Best 3D Nail Printers (Digital Nail Printers)

Choosing a 3D Nail Printer is a difficult task; especially when you consider the number of options to choose from, they’re relatively new and that they are a significant investment. That’s why we have compiled a list of the Best 3D Nail Printers for 2020. Here, you can further research and take a look at the different options available to ensure you choose the one which is going to be best for you.

If you own or run a salon, or even if you want the best set up in your own home, then this article is just what you need.

If you feel like your salon/home setup isn’t as good as it could be, like you’re the only salon/one that doesn’t have equipment to compete or provide the best service.

It cannot be denied that nothing beats being pampered by a real live person – that’s why going to a salon is as popular as ever in 2020.

But with technological advancement, there is a number of fantastic equipment and machines that can make your job easier, whether you are applying your nails to yourself or to your customers.

These machines will ensure that you stay on the cutting edge, and that you can provide the best nail service available. It will prevent the need to use and provide outdated and old designs, and keep your salon/home expertly run.

This article will outline only the most premium nail printers that will upgrade your business (& benefit you for personal use).

The technology outlined here will prevent the need to research, and save you the time, effort and money in the process. We’ve looked across the wide range of 3D Nail printers and we will introduce to you only the very best.

We’ve pulled together all of the information you need on each nail printer so that you can compare them all in one place, and then select the one that’s best for you.

Ready to find out which 3D nail printer you need. Without further ado, let’s get started.

Best 3D Nail Printers 2020

What is a 3D Nail Printer? How Do They Work?

A 3D nail printer works by printing designs on your nails.

The revolutionary technology uses hundreds of minuscule guns to print dots of liquid ink straight and directly onto nails.

The majority of machines advise that you apply a white base coat to your nails prior to using the 3D nail printer as this will help the printer recognize your nails’ boundaries and help avoid misaligned prints.

Once the base coat is dry, you then need to place your nails underneath the printer to let the camera detect your nails in preparation for printing.

Some nail printers require that you fix a guide to steady your hands. This isn’t technically necessary, and as such some machines operate without them.

As there are several 3D nail printers on the market – some more similar, and some quite different. As such, it’s really up to you to decide which one is going to be best for your needs.

Whether you are using the 3D Nail printer on your own nails, or if you own a salon and are using on your customers – the process is the same. Just consider that your customers may have certain requests and nail designs in mind, so when selecting a nail printer from our exclusive list below, be sure to consider before you buy.

Why Would You Want A 3D Nail Printer?

If you run a nail salon then you will know how important it is to stay current with the latest trends in nail art. As time goes by, more customers are demanding a higher quality of service and with all the premium home nail kits available, many are turning their backs on salons. As such, it is incredibly important if you own, run or work in a nail salon that you have the ability to apply interesting and artistic designs. As nail technicians ourselves, we fully understand that the ability to print exclusive mages onto the surface of nails can be an effective way to upgrade a customer’s style.

For the most part, cheaper nail art salons usually only provide standard services like manicures, cuticle trimming, nail polishing, and specialized hand cream lotion.

More premium, higher-end services tend to gravitate towards providing customized services like consultations and the designing of specific artwork that meet a customer’s needs.

They often provide recurring applications on a weekly or biweekly basis, and provide artwork that is difficult to apply at home, or is not as popular or is hard to find elsewhere. The types of nail art services that your local nail salon offers will depend on where you live and the competition between salons in the area.

3D Nail printing machines will set your salon apart from the competition – enabling you to provide more premium and effective designs.

You will be simultaneously cutting your costs, saving you and your nail technician’s time, and automating the process of designing artistic and photo-realistic nail designs onto real and fake fingernails.

In a standard salon, nail technicians manually hand-paint each individual fingernail- this takes considerable time and as such is expensive to the customer as the salon reflects this time in its price. Nail printing machines therefore will offer you, and your nail salon, a convenient and cost and time-effective solution to address these common issues. Your technical skill doe

Moreover, you will be able to work with more customers – and provide them a more varied service. You can increase your offering and range of nail designs and offer increased customization on top. You can even do this on 5 nails at a time, instead of one by one.

If you are put off by the cost of a 3D nail printing machine, remember that you are likely to increase the number of customers that you can see per day (due to the decreased time spent per customer) and you can increase your prices (as the service you are providing is a higher quality). Soon, and before you know it you will have repaid for the machine and then some!

Moreover, you may not need to employ nail technicians at higher wage rates (and skill levels) because the 3d Nail Machine takes away the technical skill element as they no longer need to manually affix design elements directly onto the fingernail.

