imperative that you ensure your nail equipment and accessories are routinely cleaned and sanitized. This prevents the spread and growth of bacteria and infections. Therefore, you should clean your tools following each client.

Here is a quick overview of what you need to do to ensure your Drill and its Bits are are properly cleaned and sanitized:

  1. Cleaning
    With a clean brush, scrub your drill and the bits and hold them under water and soap. This will help to remove the dirt and other forms of debris that cling on. Sometimes I like to use Pure Acetone and I routinely do this to ensure that my tools remain completely clean.
  2. Disinfecting
    Sometimes washing is not enough, especially if your clients have infections or other bacteria lingering on their nails. Regularly using a disinfectant will effectively remove any bacteria from your drills. To protect them, you should only use approved disinfectants (like this one from Amazon).

Final Words

If you are looking for a reputable and recommended Nail Drill; look no further than the options on this list.

Whilst I personally love the Beurer Set, there is not much between that and the UTILYZE Set.

Besides, there every single Drill on this list should be considered. At the end of the day it comes down to personal preference – but these drills have the best spec available.

If you do opt for a Nail Drill without any bits, just make sure that you buy some high quality bits so that you can start using them straight away.

Best of luck and if you have any questions, be sure to drop them down below!