Benefits Of A 3D Nail Printer

  • Apply more interesting, artistic nail art designs.
  • Set yourself apart from the competition
  • Increased nail art quality (alignment)
  • 3D nail printers have the ability to print directly onto five fingernails or toenails all at once – saving you time and effort.
  • Increased nail art durability
  • Better alignment, easier application
  • Will help you to increase salon revenue, or even set up a salon of your own (or charge friends)
  • Automatically identify nail sizes prior to application
  • Printed nails last longer – between 10 and 20 days
  • Can be used on any nail shape.
  • Requires less skill.

Things to Consider Before Buying a 3D Nail Printer?

Prior to investing in a 3D nail printer, you will first want to consider how much and what you plan on printing.

We also outlined below the other things you will want to consider to determine the best 3d nail printer for you:

1. Operation

It’s important to consider how the 3D Nail printer operates; how easy or difficult it is to use, fix, and operate. You want to ensure that you (and any potential employees) can quickly get up and running with it to prevent downtime. The most desired 3D Nail Printers therefore come with easy-to-use user-interfaces. So easy that no training is really required and the options are self-explanatory.  If the manufacturer has a help or service centre easily contactable  this is an added plus.

2. Standalone Ability

Some 3D nail printers require a PC to operate , whereas others don’t ( this is called a standalone printer). Consider if you have a computer available in your facility, or whether you would want to use one  with the printer. If you don’t,  then you should choose a standalone printer that will allow you to print without using a computer.

Standalone nail printers differ by having have an LCD screen on the front. This will be the display that you can use to select your nail designs. It will also provide you with a memory card reader that can help you access you or your client’s designs that are stored on memory cards. This option not only frees up space as you no longer require a computer, but prevents additional investment in technology and also enables you to store thousands of nail designs for quick access and use from your own personal repository or library of designs. You can literally build a huge selection of designs for future use.

How Have We Assessed and Evaluated These 3D Nail Printers?

We have remained unbiased throughout the process of review, and are not aligned or bias toward any brands or manufacturer. Our independent judgement is based on merit and functionality only.

At first, we visited individual department stores to see what kinds of nail printers were available to consumers. We compiled recommendations from our readers, from fellow nail technicians and salons alike.  We were provided with a comprehensive list of nail printers which we have reduced via elimination to reach the 5 below. We excluded all printers that didn’t meet our high standards.

We have physically seen (or trailed) each nail printer personally. We’ve considered and reviewed their specifications, capabilities, and features.

We collated all information and have since scored each nail printer we had on our list against our scale.

We have ensures that products have been evaluated through rigorous product and cross-comparison. We have also not been swayed by price point in deciding what the best is. Finally, we considered quality, durability, and functionality as the key factors to rate each nail printer and lastly, accessibility and ensuring you can actually purchase the printer and get it delivered!

1. Intelligent Digital Nail Printer

Best 3D Nail Printers 2018

After a lot of research and the opportunity to trial this 3D nail printer, we were very impressed with the design and ease of use. It stands at the top of our recommendations and for very good reason.

The setup was quick and straight forward and we the accompanying instructions and guides were clear and concise. Despite being novices ourselves, we were able to get the Intelligent Digital Nail Printer up and running effortlessly.

Being easy to use is the theme with this nail printer. The technology includes a LCD Touch Screen display that helps you to easily understand and select from a range of pre-established menus.

We trialed this machine on two consecutive days for around 18 hours (2, 9-5 days). We noticed that towards the end of 8 hours of consecutive use it started to heat. Therefore we advise that you do not use the nail printer beyond your standard 9-5 hours.

In terms of quality; the printing was excellent, the speed in which it delivered was impressive, and the accuracy in scanning the nails size was profound.

The main benefit of the Intelligent Digital Nail Printer is that it can print 5 finger nails or 5 toe nails one time. There’s also no need to adjust regardless of you or your clients finger or toe sizes.

It is equipped with host computer and LCD touch screen, so it saves space in your salon or home and it looks fantastic, its a crisp white that will look beautiful when in your salon.

It’s also an incredibly quiet machine, so all in all we struggled to find a better machine.


  • Worked well for long periods of time (8 hour days)
  • Electricity consumption low (only 50w)
  • Ability to print on 5 fingernails/toenails at a time
  • Standalone Unit (No Computer required).
  • Available in Black/White and visually pleasing (suits most salons), solid design.

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2. O2’s Mobile Nail Printer

02 Mobile Printer

The 02 Mobile Nail printer is a nifty and powerful little 3D nail printer – its only 1.8KG in weight! Its fantastic if you are looking to travel with your printer, or are likely to need to move it.

A great perk is that you can easily connect the nail printer to a mobile app that enables you to choose a wide variety of mixed and customizable nail patterns and designs. The wireless connectivity is great for connecting to the app and to other devices.

Equally impressive is how efficient it is – one cartridge has the ability to print over 800 nails, making it one of the best options available.

When setting up the printer, we didn’t have any issues and the installation was also very quick and easy. The manual provides a step by step guide that you can follow along with, although we found the device was so simple that we didn’t even need to refer to it!

A major perk of this nail printer is it’s on-screen directions. The picture display icons are easy to understand, and as such it’s very user and beginner friendly not needing a much time to learn the ins and outs and how to use it most effectively.

We decided to test this nail printer on 10 of our closest friends, and experiment to see how it worked with their fingernails. The results were profound despite the downside that you could only do one nail at a time. This is a minor inconvenience and we were very impressed with this printer overall. We would say that if speed is your deciding factor, then we advise you choose another option however if quality is your priority this machine could be for you.

We used this nail printer for around 7 hours (with continuous printing) before we started to notice the machines overheating and making these kind of sounds. Once we let it rest for around 30 minutes, and once it cooled down, it returned to its default state.

Best 3D Nail Printers 2018Best 3D Nail Printers 2018


  • Hassle free- just opened the mobile app and printed away
  • Quick response time
  • Sleek and sturdy, weighing only 1.8KG

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3. Cyana Intelligent Touch Screen Nail Printer

Another fantastic 3D nail printer that works as a Standalone unit (does not require connection to a PC/Laptop). The major perk to this machine, and where it trumps the 02 mobile unit above, is that it has the capability to print on five nails all at the same time and at once. This will save you a large amount of time!

We particularly liked its user-friendly interface and just like the other printers on our list, the quality in the print is why it earns its place here.

A further benefit to the interface is the on-screen prompts- helping to direct your actions for favourable results. When we used this nail printer on our own nails, we appreciated the power of its performance. One feature of note is that it has the ability to automatically detect fingernails once they are inserted into the slot.

We used the machine for about seven hours before we started to notice slight signs of overheating. Within 20 minutes the machine had cooled down completely. This is a great machine for running continuously and its very quiet whilst operational. It also cooled down very quickly when given a chance to rest.


  • Quick cool down following extensive use
  • User Friendly Interface
  • Standalone unit

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4. BabyPanda Digital Nail Art Printer & Nail Painting Machine (Wireless WiFi)

Babypanda nail printer

The BabyPanda Digital Nail Art Printer is as compact and sleek as it is powerful. This unit offers a 10 inch LED touch-screen with a relatively good graphic interface which makes it easier to operate and handle.

This is a expertly-designed mobile digital nail printer: It can be used through an innovate and easy to use app (best performance through WIFI) that you can get for both OS and Andriod devices.

We assessed its capacity to print nails in just 35 seconds, and we were very happy with the results. We were impressed with the 800 preinstalled designs in the unit that continue to be added to by the proffesisonal design team. We had a lot of fun choosing and printing these designs on our nails. They are all free to use.

We were able to steadily use the machine for five  hours before we had to take it easy. Performance wise, it’s robust and does its job. It’s smaller than most of our contenders but it packs a lot of power and can be up and running for several more hours had we not run out of time.

We loved that we were able to upload any design to the unit to print in on our nails (you can even take photos and upload to the app from your smartphone). The unique inkjet printing technology ensures that your prints will be high in the highest quality resolution, and is why we rate it so highly.


  • Quick Application (35 seconds)
  • 7.9 Inch Touchscreen Panel
  • Smartphone control (WI-FI)

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Our Recommendations:

Editor’s Pick: Intelligent Digital Nail Printer

Deciding on the Best 3D Nail Printer wasn’t easy since the quality of the nail printers provided here is so high. Its pretty even between our top pick and our runner-up. We did manage to find one other benefit that enabled us to decide, and that is how the machine looks as well as it performs. Out of all five contenders, we think the best nail printer is the Intelligent Digital Nail Printer.

We loved how user-friendly it is which means minimal training. It also has a sleek, and well-thought-out design and would look great in your home salon. The ability to apply designs to five fingernails or toenails is a brilliant benefit and one that must be considered.

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Runner Up: O’2 Mobile Nail Printer

This is a great, compact mobile printer and is great value. We loved that it’s very portable, small, and light. Its print quality was profound considering its size. It also uses some of the lowest amount of electricity as any other machine on the list. Its overall performance rivals our top pick, yet its at a fraction of the price. It also looks the best. So if you are looking for a much smaller and compact nail printer, this might be the one for you.

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